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Slotozilla is a multilingual platform that offers informational and entertainment services dedicated to online casinos. Constantly developing, the Slotozilla team strives to provide useful, accurate and reliable information that covers all aspects of the gambling industry.

Area of Expertise

Casino reviews
Our platform helps users make informed decisions based on our comprehensive and insightful descriptions of various online casinos. We especially pay attention to bonus offers, loyalty programs and security measures.
Games are the heart of Slotozilla. We offer an extensive catalogue with thousands of slots from reliable providers. Thanks to the convenient categorisation of themes and features, there are games to suit any taste and mood. Additional benefits, such as the opportunity for free game demonstrations and detailed descriptions of all functions, can help you decide on real money play.
In our catalogue, you can find many bonus types from popular online casinos, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, cashback and other promotions. Also, on our website, exclusive bonuses are available solely for our Slotozilla users, offered by different casinos.
Payment methods
The Slotozilla team focuses on payment methods as they are an important part of the process. We have detailed reviews of deposit and withdrawal methods available in online casinos. We consider various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. It allows users to choose the casino with the most suitable payment methods.

History and Development

Slotozilla was founded in 2013 and, since then, has made a significant contribution to the online casino entertainment field. Our path was exciting and full of changes, allowing us to become a key participant in this industry.


At the beginning of our journey, our area of expertise revolved around slot machines and our coverage was limited to a few regions. After a while, we successfully expanded our horizons and are working in 11 key regions worldwide. We are still achieving progress and aiming for future development. Our goal is to add 5 new regions to our localisation every year, continuing to expand and cater to a worldwide audience.


During the project’s existence, Slotozilla experienced fascinating growth. Since the launch of our site, the number of visitors has increased substantially. With pride, we admit that only in the last year we have earned the trust of more than a million users. We’re fulfilling our goal by providing quality and valuable content for our audience.

Slotozilla Mission

Our mission is to become a reliable partner for all gambling enthusiasts. We want to provide users with the most useful and relevant casino reviews, bonuses and games. Additionally, we offer quality support and help with all questions concerning online gambling.

Slotozilla Goals

We strive to become a leading international online casino review site. For this, we continuously develop our platform and expand our reach by adding new regions and partners. We aim to become a platform that follows trends and changes in the industry and actively impacts their creation.

Slotozilla Values

Content quality Content quality Slotozilla offers only high-quality reviews, as well as recommendations from experts. By implementing new technologies and functions, we improve our product and satisfy the needs of our users.
Reliability Reliability Being a reliable partner for all casino game fans, we guarantee our visitors the security and protection of their data.
Community Community We aim to create a community of gambling enthusiasts where they can communicate, share their experiences and find new friends.
Responsibility Responsibility Our team provides information and warns players about possible gambling risks while urging them to play responsibly.
Innovations Innovations We constantly develop and integrate new features to improve our product, ensuring a seamless experience for Australian players.
Legality Legality This means adhering to all laws and regulatory acts related to casino games. It includes following the rules regarding players’ age, taking measures to prevent fraud and other offences, and regulating gambling activity.


The Slotozilla team has more than 50 professional experts in the gambling industry. This includes experienced content specialists, creative marketers and skilled programmers. Each team member works hard to provide our users with relevant and useful information, creating a comfortable environment for the gaming experience.

We are actively searching for talented specialists who want to become experts and writers in our team. We are ready to consider your candidacy if you share our values and are willing to offer your knowledge and experience and contribute to the Slotozilla development.

Send your CV to our email: [email protected] or fill out the form below.

We evaluate every candidate and will contact you if your experience and skills align with our needs.

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