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Poke the Guy
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Microgaming is a big name in the casino industry, and every slot made by this developer has always intrigued fans and gamblers alike. This time is no different. Forget the workings of your daily slots and try imagining them in a new light. For one, you are not just poking a guy but basically smoking him. A big hairy monster seems to be on the loose in a new city who is traveling from place to place. You, the player has a slingshot for a weapon and have to make its full utilization and stop that big guy in his tracks.

Poke the Guy casino slot online is an unconventional title created by Microgaming. There are as such no reels to boast about, nor does it have any paylines. The backdrop of the game is set in a city with various landmarks. Some of it resembles the seven different wonders of the world in the form of the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, the famous Sphinx, Mount Rushmore etc. There are also buildings, small fountains, trees and a lake. You are the one with the reins to a weapon, and it is your duty to shoot away the big guy jumping from place to place and capture him ultimately.

Steady Your Stance

Well, you will have to be at your absolute best if you want to capture the big brute terrorizing the residents. The minimum bet here is €0.01 while the maximum bet is €100. The jackpots amount also differs here and doesn’t pay the same as other standard titles paying 2, 4, 8, 12, 18 and 500 times your wager.  A player stands the chance of winning up to €15000. Each object you use to hit the brute represent a different bet amount. There is no spinning involved. The things available for hitting includes fish, knives, rubber ducking, ice-creams, stones etc.

At first glance, the title seems like an extension or a part of an 80’s casino slot but it really isn’t. As such, there is no spin button which means there is no reason to set your bets. All you have to do is take aim and shoot down the crazy slob roaming across the city. There are also no standard features of slots, nor are there any bonus rounds to speak of in order to win. The payout remains at random and depends upon how many times you manage to hit the guy and with the help of the materials used by you to stop the man on his tracks. This means a player doesn’t have the luxury of free spins, wilds or scatters as such. The title also doesn’t have any RTP that can be calculated some way.

Tips to Play

There are as such no tips to play Poke the Guy slot machine online. The gameplay is random. There are only three basic things looming around you. One is the brute going crazy in the city, the other is the city, and the third aspect is you yourself who is on a mission to hit the guy as much as you can. The brute keeps moving quickly around the city in different and weird poses.


You can play Poke the Guy for real money and for free at many different casinos online. The slot seems quite a different and unique move by Microgaming to bring a production of this scale in the slot universe for gamblers to play for money. Hardcore gamblers may or may not find it appealing owing to its uniqueness and a new kind of gameplay.

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