Yggdrasil Brings New Sumo Slot Named Yokozuna Clash

28 Aug 2019

Yggdrasil has just released a new slot named Yokozuna Clash that has players entering the dohyo in a battle of strength and endurance. In Japan’s most famous fighting sport, players will be thrown into the sumo ring and fight for the fantastic prizes that are left in store for them to win the championship and claim victory.

Set in the Tokyo, the tournament is about to begin, and players will be spinning reels to see how they fare. In Yokozuna, this is where the fighters will achieve glorious winnings in sumo combat. Two fighters enter, and only one comes out.

One of the fighters will use the random Wilds feature. This is where random symbols on the reels will transform into Wilds, allowing the possible combination to appear and win at any moment. Multipliers will also be included with these wilds, allowing the winnings to be much bigger than originally thought.

If the player can trigger the Scatter symbols found in the tournament, the game will enter a free spins mode. This is where the real battle begins for the biggest rewards that are in Yokozuna Clash Slot.

Once the free spins mode activates, the sumo battle will commence, and a power gauge will show between them. The fighter on the right can only win the match if the player continues to score winnings. The more prizes won, the more the gauge fills until finally, the sumo pushes his opponent out of the field, revealing the ultimate award.

Product Owner of the slots at Yggdrasil, Natalya Ovchinnikova, talks about the creativity that went into this new exciting title. She said: “Yokozuna Clash has unique game mechanics that bring together the action-packed fighting element common in video games with our innovative slots features in a highly intuitive way”.

Plenty of in-game promotions will be available to use once the game has been released, as well as with many of the other titles under the brand.

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