The Best and Highest RTP Slots

When choosing the right slot for you, the first rule in the book is that you should consider the Return to Player Rate (RTP). This figure determines your likelihood of winning over time. High RTP online slots can be played with relative confidence that a proportion of cash will be returned to the player.
Different RTPs are considered acceptable in different legal territories, and the UKGC monitors those on UK-based sites. This article will explore the implications of RTPs, and how you can find the best slots with the highest RTP.

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The Mechanics of RTPs and Slot Machines

Before looking at the highest RTP casino slot machines, it’s important to have a good understanding of the basics. In this section, we’ll provide an overview of how slot machines operate and how this relates to RTPs.

Understanding the Operating Principles of Slot Machines

Online slot machines, which are closely related to the traditional physical alternatives, use a system of revolving reels which stop at a particular point. An alignment of icons on more than one reel can trigger wins and losses.

The most popular slot machines are now online, and this has enabled them to grow more elaborate over the past few decades. They often allow the gambler to choose their base stake amount, which in turn determines the value of wins.

Modern machines, which are based on random number generators, may also have some sort of multiplier, bonuses, and enhanced visual and auditory effects, which are designed to provide an immersive experience.

You’ll also come across some of your favourite pop culture characters in these games, as manufacturers find this to be an effective way of making their games stand out.

How Slot Machines Calculate RTPs

In the case of both physical and online slots, the RTP is calculated by dividing the winnings and turnover figures. It’s worth ensuring that you have a good grasp of what these numbers really mean. The formula is as follows:

WINS / TURNOVER = RTP (as a decimal)

Here’s a real-life example. If a slot has paid out £1,000 in wins, but has had £1,100 paid into it, then the RTP is 90.9%. Here’s how it looks:

£1,000 / £1,100 = 0.9090

And 0.9090 expressed as a percentage, is 90.9%, which would be a low RTP. Whilst this is the most important figure when determining the profitability of a particular slot machine, it should not be considered in isolation. This is where volatility/variance comes into the equation.

Explanations of Slot Machine Volatility and Variance

To get the most out of these games, it’s crucial that you understand the following two terms:

  • Volatility refers to the frequency and size of wins paid out by a particular slot. It has a significant impact on gameplay and is highly relevant in the short term. A high-volatility slot pays out rarely, but the prizes are bigger.
  • Variance describes the statistical deviation of actual wins from the RTP over extended periods of time. This is more relevant to long-term gaming.

Both terms are interconnected and sometimes used interchangeably in relation to the risk factor of a particular machine. It’s also important to remember that RTP rates can change constantly.

The Relationship Between Slot Features and RTPs

There are a few elements which relate (or are sometimes perceived to relate) to RTPs. Here’s the truth about how these elements influence play:

  • Paylines are possible combinations which indicate wins, and there are two types: adjustable and fixed. Neither influence RTPs, but adjustable ones can impact how often a machine pays out, as more lines could mean more wins.
  • Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol, helping you to complete lines. These can improve your chances of a payout, but they are accounted for in the RTP calculation already.
  • Bonus rounds offer additional chances for winning or increasing payouts, and whilst these have the same chance of returning winnings to the player as regular rounds, they provide an advantage in the long term.

Top High-RTP Slot Developers

Now that you have a basic understanding of RTPs and how they work, let’s look at some of the best RTP slot machines out there. The highest RTP slot isn’t always the best choice for everyone, so be sure to consider the factors which matter most to you.

Overview of Top Companies Producing High RTP Slot Machines

Some developers of slot games have made these competitive RTP slots their speciality.

  • Playtech is a leader in terms of the best RTP slot games, having produced games like Golden Tour, which has an RTP of 97.71%. Playtech is a veteran, and their games are often based on Marvel Comics.
  • NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is another big player, having made some of the top RTP slots around, including Blood Suckers and Mega Joker. This company has been around for a long time, making games based on existing IPs.
  • Yggdrasil makes some premium slot games with RTPs of up to 98%, some of which also have progressive jackpots.

Evaluation of Developers by RTP Slot Game Offerings

Let’s take a closer look at some of the RTP slot games with the highest value:

  • Blood Suckers is a NetEnt offering with a 98% RTP and low volatility, making it a solid option. It also has a fun horror theme.
  • Jokerizer has a 98% RTP but has high volatility, making it good for those who want a higher-risk, higher-reward experience.
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl has a super high top prize, a minimum bet of just £0.02, and an RTP of 97.8%, making it a well-rounded option.
  • Mega Joker has the highest RTP on our list at 99%, making it perfect for long-session gamers.

Top 10 RTP Online Slots for British Casino Players

Now, without further ado, let’s do a deeper dive into each of our top 10 highest RTP recommendations.

Description of Top 10 RTP Slot Games in the Industry

Blood Suckers, created by NetEnt, is a longstanding favourite because of its low volatility and generous RTP, offering a vampire-themed experience with 25 win lines and an extra round which awards cash prizes. You can get started from just 25p and play on any device, so it’s a reliable choice all around.
Blood Suckers Online Slot Machine

Jokerizer RTP rate goes from 88.8% to 98%. It does, however, have more modern graphics, better effects than many, and a very fun special ‘Jokerizer mode,’ which is essentially a free round. In addition to this, there’s a valuable non-progressive 6,000-coin-jackpot!

Mega Joker has a super-high RTP of 99%, making it one of the most potentially profitable games out there. You can also get started with as little as 10p for one pay line. Mega Joker features a valuable progressive jackpot, which is included in the RTP.
Mega Joker by NetEnt

1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick has a fantastic RTP of 98.5%, as well as a fun pirate-themed aesthetic and plenty of great sound effects, making it a great choice for those who want a balance of fun, risk, and reward.
1429 Uncharted Seas Online Slot

Starmania isn’t about spectacular visuals. It’s about profitability. With a great RTP and a couple of potentially life-changing bonuses, Starmania is the perfect choice for serious gamers who have their sights set on big wins.

Good Girl, Bad Girl offers the player a choice. Choose the ‘Good Girl’ character for a low-risk experience or the ‘Bad Girl’ for a more volatile high-risk slot with some potentially huge rewards. It’s been around for quite a while, and it looks a bit dated, but as far as fans are concerned, it’s stood the test of time! It also has bonuses such as wilds, extra spin wins, and progressive jackpots!

Devil’s Delight, from NetEnt, has a high level of quality and a generous RTP (97.6% in this case) in addition to fixed jackpots. This one has an excellent extra round which awards the player with improved chances and the opportunity to earn spins. It’s a good way to go for those who are ready to take a risk on a slightly more volatile slot.

Jackpot6000 is best for high-rollers, as the RTP increases dramatically with the bet size. It’s been around a fair few years but has some sharp graphics which place the player in a familiar and nostalgic brick-and-mortar casino. As you’d expect, it also has jackpots!

Immortal Romance is a modern option which has been hailed for its cutting-edge graphics and fun extras, but it’s extremely high variance, so only choose this one if you’re in it for the long haul and willing to forego big wins (expect multiple, smaller wins and jackpots). The theme is dark and mysterious, and – whilst it may not have a wealth of bonuses – it’s certainly proven profitable for some.

Kings of Chicago is poker-themed, despite being a classic slot. This unusual design is likely to appeal to lovers of a traditional casino, as well as those with an interest in gangster narratives. Ingeniously designed win lines in Kings of Chicago are made up of actual poker hands, which is a lot of fun (royal flushes lead to jackpots)!

Title Provider RTP (%) Max Win
Blood Suckers Net Entertainment 98% 1,014.6x
Jokerizer Yggdrasil 94.22% 6,000x
Mega Joker Net Entertainment 99% 2,000x
1429 Uncharted Seas Thunderkick 98.5% 670x
Starmania NextGen 97.87% 1,000x
Good Girl, Bad Girl Betsoft 97.79% 20,000x
Devil’s Delight Net Entertainment 97.6% 1,000x
Jackpot6000 Net Entertainment 98.9% 6,000x
Immortal Romance Microgaming 96.86% 12,150x
Kings of Chicago Net Entertainment 97.8% 10,000x

High-RTP Slots vs Traditional Slots

To understand the nature of high-RTP slots, it’s necessary first to understand how they differ from their traditional counterparts.

Comparing High-RTP and Traditional Slot Machines

Traditional slot machines (both physical and online) have a low RTP compared to the high RTP slot games on our list. Slots with high RTP percentages tend to have less volatility since they pay out more frequently. Conversely, high volatility slots generally have a lower RTP overall to compensate for the potential bigger wins.

Those who want more of a roller coaster ride experience with the chance of big payoffs should look into the best high-volatility slots. The more risk-averse gamers out there, who prefer a longer-term benefit, are better off sticking with something which has a good RTP, like those slots featured on our list. This is a personal choice, and there’s no right answer; it really comes down to your gameplay style.

Traditional slots may have more jackpots and bonuses, and their volatile nature means that wins can be huge, but they involve a great deal more risk. Whatever your style and preferences, ensure that you know the RTP of a slot before you start, as well as how volatile it is, so that you can make sensible, informed decisions and spend your cash wisely!

Which Slot Machine Should I Choose and Why?

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the RTP-related factors you should be taking into account.

  • Risk tolerance should be considered when deciding whether to go with a slot which is more volatile or to choose one with a top-end RTP. If you want to play it safe, simply choose slots with highest RTP. If, however, you’re feeling lucky and want a thrilling but risky experience, try a more volatile option, but know that it will likely have a relatively low overall RTP.
  • Theme preferences are also an important part of slots. The experience should be enjoyable, and that means finding one which is relevant to you. Maybe you’re interested in superheroes, or maybe you’re more of a Western fan. More casual gamers are more likely to prioritise this above RTPs, but you should still know what the percentages are.
  • Consider your budget and go with a slot machine which suits it. Some require you to make larger bets than others. For instance, one machine may allow you to make bets between £0.50 and £50, whereas another might allow you to get started for as little as just £0.01!

Strategies and Tips for Winning at High-RTP Slots

We all know that there are no guarantees because casinos are about luck, and the house has the edge, and that’s no less true with slot machines. However, there are things you can do to put yourself in the best position and enhance your experience overall:
Strategies and Tips for Winning at High RTP Slots


In order to make the best of a slot machine, it’s key to understand a few fundamental concepts.

  • First of all, be aware of the RTP. It may change depending on the denomination of your wager, so in order to get the best RTP, you may need to be betting the maximum. This limits the best odds to the high rollers.
  • Good bankroll management is crucial. This means being aware of the fact that these machines are designed with a house edge, so if you keep spinning, you will eventually lose your funds. Be sensible and only spend what you can afford to lose.
  • Familiarise yourself with the specific game’s rules. Understand what wilds do, know how bonuses and extra rounds work, and check out the paytable before starting.

By understanding the mechanics of each particular slot machine, you give yourself the best chance to win!


Whilst slots are about luck and chance, there are certain strategies that experienced gamers swear by. Whilst none of these can guarantee a win, these strategies may improve your chances:

  • Make the best of promotions: There are plenty of special deals out there, particularly for new customers, which will give you extra rounds on a machine or match your deposit and double your funds!
  • Choose the right machine: Find one which suits your personal style, offers a good RTP/variance balance and enables you to bet with a sensible denomination.
  • Take a look at reviews: This allows you to have an idea of what to expect before you put any cash in.
  • Be sensible and set a budget: As mentioned above, be careful not to spend what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Play for fun first: Many slots allow you to get a good grip on how the game functions without actually spending money.
  • Take advantage of in-game bonuses: these may come in the form of extra rounds or mini-games, and they tend to vary from one machine to the next.

Common Myths about RTPs

There exist many misconceptions regarding RTPs, and here we’ll seek to debunk a few commonly heard myths:

  1. Great RTPs don’t always mean more winnings. A more volatile machine can have bigger payouts, and this may be the better way to go if you’re only on it for a short length of time.
  2. Low RTP slots don’t always pay out less. They often feature bonuses and high-paying icons, which can – to some extent – compensate for a lower RTP. Be sure to look for the RTP figure, which factors in these extras.
  3. RTP isn’t the only metric which matters, and it’s also crucial that you understand the meaning of – max wins, volatilities (low-high), and any extra prizes.
  4. Some people say that new games perform better than older ones and that the latter ‘go cold’ after a time. This isn’t true, and the RTP confirms this.
  5. The quantity of pay lines will not affect the RTP, so no matter how many there are, the RTP is the most important figure you want to be looking at.
  6. Like all slot machines, there are no ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streaks, so don’t expect a machine to pay out just because it hasn’t in a while. These are random generators.

Evaluating Slot Sites by Their RTPs

In this section, we’ll explore some of the things that you’ll want to factor in when deciding which is the perfect casino site for you.
Online Casino Sites UK by Their RTP

The Best Sites for Playing High-RTP Slots

It’s important that you’re using a site which meets the necessary criteria. These include:

  • Selection of games: If you’re registering with a casino, you’ll want it to have some variety in what it offers, and these games should have good RTPs!
  • Player benefits and bonuses: These may come in the form of a welcome promotion, boosted odds, or cashback over time.
  • Range of providers: The games offered by a casino should come from a range of developers for balance and variety.
  • Security: Ensure that the site is registered and licensed by the UKGC.

Here’s an overview of specific sites which have slots with the best RTP:

  • Casumo is a big one in the wonderful world of online slots. They have great welcome bonuses and a good range.
  • All British Casino is another great choice for those who love promos, offering a cashback to deal.
  • Betfred Casino has some of the top RTP slot machines out there, as well as great banking and user interfaces.
  • PlayOJO Casino hosts some fan-favourite slot machines with high-end graphics and an autoplay function for you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Comparison of Casinos Based on RTP

Casino Highlights High-RTP Games Promotions
Casumo Award-winning 100+ providers 1426 Uncharted Seas (98.5%) 100% up to £25 + 20 FS on ‘Sahara Riches’
All British Casino Excellent promos Nice website layout Mega Joker (99%) Up to £100 and 10% cashback
Betfred User-friendly interfaces Great range of banking options Blood Suckers (98%) 1426 Uncharted Seas (98.5%) Up to 200 goes on a range of machines
PlayOJO Transparent and secure Wide range of high-RTP games Jokerizer (94,22%) Deposit to earn 50 goes on a slot with no wagering requirements

The Risks of Assuming High RTPs

Let’s look at why RTPs aren’t the only important thing to consider when choosing between RTP slot machine games. Part of gambling responsibly is understanding the nature of the financial risks associated with each individual slot machine and how these risks can be mitigated.

To reiterate, RTPs aren’t the only factor which determines profitability. You also need to look into volatility, max wins and how the chosen denomination influences a changing RTP.

Simply put, it’s dangerous to assume that online slots RTP means everything. Other risk-reducing methods include familiarising yourself with pay tables, setting strict budgets and adhering to them. Moreover, stay away from unlicensed sites, which may be misleading or rigged.

Follow the above advice in addition to standard responsible gambling practices, and you’ll have an enjoyable, healthy, and potentially profitable experience.

The Future of High-RTP Slot Development and Production

There are a few trend-based assumptions and predictions we can make regarding the best RTP slots UK that gamers will have access to in the future.

We are likely to see an increase in the RTPs of the top slot machine games because providers are competing for customers. On the other side, customers generally want the best RTP slots. The increase in popularity of these games makes a rise in RTPs financially viable for the casino.

Low volatility options may also arise due to people having less disposable income and wanting to gamble in a more conservative manner. Aesthetic enhancements will continue to develop, with improved graphics, narratives, themes and sound effects. This will also extend to mobile app use.

The far future may see the incorporation of emerging technologies such as AI and VR into the world of slot machines, providing a more immersive and adaptive experience.


Wrapping up our guide, it’s clear to see why people are specifically seeking out slots with great RTPs, but it’s also important that they don’t assume this to be the only metric worth considering.

There are plenty of great options out there, but there are also more volatile low-RTP games. The best choice depends on the individual and their play style. Some sites are better than others for finding great RTPs, and potential customers should factor in bonuses and promos, as well as the range of top RTP games available, security, and licensing. RTP figures are a part of responsible gambling, so allow them to help determine which slots you play and have fun!

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