How to play slot machines

To know how do classic casino slots work you should know it is pretty easy to get the hang of and the basic way they work is to insert a coin or coins, spin the machine, and see if you win a prize. There are 3 reels that spin and in order to win you must get 3 identical symbols that line up in the middle.

Classic slots can also have 5 reels, in which case you need to get 5 identical symbols to win a game. The online or video slots as they are often called have a little more to them than that. For 5 reel online slots as well as for some 5 reel you can win by getting a winning combination of symbols not only in the middle line, but also on the top or bottom lines, or even by making a zigzag pattern.

The thing to remember here is that all 5 reel games are a little different and will have different winning combinations and various winning patterns.

How Do Slot Machines Work in Casinos?

There are quite a few different types of slots machines that accept different currencies. The most popular are penny and nickel machines, although there are also dime, quarter, and a dollar. Each one of these takes either pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or dollar coins.

There are even machines that can take up to 100 dollars at once. Most physical reel spinners can take up to either 3 or 5 coins at once, where as many online or video slots can take up to 45, 90, 250 or sometimes even 500 credits at once.

How to Play Reel Spinning and Video Slots

It doesn’t really matter if you have bills or coins because if you only have a 20 dollar bill you can always insert it into the machine using the currency adaptor, and it will load the corresponding number of credits into it. For instance, if you load a quarter slot machine with a 20 dollar bill then you will have 80 credits to play with.

If you don’t know how to play reel spinning slot machines, all you have to do is push the button that is marked with “play one credit”; you can press this over and over again until you have reached the desired amount of coins that you want to bet, that or until you reach the maximum bet allowed.

Some machines also have a button that says “play max credits” which will automatically place the maximum allowed bet. Once this has been done, click the “spin reels” button, or for those few that still have handles, pull the handle to spin the reels. If you get a winning combination of 3 or 5 symbols in the middle line, then you win. Many reel-spinning machines have just one payout line, but some have 3 or even 5.

How do Video Slots Machines Work In Casinos

It is a little different on how to play video slots where you can do quite a bit more. You can choose the number of pay lines that you want to activate (these are the winning combinations of symbols in different patterns). These winning patterns can come in the form of straight lines, V’s, upside down V’s, and zigzags too.

The more pay lines you activate, the higher your chances of winning are. You can then also choose how many coins that you want to bet for each activated pay line. Most video slots have either 5, 10, 15, 25, and sometimes even 50 different pay lines. Moreover, most will accept up to 25 coins or credits as a maximum bet per each pay line activated. The more coins you bet per pay line, the more money you will win when you get a winning combination of symbols.

Of course both physical reel spinning slots as well as video have a fair amount of special symbols like scatter symbols, wild symbols, and other things which can give you free spins or bonus games. One of the best is a scatter symbol which means that if several of them appear on the screen, you will win the corresponding prize, and that’ even if they don’t appear in a winning pattern or combination.

All of these symbols give you a better chance of winning something, and they will be talked about a little later in this article. On a side note, they often have far more bonus symbols than in reel spinning cases, as well they also tend to pay out better and more often.

Class II and Class III Slot Machines

There exists a subtle difference in how to play these 2 slot machine types of. Class III slots are most often found in casinos, and they tend to be the regular where the winnings come out of the pocket of the house or casino that owns them.

On the other hand, the strategy on how do Class II slot machines work in casinos, they are ones that still look like slots, but their winning system functions more like bingo or the state lottery. This means that in Class II games the winnings come from a jackpot created by other players, and the actions or winnings of other players will affect your wins and losses.

In essence, with Class III the money you win comes from the establishment you are gambling at, whereas with Class II machines the winnings come from a jackpot created by other players.

Flat Top versus Progressive Slot Machines

A flat top slot machine is one where the jackpot is a fixed one. In other words, the jackpot is set to a certain amount, and it will always stay the same. The jackpot winnings in flat top machines are usually easier to win however they also don’t pay out quite as much.

How to play Progressive slot games? They have an unlimited maximum jackpot because they simply take a small portion of each bet that is made and add it to the jackpot until someone wins it. Once someone does win the jackpot on a progressive machine, it will then revert to its starting jackpot.

The jackpot here is harder to win but when you do the payout is much better than with a flat top.

How to Find a Good Slot Machine Due to Its Type?

  • Video Slots – can have up to 100 different pay lines because they are digital. They can also have a variety of different interactive mini games that can be played. These kinds also have many more betting options than normal slots.
  • No Deposit Slots – These kinds can come as a classic, a video or practically any other form of slot machine. The difference is that the no deposit types can usually be played for free up to a certain amount. These usually come with a number of free spins to entice players; however the payout is also smaller, and there is a lower chance of winning.
  • Penny Slots – are exactly what they sound like; you use pennies to play. If you know how do these slots work, you can bet multiple pennies on one line and bet on multiple pay lines too. Penny slots usually come as 5 reel games which can have up to 25 pay lines. So you can easily bet up to $1.25 on a single game.
  • Real Money Slots – are also quite self-explanatory. These can be physical or can be online too. Further, you will see how do the online casino slots work with their bonuses as a slot is one where you can bet real money, anywhere from one cent to $125 per spin. These can include progressives and instant win bonuses.

At The Beginning of the Game

The first step when you decide how to play slot machines is to set the amount that you want to bet per spin. Now this amount can be as low as 1 cent for penny slots, but is usually around the 5 cent mark for other. As well the maximum bet amount is usually around $100; it’s up to you to choose how much you want to bet. Many games have the option to bet half of a coin as well, especially on dime and dollar machines.

The second step after choosing the betting amount is to choose how many pay lines to activate. As we discussed some machines can have as little as 3 pay lines and some can have as many as 50. Keep in mind that your original bet will be multiplied by the pay lines that you activate. So if you bet 5 coins and activate 20 pay lines, then your bet will be 100 coins per spin.

So how do casino slots work with your bets? Of course, the more you bet, the higher the risk is, but there is also a higher payout if you do win, not to mention that many slot machines force you to make the maximum bet to have a chance at the jackpot. Once these 2 steps have been completed simply spin the reel and watch the symbols flash around until they come to a rest in either a winning or losing combination.

How to Start the Game?

Still didn’t understand how to play abovementioned slot machines? Don’t worry! Playing is fun because it often is accompanied with audio and graphic features to keep things exciting, and things will animate once you hit bonuses. Seeing bonuses or scatter symbols or any other kind of special symbol isn’t too hard because they usually flash or sparkle when they appear.

One important thing to do is to change the betting parameters of the game during different rounds to get the feel of things.

2Video Slots

General “How to Play” Etiquette for Popular Slots

There are just a few rules on how to play slots in a place like a casino. First of all, it is only Okay to play more than one machine at a time if the casino is not full. You can’t pump money into 2 machines at once if there are other people waiting to play on just one of those machines.

Try not to play more than one machine at once or maybe 2 at the most, because if you can’t watch over them, then someone might take your winnings or your game while you aren’t looking. Also, remember that sometimes people take breaks and will tip their chair against the engine or put a coat on the chair, signifying that they will be back.

If you want to avoid getting into a fight with an angry gambler, then you shouldn’t take those machines.

Betting Preferences

For classic reel slots, there is usually only one choice in terms of the domination you can bet, that being either pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or dollars, and the only choice you really have is how many of those that you want to bet.

With classic slots, there is often only one pay line to bet on so that usually isn’t an option. With online or video slots you can usually choose what the denomination of your bet is, and you can also choose the number of pay lines that you want to bet on, that usually being up to a maximum of 50 pay lines.

The good thing that will help you to know how online and video slots work in casinos is that they will usually remember your betting preferences.

The Number of Coins

Multiple Coins – When you hit a winning combination the amount of money that you win will be based on the number of coins that you bet. For example, if the payout for a specific line is 10 dollars and you bet one coin, then your prize will be 10 dollars. However, if you bet 2 coins, then your prize will be 20 dollars and so on. The number of coins accepted per spin is usually lower for mechanical slots, up to 5 at once, and for video slots, the number of coins can go up to 45 or more.

How Much To Bet – to play slot machine the common knowledge you should know is to always play the higher stakes machines as these will have the highest payout rates. If you can’t place the maximum bet, then it is recommended to place a lower bet as placing a lower bet will still yield higher returns than downgrading denominations.

Downgrading Machines – One thing that can be done if you don’t know how to use as much money playing slot machines is to downgrade from a dollar machine to a quarter machine. This means that you get 4 spins for every dollar instead of just one. Sure the jackpots and payouts won’t be as high, but you also won’t be losing as much money if you play for an extended amount of time. Downgrading is recommended if the amount of money you are playing with is dwindling.

Limiting Play – Usually, you do want to bet the maximum amount of coins available because that is really our only chance of hitting the jackpot. However, you do need to be aware of the fact that progressive slot machines usually take up to 2 times the amount of money for the house as others do which means that you can definitely lose your money twice as fast.

How to Play High and Low Stakes in Slots?

There is a very obvious trade off here. The knowing how to play a high stake in slots will always make you bet more money than a low stakes, and the chances of winning on a high stakes machine are also lower than that the chances of winning on a low stakes game types.

Of course, the obvious difference is that high stake slot machines also have far higher payouts than the low stakes machines. The chances of winning on a high stake machine are lower, but on the other hand, the payout when you do win is substantially higher.

3Real Money Slots

Options When Spinning the Reels and Lines

Reels – The reels in slots are the number of symbols that can show up at once on a horizontal axis. The most common types are 3 and 5 reel games. The advantage of 3 reel types is that they can be easier to win, but often the payout is less. For 5 reel variations, there are more winning combinations and higher payouts, but it is also harder to win.

Many modern machines have the option to have a slow, medium, or fast spin speed. Also, many slots have a stop button which gives the player some control and lets a player choose when to stop the reels from spinning.

Lines – The lines in slots machines are on a vertical basis. Some have only 1 line, some have 3, and some can even have 5. Players can bet on 1 line, or they can bet on all visible lines if they so choose.

The Multiplier

Multiplier Symbols – Regardless your knowledge of how to use this symbols while you are playing slot machines it will multiply the amount of money that you win. For example, if you have a winning combination that pays out 10 dollars, and you have a 2 times multiplier symbol you will win 20 dollars.

Multiplier symbols can range from 2 times all the way up to 10 times. This simply means that if you bet 1 coin on a 10 dollar payout, and you get the 3 x multiplier, then you will win 40 dollars.

Buy a Pay

How do online casino slots use the Buy a Pay option in their work? This is a type of setting where a player can choose which symbols to activate. Each coin that you bet will activate the next set of symbols such as cherries, sevens, bells, or any other symbol present. In order to activate all symbols, the maximum bet must be made because each additional coin unlocks the next set of symbols.

This is why it is possible to hit the winning combination for the jackpot and not win it (jackpot symbols will require the maximum bet, so if you didn’t bet enough coins then the jackpot symbols won’t be unlocked).

The Progressive

On progressive machines, there isn’t a good reason not to make the maximum bet, especially because the jackpot is only available if you make the maximum bet, and the jackpot is the only real reason to play a progressive machine because the house often takes more of the payout. If you can’t place the maximum bet then, you are better off downgrading to a smaller denomination as there is really no point in playing a progressive machine unless you are eligible for the jackpot. Remember, if you know using the progressive, it can increase your chances notably.

Autoplay Features

Autoplay Option – The autoplay option usually comes with a range of different online slots and it is a very easy way to play. Once you activate the autoplay feature, the machine will play through spins several times over and show you the results every time. Once the machine is done it will go to the next spin by itself. This is a completely automated way to know how do slot machines work in casinos.

Bonus Rounds – Bonus Rounds can come with real slot machines, but most often come with video or online slots. These are rounds, usually little mini games that can be unlocked by getting a specific combination of symbols.

These games bonus games can be simple games or more interactive games that have actual plots. Some bonus games are completely random while others require skills. For many games, it is required to make a higher or even the maximum bet in order to have access to any bonus games.

Free Spins – This is quite self-explanatory on how to play slots using free spins; bonus or free spins are when you get a specific combination of symbols that allow for a free spin without betting any extra money. Also, free spins can be given on some slots machines after a certain amount of paid spins, kind of like an enticement to keep playing.

Gather Your Scatter Symbols

Scatter Symbols – These symbols are very popular with everyone because they let the player win money without having a winning combination of symbols. Scatter symbols will pay out no matter where they show up in the lines, and no matter where they show up on the reels.

Most scatter symbols do not pay out when there is only one of them, and most often it is necessary to get at least 3 of them. However, they do not have to be in any specific position or order.

How do the Pay Lines Work?

Pay lines – To keep it simple, the pay lines are the number of lines available in each slot machine that make result in winning combinations and thus a payout. Do not find how do slot machine work in online casinos and how many winning combinations do they have, as the number is from 1 to 100 winning combinations or pay lines.

Pay lines can be vertical, horizontal, or even zigzagged depending on the slot game that you are playing. For example, the Wizard of Oz game has 30 pay lines that can be activated. For these pay lines, as long as you get the right symbols, they don’t have to be beside each other to win.

Receiving a Bonus When You Sign Up To Play For Real Money

Getting something like a signing bonus is a pretty standard procedure – you should know how to play slot machines using all privileges. You should sign up and it has been proven to be an effective way of getting more people. Many online slots will offer some free bonus games, free credits to play with, or even a starting purse of a certain amount of money which can then be used to play with. This is a good way to get the feel for a game without having to bet any of your own money.

Progressive Jackpots

As mentioned above, progressive jackpots are those which keep climbing until someone wins them. Each player that bets money adds to the jackpot when they bet money, especially when they lose their money. Progressive jackpots are harder to win than static jackpots, but their payouts are also higher.

These jackpots will revert to their original amount that has not been added to by players once somebody wins it. This means that you are competing with other people to win a progressive jackpot.

4Progressive Jackpot

Your Odds and Chances of Winning a Jackpot

To be honest, your odds of winning a slot machine do not depend on how to find or play a good slot machine. They are pretty low, especially when the jackpot is concerned. The odds of winning the jackpot on most machines are as high as 1 in 47,000 and as low as 1 in 50 million. This does depend on the type of machine that you are playing on as well as the jackpot amount.

Progressive jackpots are harder to get but do have higher payouts.

Generally speaking, the higher the jackpot is the lower your chances of winning are. Normal odds for winning various payouts are usually between 4 and 6 percent, with penny slots having a slightly higher win ratio of 10 percent.

Don’t Play Free Slots: No Prizes!

The reason to play with real money is obvious; there is no chance of winning any money, let alone a jackpot if you aren’t playing with real money. A few years ago a man named Georgios won 9 million dollars on the Mega Moolah slot machine in Vegas, the year before that someone won 5 million on the same machine!

Deposits and Withdrawals: How They Work

If you know how do slot machines work in casinos considering the deposits, you can skip this paragraph. Most online or video slot machines use electronic payments as a method of deposit. This can be through a wire transfer, straight from your bank account, or using a credit card. When you want to withdraw money all you have to do is click the withdrawal or cash out button to have the money transferred to the bank account of your choosing.

The withdrawal methods will be the same as those used to deposit money, however, be aware that there is usually a minimum limit on withdrawals.

Payouts and Paybacks for You

Payouts are more common on video slots than on reel slots. The highest payout rates are in Las Vegas where there is about a 95 percent payout rate and some machines have even been known to payout more than that; if you play slots then Nevada is the place to go.

However, the chances of winning a jackpot are astronomically low, even with a 95 percent payback rate, which means you lose 5 cents for every dollar. Don’t worry about the jackpot though because the rate of payback that comes out of the jackpot is lower than 0.2 percent (for most machines), however, a selecting such as Megabucks can go up to 10 percent.

How to Use Strategies to Play Slot Machines

The only strategy that we can provide is to always bet the maximum amount because that is the only way to win jackpots and to get some bonuses. Other than that there is nothing; most slots are completely random, and the combinations are generated by a randomized computer, therefore there is no strategy. It’s all luck and, thus, there is no real way to beat slot machines.

Slot’s Machine Myths

The jackpot change – many people will change machines after a large sum of money is paid out because they think it lowers their chances of winning again. This is false as modern slot machines are completely random.

Long time loser – people think that a machine that hasn’t paid out in a long time is bound to win soon. This is false because once again these machines are 100 percent random.

Payback percent – when casinos have many guests they lower the payback rate. Once again this is false because machines come with preset payout rates.

The fact is that slots are all based on luck and are completely random!

Use these myths to know more about slot machines and how to play them.

The Most Popular Games

The 4 games listed below are by far the most popular online slots right now and they also have a lot of winners too!

Wizard of Oz – The Wizard of Oz is generally a video slot machine that has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. These games are popular and have good gameplay. One of the special bonuses is the “Glinda Good Witch Feature” which will replace several symbols with wild symbols. The chances of winning this game are fairly high, but payouts are generally pretty low.

House of Fun – This is a popular game with many people. It has 5 reels and 30 pay lines, with bets ranging from 2 cents to one dollar. You can bet on 1 line or a maximum of 5, and max payout is 4,500 credits. One of the drawbacks of this game is that there are infrequent bonuses.

Quick Hit – These slots have a standard 5 by 3 layout and have a standard 30 line payout. Quick hits have many bonuses such as multipliers, wild symbols, and scatter symbols that make them fairly popular. The average payout rate is around 90 percent for these machines.

Wheel of Fortune – Wheel of Fortune is perhaps the most popular of all slot games. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, with a max payout of 8,000 coins. You can bet anything from 1 cent to 10 dollars, and you can activate up to 20 pay lines. Wheel of Fortune has several bonuses that give you free spins or wild symbols as well. In order to win the jackpot you must bet the maximum amount.

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