Online Bitcoin Casinos

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Let’s start by explaining what Bitcoin and the bitcoin casino are. Bitcoin (BC for short) is an electronic payment system that emerged in 2008, the developer is still unknown. (Even though it was published by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, it is considered to be a nickname.) BC works with a peer-to-peer system. In other words, it does not need a centralized institution like a bank.

There isn’t a stationary center where the data are kept. All data is created by users, stored on those users’ computers, and the central database is called “blockchain”. Everyone who wishes can become a part of this network and “produce” for the blockchain. At the moment, 12.5 bitcoins are being “produced” every 10 minutes and added to the network. It is much more valuable than you think: 1 BC was equivalent to $ 1,267 when this article was written.

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