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7s to Burn
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Here you can look at our helpful guides on the 7’s to Burn slot. This fiery new slot machine was created by software provider Realtime Gaming. The game introduces classic gambling presented in a modern way. This is the perfect game for UK gamblers just starting out. A handy new Hi-Roller feature can help turn up the heat and improve your odds. You can learn everything you need to know here, as well as excellent recommendations on where to play. Our team of experts can provide some useful tips and plenty of strategies. 7’s to Burn is a good starting point for user-friendly content.

7s to Burn Slot Review

7’s to Burn slot game is a simple 3×3 reel game with up to 5 fixed paylines for you to win off. The game is based around the traditional fruit symbols found in most fruit machines in the United Kingdom. You can start wagering with a minimum deposit of 10. The maximum win can be placed up to 250x your initial bet. You can spend just a little bit extra for Hi-Roller spins which can improve your odds. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the 7s to Burn slot machine.

Pros Cons
✔️ Easily available on most devices. It can even be played on mobile. ❌ The game has no other in-game bonus features to improve your chances.
✔️ Bets can start as small as 10p, making it accessible for all finances. ❌ It only has up to 5 paylines, with little room to win.
✔️ It has a high-payout rate for such a simple game. ❌ The Hi-Roller spins must be purchased so that you can unlock them.
✔️ Utilize the Hi-Roller feature to give yourself more spins. ❌ The graphical quality is not up to par compared to other titles.
✔️ The game’s rules are easy to pick up and can be viewed in the main menu. ❌ The game only rewards average amounts, with no big jackpots.


The main theme of 7s to Burn Slot Casino combines classic gambling and new modern twists. It combines the fiery artwork of burning Vegas shows with the traditional symbols used in most slots. You can feel the heat itself as the background constantly burns. The title itself is based on both fire and casino gambling. The lucky number 7 is a beloved symbol which means the Jackpot in some cases. Technical Documentation – PDF

Symbols and Graphics

Many of the symbols are based on different fruits. You can also find a few BAR symbols and stars thrown into the mix to give it more flair. All whilst the background is burning with constant flames. The graphical quality may not be as detailed, but there is a charm in its simplicity. A lot of veteran players will be drawn to this game purely for not throwing so many animations at you.

RTP & Volatility

The 7s to Burn RTP rating is calculated at around 95.10%. This is, on average, with many other slot machines, which makes it perfect for most online casinos. The volatility itself is set to medium. This means that there is an average risk of you losing but average rewards too. It is a normal difficulty setting that can both challenge you but not punish the player either.


As you play 7s to Burn, you will listen in on the nostalgic tunes connected with the heart of slot gaming. The sounds of the reels turning are enough to immerse you as if you were in a real-life casino. The arcade aesthetic adds to the graphics, further representing the realism of slots.

How to Play on the 7s to Burn

Best Ways to Play 7s To Burn Slot

Here is how you can play 7‘s to Burn in this 7s to Burn online slot review. The rules can be followed easily on 7s to Burn free play version. The aim is to land a combination of the five pay lines available. You win more prizes based on the type of symbols you have landed. Some fruits are worth more than others. If you wish to activate 7s to Burn free spins, you must pay an extra cost with the casino to unlock Hi-Roller spins. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to do once you start it up:

  1. Deposit your money with the casino that houses the game.
  2. Place your bet using the buttons displayed on the sides of the screen. You can choose from small as 10p to a max bet of £500. The paylines are fixed, so you cannot adjust them.
  3. Once the bet is placed, select the Spin button to start turning the reels.
  4. The reels will reveal what symbols have landed and check whether they form a combo. If they do, you win a prize based on what you bet.
  5. You can withdraw your winnings at any time. You can even set the reels to spin automatically using the auto-spin button.

How to Win on 7s to Burn Slots

The best way to land a winning combination is to score three of the same symbols. As mentioned earlier, you have a variety of symbols that can award big money. Any of the basic fruits will score you 8x your initial wager. The Watermelon and BAR symbol can score you 20x. The tars and the liberty bells can award 40x. A normal 77 is the second highest 100x. The burning 77 and the Wild symbol can award the highest possible score of 250x.

You can always trigger the Hi-Roller feature to help improve your odds further. If you press the button, it will automatically increase your bet to your winnings up to five spins. The payout is huge and can often be worth the risk. However, be sure you have the funds for it. To gain even more winnings, try the Gamble Feature after every win. This can let you double your rewards if you guess the correct prediction in a separate mini game. Through these methods, it is possible to score even higher than the max win of 250x.

The Popularity of 7s to Burn Slot

The 7s to Burn game has become immensely popular due to its accessibility. Most online casinos in the United Kingdom have striven for major accessibility for all players. It can also be found in other parts of the world where gambling laws allow it. The real version and the 7s to Burn demo can be found in these countries, such as Canada, Australia, and Malta. Players can instantly get involved with the free version and then start playing for real once they feel confident. The theme itself also entices both old and new gamblers to play. The fiery aesthetic is enough to stir a lot of passion among land-based casino players.

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