Yggdrasil Prepares Players for Glorious Battle in Age of Asgard

29 Oct 2019

Yggdrasil are proud to present their newest and latest instalment, set to blow away the competition with potent Norse Gods. Players will be battling alongside the fierce deities in order to win their place in the mythical realm of Valhalla. Age of Asgard is where you get to take destiny in your own hands and score incredible prizes along with it.

What makes this new slot different from previous Yggdrasil works is the specialized double grid feature. In the land of Asgard, players will be fighting in a battle of good vs evil. This double grid will feature both sides of the war, letting you play almost two slots in one. Each side has its own hidden bonuses and mechanics. There are even heroic Valkyries on stand that will assist you if you land their symbols.

Use a combination of both stacked Wilds and the stacked high symbols to give you an edge like never before. You can fill the entire reels with all these symbols, allowing you to score infinite possibilities and major prize payouts. This can even trigger the respin feature, maximizing your prizes further with extra free spins. Better yet, the symbols will stay in place and give you all the chances you need to win.

If either side of the reel has opponents from both sides landing next to each other, they will engage in battle. Once the battle is over, smaller Wilds will be revealed for the player to take advantage of.

Activate the ultimate climax to this war with Ragnarök. This can be done by landing all the Free Spins symbols on the reels. Not only 20 free spins can be won, but further high paying symbols can be added to give you the biggest rewards on offer.

Age of Asgard is available now at all Yggdrasil operators.

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