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If you think that ancient Egypt and pirates are the only themes in slot machines, think again: Vikings are pretty popular, too. For some reason, gamblers like to play slot games about big warriors wielding bigger (and bloody) axes. It is not just warriors though: Nordic mythology contains a lot of gods (remember Odin and Thor?), and this provides a good background to add different bonus rounds to games. How does “lightning over the reels” sound? Here is your chance to become a mighty warrior or a powerful god: Wherever you live (whether it is the UK or not) you can enjoy Viking slot games and make a good profit if you are lucky enough. In this review, we will list the most popular Viking themed slot machines and offer you the chance to play them for free. (You can also play with real money – keep reading.)

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Best Free Viking Slots Online

Don’t worry, we are not baiting you: You can see the list of best Viking slots right below, without having to read the entire article. This list contains our recommended games, but Viking themed slot machines are not limited to this list. Visit our slot collection to find more games like these.

Thunderstruck II

Developer Microgaming
Reels / Lines 5 / 243
RTP Rate 96.60%

This is probably the first game that comes to mind when someone says Viking slots. Well, there is a reason: It is that good. The game is based on the Nordic mythology and contains all of the Northern gods, even the unimportant ones. The graphics quality is amazing and there are lots of bonus rounds. The good news is they all pay with multipliers: You can win hundreds of times of your initial bet. Oh, and there are also 25 free spins. The grand prize is 2.500.000 coins in the “normal” version, but you can see that this game is offered with a progressive jackpot feature too. If available, prefer that version because payout frequency is that good.

Nordic Heroes

Developer IGT
Reels / Lines 5 / 30
RTP Rate 96.24%

This game may not contain any gods, but it still has Viking warriors. And they all look mighty, we assure you. Graphics quality is not that good, but the features are great: You can win 30 times of your bet anytime during the gameplay – no bonus round needed. Speaking of bonus rounds, extra reel icons can be seen on the screen during any of them, raising your chances of winning. All other prizes are distributed in multipliers too, so Nordic Heroes pay more than your investment.

Troll Hunters

Developer Play’n GO
Reels / Lines 5 / None
RTP Rate 96.73%

This game has a twist: It has no pay lines. This is an unusual concept but you can be sure that your winning chances are still good – maybe better. Your goal is to place 3 identical symbols anywhere on the screen. They do not need to be connected. When you do this, identical symbols explode, and new ones drop down from above. So it is like spinning the reels two times with the cost of one. In theory, as long as the new symbols are also identical, you can keep winning countless times. But the best feature is the payouts: You can win 200 times total bet in this game. The concept is pretty interesting, and Troll Hunters deserves to get played.

Vikings Go Wild

Developer Yggdrasil Gaming
Reels / Lines 5 / 25
RTP Rate 96.30%

This game is about Eskimos who live in… Just kidding, it is still about Vikings. The name gave us out, right? Vikings Go Wild has way too cute graphics, and somehow it manages to show bloody warriors as fluffy kittens. There are a fixed jackpot and 3 different bonus rounds. You can also win a total of 24 free spins. All bonus rounds pay with multipliers (up to 5x), and the payout frequency is good. Let’s not forget the “Wild Reels” feature too: An entire reel can fill up with wild symbols anytime during the main game.

Viking Mania

Developer Playtech
Reels / Lines 5 / 20
RTP Rate 94.96%

Ok, we admit that Vikings in that game look like Asterix and Obelix, not mighty warriors. We choose to believe they are still deadly even they look cute. Viking Mania offers three special symbols to increase your winning chances. In addition to wild and scatter, there is the “hammer” symbol. Every time it appears on the screen, it awards a letter. If you manage to write “hammer” with those letters, a special bonus round starts. The goal in this round is to hit a Viking by throwing a hammer. The more you hit, the more multipliers you win. See, we said that it is still a bloody game. You can also win 10 free spins.

What Do You Need to Play Viking Slots?

We can tell you what you don’t need: No download is required to play these games. Casino games are coded with HTML5 nowadays, and they support “Instant Play” feature. So you don’t need to download & install the software to play them. What are we, savages? The only thing you need is an internet connection and a device with a browser. You can use desktop PCs, tablet PCs, or mobile phones: It is up to you. The games we listed above (and others you can find on our site) support all devices, no matter what the operating system is.

Although, you need one more thing if you want to play with real money: an online casino. But not just any online casino, you need to find a secure and reputable one with good payouts. Online gambling is a big industry nowadays and it is possible to find hundreds of online casinos. Not all of them are worth playing though – visit our reviews section to find the best online gaming palace around. We have reviewed hundreds of them, and you can be sure that one of them will suit your needs.

Oh and one more thing: You will also need a budget and make a deposit for real money gambling, but we will leave this up to you. Just don’t blow all of your budget in a jackpot game: prefer minimum betting amounts to prolong your game time and winning chance. The longer you play, the higher the winning chance.

Play Free Viking Slots

If you don’t have the required budget or just want to practice, don’t worry, we still got you. You can play all of these games on our website for free. Using slot machines for casual gambling is perfectly acceptable, and we provide the necessary things for that: A Viking slots collection that consists of hundreds of games, an easy to use and mobile-friendly website, and the chance to play as long as you want without a cost.

Just head to our casino slot collection, list the games according to their themes (or any other features) and start playing – It won’t cost you a dime. When you think it is time to play with real money, you know what to do: We already reviewed the best online casinos for you. Pick one and continue playing where you left off.

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