Cookies Policy

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By accessing and browsing the website, both its desktop and mobile versions, you acknowledge and agree to have Cookie files been saved to your device. These files simplify the process of using the website and help the visitors better navigate through the website pages.

The Policy Notice determines the meaning and types of cookies, defines your rights regarding the use of the website and the management of Cookies.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information in a text format stored on your device whether it’s a personal computer, a cell phone, a tablet or any other device that you use for accessing a website.

Cookie files can save some pieces of information about using a particular site from the browser and then transfer this information back to the site server that you are visiting or to the relevant site having access to the information that cookie files contain.

Managing the Cookie Files While Browsing the Website

By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies on your device under the current Notice.

By adjusting any browser, you сan manually prevent the reception of third-party cookies. In order to do this, you need to go to your browser settings and either delete individual cookies or clear the history of the browser. Refer to browser instructions to learn more about how to clear, enable or disable cookies.

Be aware that any change in the cookie settings or their blocking may affect some website functions as well as the proper displaying of website pages.

Cookie files stored on your device can also be deleted by you at any moment.

You can find more detailed information on how to manage cookies by visiting

Types of Cookies We Use

We use different types of cookies on our website to ensure maximum user experience and efficient work of the website:

Cookie typeCookie providerDescription
Google AnalyticsGoogle
Google analytics allows collecting information about the behaviour of the users visiting our website to better understand their preferences. The cookies data provide us with the details on the time spent by the users on the website, what source they came to the site from and personal information like location, age, and gender of the users. The data records help us to make our website more user-friendly and select content matching the users’ needs.
Facebook PixelFacebookThis plugin helps us to maintain positive relationships with our loyal Facebook community. Cookie files related to Facebook analytics help us to measure the effectiveness of our digital advertising and better optimize our website’s content for those users who are interested in our advertising. Visit the official Facebook page to find out more detailed information on Facebook cookies.
One SignalOne SignalOur effort is aimed at delivering the most reliable and complete content related to the gambling industry. Thus, we continuously enhance our knowledge base.
To keep our users abreast of the latest developments and receive only "fresh" content, we have implemented push notification service provided by One Signal. This type of cookies makes it possible to know a little more about our audience giving us some data on IP address, geolocation, software (OS) and devices used for browsing the website.
EmailWebsiteIn case our users have a strong desire to receive relevant newsletters on the latest gambling industry news, weekly promotions and bonuses, they can subscribe and receive free email updates. Thus, the users' data including their emails are used to connect to our community. The users are free to unsubscribe, and subsequently, this data will be instantly removed from our database.

Third Party Cookies

Here, at, we provide external hyperlinks, banner ads and other kinds of content that can forward to the third-party sources. It should be noticed that by following such links some cookies may be placed on the user’s device by other operators. Such cookies are called “third party” cookies. We are not in charge of the third party cookies stored on your device since third-party websites undertake to abide by their own Cookie policy provisions.

Changes to the Policy

The current policy is subject to periodic modifications at our initiative or for relevant compliance with GDPR requirements. All the related policy updates will be published on the current page.

It’s the final user’s responsibility to keep track of occasional Policy updates.

We use cookies as set out in our privacy policy. By clicking on this pop up, you agree to our policies.