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Developed by EGT, it is a very popular slot machine, especially in Italy. (It is also known as “Fowl Play Gold”). This fun gamble uses the life of farm animals as a theme. Roosters, chickens, ducks and acrobatic dogs can be found in Gallina and offer a different prize.

If you have just started playing slots, you will not have any difficulty because the rules are simple and straightforward. Even if you are an expert, the high payouts will attract your attention. In short, the machine offers something that attracts players from every level of experience. Since it is one of the next generation slots, it can be played easily with mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile).

You do not have to download anything and can start playing directly in your browser in seconds. It is possible to play Gallina slot machine game for free, and no registration is needed.

Main Interface & Controls

The interface is colorful and easy to understand. As can be seen, it is a cartoony machine. But don’t get fooled by the looks – it offers a very reliable ruleset and unique features. The main controls are located at the bottom. They are used for:

  • Autoplay: You can turn the drums automatically, up to 5000 spins, by hitting this button. Click more than once to increase the number.
  • Spin: Self-explanatory – click this to spin the reels.
  • Bet: Each click will place a different bet per spin. Set your bet value from here before starting the game.
  • Gear Icon: Opens the options page. If the game is in Italian, you can switch to the English language from here.
  • Italic “i”: Shows the rules, history, and the paytable.
  • Question Mark: Shows the hotkeys for the game. For example, space bar spins the reels, and B changes the stake amount.

You can also see the time, total bet amount and the version of the game (free/real money) on the main screen. It is also possible to share your gaming session over social media from here. If you are curious, you can check the “history” page and take a look at previous winnings.

How to Play & Place a Wager

Let’s start with the basics: at first, you need to place a stake. You can select a stake by clicking the “bet” button. Each click will raise the bet amount until it reaches maximum. After that, it will return to the lowest level. You have these betting options:

  • Minimum/Total Bet Per Line: 0.05/0.25
  • Maximum/Total Bet Per Line: 0.40/4.00

In short, you have only 2 betting options. Each spin can either cost 0.25 or 4.00 coins. For the demo version, choose the lowest bet to increase the gaming time. But if you are playing with real money, the maximum amount is necessary to qualify for higher prizes. Because the paytable changes according to the bet you place.

Gallina slot machine is a multiline, double spin slot. There are 5 reels and 10 pay lines in the game. Your goal is to form a winning combination by placing identical symbols on any of the pay lines. You need at least 3 symbols to qualify for a prize. Matching more symbols will increase the payout. Each symbol will award a different amount of coins. The exact paytable is:

Symbol Name Matching 5 Matching 4 Matching 3
Golden Egg 50.000 20.000 5.000
Red Fox 50.000 20.000 5.000
Hay Stack 10.000 2.000 800
Red 7 10.000 2.000 800
Money Bag 8.000 800 400
BAR Sign 4.000 800 400
Corn 4.000 800 400
Chick 8.000 800 400
Rooster 4.000 800 400

As you can see, the highest payout of the game is 50000 coins, and you can win this amount by landing 5 golden egg or red fox symbols together. Before starting, you can also adjust the number of paylines and lower them to 5. However, we don’t recommend this – playing with all 10 lines will increase the possibility of getting winning combinations more frequently.

Click the “spin” button to start the game. The reels will turn and stop. If you manage to land 5 identical symbols, the round will end, and you will get paid according to the paytable. However, if there is no winning combination, you get to spin the reels once more – for free.

Not only that, you can “hold” some of the reels for this second spin and increase your winning odds. Hit the “hold” button at the bottom to hold any reels. Gallina slot machine will also suggest which reels to hold. The second spin is the final and will determine you qualified for a prize or not.

Winning combinations are evaluated from left to right. Determining which wheels to hold adds a little strategic depth, and if used correctly, it increases your chances of winning significantly. This is the most striking feature, so please use it wisely. No download is needed to play the Gallina casino slot game.

Gallina Slot’s Bonus Symbols & Jackpot

Gallina slot machine offers the following bonus symbols:

  • Wild: It is represented by a red fox picture. It can be used to substitute any other symbol, except the scatter. You can combine the wild symbol with other symbols and create a winning line.
  • Scatter: It is called “bonus” and shown with a rooster picture. When you receive at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, a special round will start and award free spins. Details are below.

Unfortunately, there is no jackpot feature. However, the RTP value is over %90, and this almost guarantees you will take back your investment in the long run and make a profit. Gallina slot machine is a low-variance game, and it pays more than frequent but with low amounts.

Bonus Rounds & Features

The only bonus round is the free games feature. As mentioned above, landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on reels will activate this feature. The round will start automatically and award a random number of free spins. During this feature, chicken symbols will appear frequently on reels, and they will accumulate. When the total chicken symbol count reaches 5, another mini-game will start.

This is a “pick-me” game and played on a second screen, which shows 5 chickens. You need to pick one of them, and each pick will reveal a different type of egg. Silver, golden, and diamond eggs give high cash prizes. It is possible to win up to 20.000 coins during this round.

You can re-trigger the bonus round infinitely. If you prefer to play with real money and at online casinos, additional bonuses and features may be offered. Most online casinos offer additional features to attract customers. It is also possible to play the Gallina slot machine without a download at online casinos.

Suggestions & Tactics

Slot machines are based on luck, so it is impossible to implement a working strategy. However, we can give tips and suggestions.

  • Gallina slot machine paytable changes according to your bet amount. Keep this in mind while playing with real money.
  • Always play Gallina slot machine game for free until you fully understand the process. The demo version offers a virtual balance of 100 coins. Since the bet levels are low, it can last for hours easily.
  • Never put all of your eggs in one basket. In other words, place your bets evenly.
  • Take advantage of the bonus mini-game which appears at the end of the free spins. It offers easy to win high cash prizes.
  • When you decide to play with real money, always check the bonus offers of an online casino.
  • Analyze the reels after your first spin. Gallina lets you to hold some reels for the second spin. Knowing which reels to hold will greatly increase your chances of winning.

We can say that Gallina slot machine is a beautiful gamble when it comes to gameplay and prizes. The rules are simple enough for everybody to understand, and you can keep track of everything easily. If you decide to play with real money, it also offers quite satisfying prizes. Under a simple and cartoony look, it lays a robust system and a fast, satisfying gameplay. We can recommend it easily to everyone.

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