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Bingo is a game of chance where the player buys a card, and then matches the numbers he has with the ones that the host or caller announces. As a player, you mark these numbers in the hopes that you will create a pattern. These patterns are what makes you win money. Once you meet one of these patterns, you have to shout "Bingo!" to alert the host and other players. After this, the host will verify if your pattern is a win, and then the round ends, and you get your prize. After that, a new round will start. In some bingo rooms, you can use your cards several times, and some only allow you to use the cards for just one round of play.

A Short History of Bingo

The bingo game we play today originally started as "beano". We can trace its history to the mid-1500s, and it was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia or the Italian Lottery. The version that was played back then was very similar to what we are playing now. The players printed cards with numbers inside squares. The winning numbers were drawn out of a sack. The game eventually made its way to France, and it was in France that a new version was created. In this new version, the cards had three rows and nine columns. Each slot had a number between 0 and 90. These arrangements were random, but the way the numbers were drawn remain the same. In this version, the winner is the first person who crosses out the numbers in one horizontal row. By the 1900s, the game beano was already brought to America and became one of the favorite games in local carnivals. The game methodology adopted the French style, and they had to mark their cards with beans. It was during this period that a man named Edwin S. Lowe was inspired to create his own version, and it is in one of the games he hosted that a man screamed "Bingo!" when he completed a winning pattern. From then on, the name Bingo got stuck, so that is how the game is called until today.

Equipment Used in Bingo Games

There isn’t much equipment used in bingo. But as time went on, technology was involved to ensure that the numbers drawn were random, and that the host was not rigging the game.

Bingo Cards

The first equipment is the set of cards that the players buy. These are also called tickets. The prizes of each card vary, and they depend on the jackpot prize. The more expensive the card, the higher the jackpot prize.
The standard card is a flat cardboard that is split between five columns and five rows, making each card have 25 squares. On each square is a random number, and typical numbers are from 1 to 75. Each column has a letter, and all these letters comprise the name B-I-N-G-O.
The centre of the card is marked as a free space, which means it has not numbered and that it is already a marked space. Normally, a number can only appear in one column. In most bingo cards, column B only has numbers 1 to 15, column I only has numbers 16 to 30, and so on.
Despite these rules, the randomness of the number of positions has a significant impact on the number of possible card combinations. With the set-up mentioned earlier, the possible number of cards that can be created is more than a septillion.

Balls or Numbers

The numbers are usually printed on flat plastic discs. If the bingo game is a 75-ball, then there are 75 discs, each containing a number and a letter. So if the caller picked B10, the player would look at his cards if he can find the number 10 under any column B.
The caller cannot see these discs to ensure he picks a random number. Also, each disc must have a letter to make it easy for players to look for the number in their cards. Even if the numbers 1 to 15 can only be found in B, it will be difficult for players to remember that, and they may start looking for number 15 in column I. As a caller says B15, players know that it can only be found under column B, and therefore focus their attention to that and then progress the game faster.
Today, free bingo games online use balls. The numbers are printed on balls like lottery numbers. These balls are placed in a machine that has a tube. The machine has an air vacuum that agitates these balls and makes them fly. And then this vacuum sucks a random ball inside the tube. The ball that comes out of the tube is the one that the caller shouts out.

Common Bingo Terms

As a new player, you may not be familiar with the terminologies used in this game. Here are some of the most common ones to help you get familiarized with them.

  • Ready – this means a player only needs one number to create a pattern to win. The other terms used for this are "waiting", "cased", "down", "chance", and "shot".
  • Breaking the Bubble – this means that there is a minimum number of balls before a winning pattern is met. If the winning pattern requires five numbers under a column, then the number of balls you need is five. Some bingo games only require four. This term is also sometimes called "possible".
  • Jumping the Gun – this refers to players who call out "Bingo!" even if they do not really have a winning combination. This is also called a "premature bingo" and can cause an embarrassment to a player who made a mistake. Also, some players scream "Bingo!" because the next number on the screen is going to give them a winning combination. The rule, however, states that this number must be called or announced by the caller.
  • Wild Numbers – these are the numbers that were called out even before the game started. Players can mark their cards, like as if these are bonus numbers to help them win easily.
  • Standard – these are the numbers whose ending is the same with the second digit of the first called number. If the first called number is 26, the second digit of that is 6, so all other numbers ending in 6 are now considered called number. Players can mark their cards if they have these numbers, and they can meet the winning patterns more easily.
  • Forwards or backwards – the numbers beginning with the wild number is considered a called number. If the first ball, which is the wild, ends with a 3, all numbers beginning or ending with 3 is a called number and payers can mark their cards. The exceptions are numbers 8, 9, and 0 because there are no numbers that begin with these numbers. In this case, a new number will be drawn.
  • False Alarm – this is another term used if someone yells "Bingo!" but he does not have a winning combination or pattern. Some players also stamp or mark the wrong numbers. Some also believe they created a winning pattern, but that pattern is not a recognized bingo win. This term is also called "bongo".
  • Hard Way Bingo – this is a pattern that requires a straight line without using the free space found in the middle. What this means is that you cannot win with the column N, and you cannot win with the third horizontal line.
  • Reach – in some bingo rooms, players scream "Reach!" if they are only missing one number to create a winning bingo pattern.

Types of Bingo Games

The most common types of bingo games free to play online have something to do with the number of balls. Some have 75, some have 80, and some have 90. But these variants do not end there. There are also differences between the winning patterns, the number of players who can win, and other things.

Bingo U-Pick Them

In this bingo online free no download variant, you get to choose the numbers that appear on your card. You buy the ticket with empty slots, and then you select what numbers are on each column. There are rules here, like no doubling of numbers on each column.

Bingo Bonanza

This is a common variant where there are only 43 drawn numbers. These numbers are determined before the game starts. Once they are revealed, you must have 25 of these numbers in a single card. This variant often offers a large jackpot. If no one gets these numbers, the money will be added to the pot for the next games the following day until someone wins it.

Stallion Race

When you play bingo online free with this variant, only 15 players can join. Each player will have numbers 1 to 15, and the player’s goal is to have five numbers on the first column of the card. Other formations or patterns on their columns do not constitute a win.
There are other bingo variants out there. Today, with the use of technology, there are variants that mix and match different styles and different gameplays. Those that require a difficult way to win often also give bigger jackpots. If you are just starting out, maybe you should try the simple ones where it is easier to win. The jackpot is lower, but you have better chances in forming a winning pattern.

Winning Patterns in Bingo Games

There are many winning patterns when you play bingo online. Some are vertical, some are horizontal, and there is a variant where a diagonal line is a winning pattern. Here are the top 10 bingo patterns used internationally in different bingo rooms:

  • Single Line – in this pattern, you must be able to mark five numbers on a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical straight line. This is the most common pattern, and you need to call the attention of the host or house once you have formed one.
  • Two-Line – on this pattern, you must be the first player to form two lines from different columns on a single ticket or card. The lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. What’s important is that the two lines are on a single card only.
  • Full House – here, you must be able to mark off all the numbers on a single card. The prize for this is much higher as it is one of the most difficult patterns to cover.
  • Four Corners – this requires that you mark off the four numbers found at the corners of your card. You need to be the first player to meet this, and the four corners must be on the same card.
  • X Pattern – in this winning combination, your marked numbers must form an X on the card. What this means is that you must have two diagonal lines. One starts in column B and the other starts from Column O.
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom – this winning pattern requires that you cross out three horizontal lines. One should be the top line, the second is the middle line, and the last is the bottom line. You cannot win this anymore if another player beats you to it.
  • Outside Edge – in this pattern, you must cross or mark off all the numbers on the edge of your card. There is a total of 16 numbers, and you must have this pattern on a single card. If you are the only winner, then you get the full prize. But if there are two of you at the end of the game, your prize will be shared.
  • Any Four – this is a little complicated, and it is a rare pattern. Here, you must be able to mark off any four numbers on a single card without using the free space in the middle. This is a fast-paced bingo game, and there is no specific pattern to meet. For as long has a single card has four numbers called, you win.
  • W Pattern – in here, the requirement is that you cross off all the numbers in column B, column O, and the fourth slot on column I, the free space in column N, and the fourth slot in column G. All these will form a letter W.
  • One to Go – this is a consolation prize to players who have never formed a bingo pattern, but are only missing one digit.

Play Bingo Online for Free

To play online bingo for free, all you need to do is to find a demo website. Also, there are so many online casinos that offer their bingo games in demo mode. Some would require that you sign up for an account to be able to play, but you do not have to make a deposit.
Bingo online free games can be played on our website. Since there are so many variants, you can simply choose the one that you want to practice on, and then move on later to the paid games. On the free online bingo games, you will be given tickets, and you will be paying like as if you are getting real cash. This prepares you to learn how the real-cash games are played.

Online Bingo for Real Money

To play bingo with real cash, you can choose bingo games online from casinos that we recommend. There are many online sites that offer this, along with the lottery. Before you register, check out the games section of the casino website to ensure that bingo games are offered.
There are two types of bingo games to play offered in online casinos:

  1. The first one is live where the games are scheduled. You need to buy your tickets before the game starts. Once the game commences, you and other players around the world will be competing for the jackpot prize. The live versions also mean that there is a live host calling the numbers.
  2. The second variant is the game where you will be playing against a computer. Here, you can buy your tickets anytime and play against a computer. There is no schedule, and you are not exactly playing against other players. Some of these games are interlinked, so it is possible that a player can also join and win before you do.

To play bingo for free, you must register for an account, and then make sure that you have the means to deposit money into your casino account. You will need that money to pay for the tickets. You should also prepare identity documents and submit them to casino management. They will use it to verify your identity. You cannot withdraw your winnings unless you complete this process.

Tips for Bingo Game to Play Online

If you play online bingo, the good thing about it is that you do not have to figure out if you have won or not. The system will automatically announce you as a winner if your card fulfilled the requirements of the winning patterns.
Here are some tips to improve your winning chances and have a great bingo experience:

  • Play for the right reasons – bingo is a game of chance; there is no element of skill involved. Make sure you know that you are playing for cash, and that your attitude towards it is just to have fun.
  • Make sure the site is legit – read reviews about the online casino that offers it. Make sure that the casino is licensed and that it pays out the winners.
  • Prepare your payment options – sometimes, the deposit option is different from the withdrawal options. Before you sign-up for an account, make sure you have both.
  • Set a gambling limit – if you play for real money, only buy tickets that you can afford and stop if you lost for the day. Come back again another day and do not get tempted to buy new tickets if you already lost.
  • Choose the right games – some bingos have 75 balls, while others have 80 and 90. Statistically, the chances of winning are bigger if fewer balls are involved. You should also choose bingo games that offer prizes to different patterns, not just one or a couple. If you can find a room where a consolation prize is offered, then it is better.
  • Choose the right tickets – the right tickets are those that are adequately priced against the jackpot. It does not make sense paying $5 per card for a prize of $10. Ideally, the prize is at least 100 times the value of each card you bought.
  • Play when there are few players – if there are a lot of players, more cards are distributed, and it is very likely that one of those cards will be able to form a winning pattern. Play when there are few players, so your chances of winning are better than if there are hundreds of players with you.
  • Get a bonus – find an online bingo no deposit promo. Online casinos offer bonuses. Register in casinos that offer bonus money, so you have more money to buy tickets
  • Understand the casino policies – if you get the bonus money, you must first understand that policies of the casino. On many websites, there is a limitation on the cost of the ticket you can buy with your bonus money.

Also, there are things called wagering requirement, which you have to meet before you can withdraw your winnings. If you fail to meet these, your winnings will be invalidated, and the casino will take them back.


Bingo is an exciting game because it is like playing the live lottery. There is always this feeling of anticipation, hoping that the next number is favorable to your card. One of the best things you have to do is to find a site where you can play free bingo games and practice first, then understand how the game works.
Some online games also have different features. In some games, you need to mark the cards yourself to make it virtually appealing, while others have computer systems that mark the card for you. And most importantly, play the game only for fun, even if you use real cash. Bingo is a game of chance, and if you play with the intent of making it a professional way to get money, the odds are not really in your favour.
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