Slotozilla Editorial Policy

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Topic selection

Focus on the target audience. Our reader is a player, a user of slots/online casinos, therefore articles are targeted at gamblers.

Blog subject – slots and online casinos. In rare cases, deviations towards other areas of the gambling sphere are possible.

In what direction to write – topics of articles that you can focus on, but not be limited to:

  • Slot instructions and lifehacks in the world of slots
  • Game description (slots): advantages, gameplay, bets, winnings, etc.
  • Casino description (how many games, their types, reputation, bonuses, payment guarantee, etc.)
  • Slot / online casino comparison
  • Success stories: real stories of victories in slots / tournaments, interesting facts and so on …
  • FAQ’s in online casino world

It’s better not to take articles on the topic of “new games”, our editors are constantly searching for new products and publish the best ones themselves.

In addition to the topic, you can also approve the layout of the article. It can be represented as follows:

  • Working title: (it may change when published)
  • Target audience: (for whom the article is intended)
  • Useful action: (what task it performs for the reader)
  • Keys: (if the topic is linked to certain key requests, specify them in this clause)
  • Description: (from what parts the article will be composed, what will be in it)

Topic statement

Before writing, you can approve the topic of the article. Email it to: with the subject of the letter “I wanna become Slotozilla Blog author”. It would be better if you also write a rough plan: what will be in the article, what is its structure. Before that, look for such a topic in our blog – perhaps you are going to repeat the existing. To do this, filter articles by category or type a key phrase in the site search.

Such preliminary approval is not necessary, it insures the author against one of the possible reasons for refusal – an unsuccessfully chosen topic. Although the publication may be refused for other reasons.


To start cooperation, we need to sign a confidentiality agreement. It is necessary that none of the parties disclose information from the correspondence.

We will send a contract template in response to the first article you proposed, if we decide to publish it. It needs to be downloaded, printed, signed, scanned or photographed and send a photo or scan to us.

Links to social networks

It is good if in the first letter you specify links to your accounts in social networks, it is sometimes more convenient to discuss the article there.

Requisites for payment

In the first letter, send the number of the PayPal to which the fee is to be transferred. Or offer other options for transferring money (which we need to consider and check the possibility of doing so).


Together with the finished article you need to send an archive with the images and gifs used in it. Name them in the order in which they appear in the article: 1.jpg, 2.gif, 3.jpg, 4.png, etc.

In the title, consider the key by which readers will search for your article.

Choose a picture that will be used in the preview, its size: 353 x 248 px.

Pictures should either supplement the information or be funny. The same applies to their signatures.

Try to give examples whenever appropriate. It is desirable – from life, with screenshots or other evidence.

Information can be presented in the form of a table, video or infographic. It is not necessary to draw it yourself, you can specify information for drawing, and our designers will be engaged in the implementation.

Be sure to check the facts referenced in the article, specify the names and authors of famous quotes.

If the article uses information from a book, this should be mentioned.

Payment article

The fee for the article is assigned after its approval. Without your approval, the material will not be posted. Payment is transferred after publication, on the 1st and 15th of each month. If payment falls on a day off, money is transferred to the next business day.

Work with comments

The author undertakes to respond to comments submitted to his material in the blog and in the “FB”, within two weeks after publication. It is advisable to respond to a new comment within 24 hours.

If circumstances don’t allow you to be in touch, please notify the editors about this so that we can replace you in the comments or warn the readers that you will answer later.

Questions and additions to the editorial policy can be sent to: with the subject Editorial Policy Offer.

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