Sizzling Hot Slot

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Sizzling Hot
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Hey there! I found a new game that I want to share with you! If you have the time now, take a seat, and I will take you to the world of the Sizzling Hot slot, a 5-reel slot that offers five pay lines! Here, you will be spinning symbols of fruits on three rows.

If you are a fan of Novomatic titles, you will surely like this simple game, and you will see the game provider’s trademark design in terms of game display and controls.

This a classic slot, but it has a lot of twists that can rival with any modern slot machine. It has huge prizes to look forward to, and you will not be bogged down by complex gaming mechanics that you typically see in modern slots!

Game Features and Operation

The game has a simple play style. The first thing you have to do is to set the number of coins you want to bet per line. Since the game has only five pay lines, these are all fixed.

It means that you cannot change the number of active lines per spin, and you will be betting on all of them per round. Some slots let you bet with only one pay line, but this one is set to the maximum line count per round.

At the bottom right of the screen, select how many coins you want to wager. You can bet between 0.5 and 2 coins for your total bet.

To determine how much you are betting per line, simply divide this selection by 5 lines. If you wagered 2 coins, then you are betting 0.4 coins per line.

The size of the coin varies from one online casino to another. So, if the online casino set it to a default of 0.01 credit, a choice of five coins equates to 0.05 credits of the total bet, and this is already a wager for all the lines for one spin.

You can change the bet size on every spin unless you want to program the game on autoplay mode.

After setting your bet, it is time to hit that spin button called START, and then cross your fingers for a win!

The sizzling hot slot machine offers several features. One might think that this is an ordinary game just because its theme is fruits. But it isn’t. Here are the game features that will make your spins a lot more fun!

  • Scatter. The scatter symbol in this slot is the yellow star. At the maximum bet of 10 coins per spin, you can win as much as 250 credits! This will happen if you landed five of the symbols on the grid.Because it is the scatter symbol, you do not have to land them on the pay lines. Yes, they simply have to drop on the grid, and you will be paid! However, you must land at least three yellow stars to get a prize. Anything less will not yield money. The scatter symbol does not pay out free spins in this game. Sigh!
  • Autoplay. This button is found at the bottom right of the screen, just beside the START button. If you click this, the slot will keep on spinning, using the last bet size you selected. It will not stop, so you must watch the slot carefully. If you click the Autoplay button, the START button will change to STOP. Just click on the STOP button, and the machine will stop spinning. This particular slot from Novomatic does not allow you to set the number of times you want the slot to spin on its own. There is also no option to make it stop at a certain loss or win amount. But hey, who wants to spin a slot without watching? Where is the fun in that?
  • Big Prizes. Want some big wins? Then spin the reels of the Sizzling slot and win as much as 5,000 coins! The prizes are all shown in credits, and you can land the biggest win if you manage to line up five symbols of the red Lucky 7! So far, this symbol yields the highest prizes, the lowest being 100 coins if you landed a three-symbol combo.
  • Fewer Symbols. This one only has eight symbols! Many five-reel slots have more than ten! What this means is that there is less clutter on the grid, and all 15 slots will only roll eight symbols, which makes it easier to land a winning combo!

The game has no wild feature that can substitute for any symbol to help you form a winning line.

How to Bag Sweet and Fruity Prizes

Now, how exactly are you going to win a prize?

To win, all you must hope for is that you land at least three same symbols of the same kind on any of the five pay lines. You will find the specific positions of these winning lines on the game menu.

Some symbols only require two in a combo, not three.

In this game, you can only win if you manage to land a combo from the leftmost reel and if the succeeding symbols are on adjacent reels. It will not pay for same-symbol combinations if the combo started from the rightmost reel or the middle reels.

The win amount is dependent on the size of your bet. The higher the bet, the higher the prize. Each time you change the size of your wager, the payout table will also change.

Toggle your bet size and then view the paytable before you spin. This way, you can decide how you can best optimise your money.

For your reference, here is the paytable if you wager the highest amount of coins per line, totalling 2 coins for a spin.


Number of Appearance in a Pay Line




Lucky 7





















These are the five symbols that have the highest payout (except the scatter). But there are three more that pay between 20 and 250 coins, including the scatter.

Tips for Sizzling Wins

Now, here are some tips you need to remember before playing.

While it is enticing to bet the highest amount, this can easily cost you $2 per spin if you bet 2 coins, provided that the operator set the smallest bet at $1 per coin.

If you find an online gambling facility where you can wager as little as $0.01 per coin, then you are in luck because you will only spend $0.02 per spin for the maximum bet of 2 coins.

Regardless of the size of the coin in terms of currency value, the payout of the machine are all proportioned. It means that you will win the same number of coins, no matter the cost of each coin.

But of course, the lesser the cost of the coin, the lesser money you win (in currency terms).

Having said this, you must only bet what you can afford. You also have to make sure that you only wager an amount that you can sustain for hours of play.

It is a little difficult to land big wins in slot machines. You are better off winning slowly in little increments than losing big if you bet big.

Although there is a thing called a Random Number Generator, which means that the machine randomly fills out the grid, you are still better because you give yourself more chances to get a big prize if you bet many times.

It is a good thing that this slot has fixed pay lines. If it doesn’t, then you must always bet on all lines. Though it may cost you higher, you will never really know where the winning lines will form.

If a winning line is made on a pay line where you have no bet, then you do not get that prize.

How to Play for Free or for Real Money

If you want to play with real money, you must register in a casino that offers the game. Your other option is to find a land-based casino that offers slot stand by Novomatic, and hope that a cabinet that has this game is offered.

If you want to play online with real cash, follow these steps:

  1. Find an online casino that offers the Sizzling Hot slot.
  2. Register in the casino for an account
  3. Provide your name and other personal details; these must be real, or you will not be able to deposit and withdraw.
  4. Search the casino for the accepted funding options.
  5. Add the details of the funding option of your choice and deposit funds,
  6. Wait for the funds to reflect on your balance.
  7. Start playing!

Now, if you want to play for free, all you need is to find a demo version of the slot machine. Our casino review website offers this, and you will be playing the demo game like as if you are playing on the real one.

The only difference is that the bet amounts and coin prizes may vary. The reason behind this is that online casinos have special arrangements with Novomatic to change the bet sizes, coins values, and the prizes.

Free demo versions also do not have continuity. What this means is that you will only receive a specific amount of coins that you can play with, and all your wins will be gone if you go back to the demo version the following day or later.

This slot machine does not need any special software; you can launch it from any computer browser.

How to Access the Game on Mobile

If you want to take the game with you anywhere you go, then you have two options.

The first one is to access the game through the online casino app. The second one is to launch it from your mobile browser.

Even if the casino has no app for your phone’s operating system, you can still access the game from the casino lobby using a browser. The same thing applies to the free version.


This is one of the best things that happened to the classic slot. You do not have to depend on the base game to win money, as you can also enjoy the game’s scatter features.

If you are not in the mood to spin manually, use the auto-play and leave the game for a few moments. And the best part? Some symbols only need a pair to win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the app if I register in a casino online?
No. All casino registrations are free. If you can find a casino that offers a demo version, then you are in a better position to practice first before you play with real cash.

Is the game fair?
Yes, the game is fair. Novomatic is a licensed game developer, and all the games from its library go through a verification process by third-party casino experts.

The licenses come from different government bodies, depending on the region where the games are offered.

What is a pay line?
The simplest definition of a pay line is a straight line on the five reels. But because modern slots now have many reels and rows, a pay line does not necessarily have to be straight anymore.

A pay line is a winning combination where the symbols land in specific positions. Below is an example:

Symbol       Symbol
  Symbol   Symbol  

If you land five same symbols on those specific positions, then you win a prize!

Do I have to land five symbols all the time?
No, some require only two, and some require at least three. In the example above, you can take off some symbols and still win.

The thing is, slots have different rules. For this one, the symbol combination must start from the leftmost reel, and the other symbols must be on succeeding reels.

Here is an example of a winning combo for that pay line with only three symbols.


And here is a three-symbol combo that has no win.

  Symbol   Symbol  

It has no win because the first symbol started on the second reel, not the first.

How much money can I win?
In this slot, the highest prize awarded is 5,000 coins. In terms of dollar value, that will depend on the coin size you selected.

You can only win 5,000 coins if you manage to land five red Lucky 7 symbol on a payline.

If an online casino allowed you to bet $0.01 per coin, and you wagered 2 coins, your total bet is $0.02. If you land five red Lucky 7s, the prize is 5,000 coins.

Since each coin is worth $0.01, your prize is 5,000 X $0.01 = $50!

Will I get paid several times if I land a five-symbol combo?

No, the slot will only pay the highest value of the pay line, not all possible prizes from the combo. Let us say that on this line, you landed a five-symbol combo of the watermelon at the highest bet.

Symbol       Symbol
  Symbol   Symbol  

The pay table for the watermelon at the highest bet is shown below.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line Watermelons
5 500
4 200
3 50

In this case, you will only get paid 500 coins. You will not be paid one 500, and another 200, then finally a 50.

The slot machine is designed to select the highest win amount, and then that will be your pay.

What is the scatter, and how does it work?
Now that you understand the pay line, you know that symbols have to be on a specific position. The scatter symbol does not work this way.

It is called scatter because it can be distributed anywhere on the grid. If they land, the machine will not check where they are positioned; it will only count the number of times they appeared.

If you landed at least three anywhere, then you get a prize.

What if I did not stop the auto-play?
Well, the slot will continue on spinning on the same bet. If you won a jackpot while you are making coffee, the slot will spin 100 times before your prize gets depleted.

Some slots allow you to program your auto-play. You can program the machine to stop spinning after a win amount is met, or after a loss amount is met. Some slots let you choose how many times it will spin on automatic mode.

This one from Novomatic is a class and is one of the few slots modern slots after the internet came into existence. Today, there are more modern slots that can give you more auto-play options.


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