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The most exciting thing about playing casino games is winning, while progressive jackpot party slots provide an opportunity to win more than any other games do. The sums of money you can win are huge, and keep getting bigger with every bet that you or the others place while playing a certain game (individual progressive jackpot) or on multiple slots that form a progressive network, often across different casinos (multiple progressive jackpot).

Online gaming allows the players from all over the world to place their bets on different fruit machines linked to a single progressive jackpot, making it grow rapidly and steadily, reaching the amounts that are just amazing. Thousands and millions, these figures are a pleasure to look at and a fortune to win – this could be a life-changing experience, resulting from just one lucky spin.

Try the Progressive Slots listed here – some progressive jackpots are random, some require a combination of special symbols. You can also find games that have a regular jackpot besides a progressive one, along with free spins or bonus rounds that make them more entertaining. Of course, you must play for real money, as progressive jackpots are just synonymous to real money – really big money, to be precise.

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Welcome to the world of online progressive slots, where everybody has a chance to become rich. The first thing you need to know about these games is that they are “progressive”. It is possible to see a jackpot prize in many slot machines, but their amount is “fixed”. That amount does not change, the paytable is static.

In progressive jackpot slots, however, the prize is dynamic. With every game played, the reward amount keeps rising. Think of this as a big pool: every player who places a bet feeds the pool until someone wins. As can be guessed, it takes a long time to fill the “pool”. That’s why sometimes the prize amount can reach millions of dollars.

If the prize of a progressive slot surpasses 1.000.000 coins, this means that the game is pretty popular. There are lots of players working on it. They all lose, of course, that’s why the prize amount got that big. Progressive slots are connected to each other on a network, so there are hundreds of games and thousands of players playing at the same time. Only one of them will win the grand prize, and maybe, it is your turn to be a millionaire.

Whether you live in the UK or any other country in the world, you can join the fun and try your luck – progressive gambling is open to anyone. In this article, we are going to list the best progressive jackpot machines, and give you some tips to increase your winning chance.

How to Win at Progressive Jackpot Games?

It’s all luck.

We know this is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth: all slot games are based on luck, and progressive slots are no exception. To win, you need two things:

  • Place the maximum bet. Almost all progressive jackpot machines require you to select the maximum bet amount in order to activate their grand prize. You need to have a big budget to play these games. If you prefer the minimum bet amount, they are no different than a standard video slot machine.
  • Place the symbols. Details are different, but in general, you need to place a specific symbol set on a pay line to win the jackpot. For example, 5 jackpot symbols may be needed to qualify for the prize. Sometimes those symbols may need to be placed in a certain order too. In any case, you will need to place more symbols than usual (2 or 3 symbols are enough to win a prize in regular slot games.)

Other than these, progressive jackpots are still slot machines, and they are played with the relevant rule set. Spin the reels, line the symbols, and hope for the best.

The only advice we can give you is, “wait for the prize amount to rise”. Let us explain: all slot machines have an RTP rate. In order to make a payout, this rate must turn to positive (100.01%). Progressive slots have lower RTP rates than usual, so it takes a long time for their RTP rates to turn into positive. If the grand prize is not over one million yet, wait for it: your winning chances are quite low at that point. The higher the prize, the higher the RTP rate. At some point, that rate will turn into positive and award the player. The trick is to find the perfect time. We cannot tell you what that time will be, but waiting for the grand prize to pass one million coins is a good place to start.

Top 5 Progressive Slots

There are many successful progressive slots, but we recommend you to start with those mentioned below.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Developer Netent
Reels / Lines 5 / 20
RTP Rate 96.40%

This is one of the most popular jackpot games around. To win the jackpot, you need to complete four stages during the bonus round, and the prize amount keeps rising with each stage. In other words, there are four different jackpot pools. When you complete a winning spin, reels are re-spun one more time for free. In addition, there are 20 free spins in the bonus round.

Fantastic Four (50 Lines)

Developer Playtech
Reels / Lines 5 / 50
RTP Rate 96.72%

This one has two versions, and only the 50 line version contains the progressive jackpot feature. Fantastic Four offers the Marvel Jackpot, which is active in all Marvel themed slots. Winning is completely random and happens during the normal gameplay. If you see three jackpot symbols together, congratulations, you are a millionaire now! You can also enjoy 12 free spins and multiplier rewards.

Ultimate Universe

Developer 888 Slots Developer
Reels / Lines 5 / 25
RTP Rate 95.12%

Another Marvel themed slot, but this time all heroes are available. Based on the same-named comic series, Ultimate Universe offers 50 free spins and up to 2x multiplier rewards. Winning the jackpot is still random and can happen anytime. Just keep playing and hope for the best. The good news is, betting limits are very low and you don’t need the fortune to play.

Golden Money Frog

Developer Microgaming
Reels / Lines 5 / 20
RTP Rate 95.00%

You need to trigger the bonus round to qualify for the jackpot prize. The round is a big “wheel of fortune,” and you need to spin it. If the wheel stops at the “Golden Jackpot” section, you win the prize. If not, don’t worry: you can still win 1.000x total stake. Even the symbols pay up to 125x total bet during the main game.

Super Lucky Frog

Developer Netent
Reels / Lines 5 / 25
RTP Rate 93.00%

A very cute looking and easy to play the game. In addition to three separate jackpot pools, you get 30 free spins. Jackpot prize requires spinning a grand wheel, and the reward you can win depends on your bet amount. Payout frequency is quite good, and you can be sure that one of the jackpot pools will payout soon.

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Online gaming is a serious job, and we have the required knowledge and experience to provide you with the best. Try progressive slots on Slotozilla for free and continue your adventure on a recommended online casino in UK: this is the only “tactic” you need to win progressive jackpot games.

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