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Beauty Slot
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The competition is fast and furious, the market of the online casino gambling planet is tight, so, it Is an essential task for the manufacturers always to try a bit harder to please today’s standards. However, from time to time, an entertainment like Beauty Slot game is published, and what kind is that? Not complicated, non-pretentious, sleek and stylish.

The team of developers of Euromoon Casino, owned and operated by Game Tech Group N. V. with its releasement has done some impressive job.

Goodies on The Nightstand

The thing that should be mentioned is that Beauty Slot machine game, and that is the truth, has totally girly design. The whole screen is based on a dark purple color with elegant ornamentation. Everything pretty much resembles a cute nightstand for makeup and other womanish stuff.

As assumed, all the symbols perfectly match the theme. The golden necklace with white diamonds, the fashionable sunglasses, mandatory red shoes with high heels, a dark Lavandine purse and an amethystine white golden ring.

One of the characteristics that need to be mentioned as an upside is that the paytable is visible while playing, which in a way makes things easier for a bettor to see in every moment his possible winnings. Also, there are four areas on the display that can be useful:

  • Cash – field in which is always shown your current amount of money, or, if you Play Beauty Slot free slot without real investment the quantity of credit.
  • You Won – your prizes at the moment;
  • Line Wager – that shows coin value which can be from 0.01 up to 0.05;
  • Total Bet – considering three win lines is always the triple size of the initial stake per line, so from 0.03 to 0.15; The name of the creator speaks enough for itself – EuroMoon is a clear sign that wages are to be placed in Euros if enjoying for the real cash.

Unfortunately, at the same time, this is the downside, as there are no separate game rules with additional information. Also, only settings available are the one considering the sound and music adjustments.

The Beauty and The Beast

A slight disadvantage is the fact that there are no Bonus Features, Extra Games or even free spins. It can be a drawback for players used to conventional pokies, but, on the other hand, it’s a real invitation for those who just like to spin and win.

Because, prizes come very often and they are reasonable, considering wages. If any of the symbols land in one of the three lines no matter if they are the same or different (lines can be activated or turned off individually by clicking on the certain arrow), the gamer can win 4 credits or 0.04 E. Reward in, for example, two pay lines are being summarized. Furthermore, three of a kind in one bar are bringing payouts:

  • 3x glasses – thirty
  • 3x shoes – fifty
  • 3x purse – one hundred
  • 3x necklace – two hundred and fifty credits

The Ring is a real treat:

  • one of them brings 400
  • two of them 600
  • three of them 800 credits

Ready to Put On Some Makeup?

The pokie  provides gamers with free online playing mode with the starting balance of 1,000.00 imaginative euros. Also, Auto Spin option is waiting among other buttons easy visible on the surface of the table. By pressing it, the option gets activated and can be stopped at any time.

There are no spin limits, so it can go on forever and ever. It should be noted that, since this is, it can be said, a typical European manufacturer, users from some countries cannot try this one out. United States, Turkey, Israel, etc.

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