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Several top modern slot games have bonus features to make the game more exciting. These special features could significantly boost a player’s chance of seeing a big win. However, some games have better features than others, so it helps to know which games to look for. Our team of experts have tested and reviewed thousands of slots. On this page, we will let readers in on everything they should know about choosing slot machines with the best features. We’ll cover the details of slot features and everything from wild symbols to progressive jackpots. We’ll also fill you in on which slots have the best features. Read on for everything you need to know.

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What Are Slot Features?

Slot features serve 2 very specific functions in a game. They are a way to make the game a lot more entertaining. Slot features can also boost a player’s chance of winning a big payout. Some of the most common features you may come across with online slot machines are:

  • Wild symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Scatters
  • Free spins
  • Re-spins
  • Jackpot symbols
  • Avalanche reels/ cascading reels
  • Split symbols
  • Random triggers

All of these features are very straightforward. If you’re unfamiliar with them, you should review the slot game’s rules and pay tables to know what to expect and find ways to win.

Improve Basic Games With Slot Features

Slots are simple spins to win games. After a few rounds, players could get bored very easily. To prevent people from getting bored of these games, developers have added a range of special slot features. This makes the gameplay more interesting for plays and adds much excitement. Since many features in slots have guaranteed wins, players are on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see how much.

Types of Slot Features

Gamblers will see many different types of features among popular slot games. The more you play, the more different game features you’ll experience. Below are some of the most common features used in online slot machines.


The most common slot feature players encounter in online slot games is the wilds symbols. This symbol is generally used as a substitution symbol. However, if you connect 3 or more in a payline, it could also result in a big win. Wild symbols are usually based on the theme of the game. For example, in the popular slot game Starburst, the wild symbol is a multicoloured star.

Wild symbol features are used to help players create winning combinations. They can substitute any symbols in the game except specialty symbols (like scatters or other special feature symbols). This can be very beneficial to players if they are only 1 symbol away from having a winning payline. Wilds can also be used to create multiple paylines in one game.

For the most part, wild symbols are very straightforward. However, some modern slot machines online feature specialty features. Some of the other types include jumping wilds, diagonal wilds, walking wilds, sticky wilds, wild overlays, and multiplier wilds.


One of the most exciting features to come across while playing slot games is the scatter symbol. Scatters are symbols that usually register as some of the highest-paying symbols on the reels. Scatter symbols are great because they can appear anywhere on the board and reveal a win. In many games, a select number of scatter symbols on the board will trigger a bonus round. How many scatter symbols you need to land to activate the bonus feature will depend on the game. But, with most slots, it’s 3 or more.

It’s important to remember that the scatter feature will work differently in each game. Always read the game’s rules before you play to see how the scatter works. In some games, you could get a generous multiplier or trigger-free spins. However, in other games, it could trigger a jackpot win. There are also many games where the scatters activate a mini-bonus game where players have the opportunity to win big.

Progressive Jackpots

Many of our readers are interested in progressive jackpots. You can watch the progressive jackpot prize amount grow in real time. Every time the game is played, and the prize isn’t won, the prize amount increases. These games have a lower RTP than standard slots because a percentage of the wager goes into funding the jackpot prize.

More Special Symbols

As you become familiar with different slot games, you’ll notice a variety of specific symbols. There’s no limit on how many specific symbols will enter the world of online slots. This gives players something to look forward to when there are new releases. So, what kind of specific symbols can players expect? Some of the most common features include stacked symbols, sticky symbols, exploding symbols, and expanding symbols. However, this isn’t where the line of specific symbols ends.

Win Ways

One of the unique ways that slots have evolved is how the paylines work. In traditional slots, winning lines were formed from left to right. Winning lines could be formed horizontally or diagonally. The player bet on a set number of paylines, and if winning symbols connected from left to right on any of these lines, the player would win. This is most common in games like classic 3-reels and fruit slots.

Most slot machines online have changed how paylines are formed. There are more options now to find a fruit machine with all-way paylines. Games with this feature are more flexible on how paylines are formed. There will be multiple paylines, such as 243 Ways to Win. Many megaways and cluster pay games feature all-way paylines as well.

So, how can players tell if online fruit machines have one-way payline or all ways paylines? The best way to find out is to review the game’s information. Look at the rules and pay tables to see how many paylines the games feature. Classic games generally have fixed paylines that allow you to bet part payline. With all-way paylines, you will be per game and have a chance at one of many winning combinations.

Reel Features

Slots with reel features can boost your chance of winning a large payout. There are several types of slot reel features that are common in slot games. This includes:

  • Reel swap: Swap symbols between two reels on the board to create winning combinations.
  • Locked reels: Lock a reel in place for your next spin to increase your odds of winning again.
  • Reel hold: Choose a reel to keep in place for your next spin.
  • Wild reels: The entire reel will be a wild symbol for a chance to create more winning combinations.
  • Twin reels: Two adjacent reels holding the same symbol will be held for the next spin.
  • Expanding reels: A symbol on the reel stretches to reach more rows and create more winning opportunities.
  • Reel sync feature: When a reel is synchronised, 2 or more reels will display the same symbol.

If you’re interested in playing online slots with reel features, we suggest giving Twin Spin Megaways a try. This Twin Spin slot sequel has 6 reels and many opportunities to win big.

Win Boosters

When you play slots with win boosters, the game is a lot more exciting. Games that feature slots win boosters give players additional opportunities to win big payouts. There are many different ways that you could come across a win booster in a game, such as:

  • Multiplier symbols: Multiply your winning amount to receive a bigger payout.
  • Free spins round: Get a set number of free spins in the game.
  • Respins: Triggers more free spins.
  • Tumbling reels/ avalanche: Symbols on the board disappear, and new ones fall in their place for more chances to create a winning combination.

Bonus Rounds

One of our favourite slot bonus features is the free spins bonus round. Bonus rounds can be triggered in a slot game when certain symbols, such as scatters and other bonus symbols, are revealed on the board. These rounds make playing digital slots a lot more exciting. On top of that, they also set players up for bigger wins.

Bonus rounds can be classified into two fundamental categories: free spins and bonus games. The free spins round will reward the player with a set number of free spins. These rounds typically feature bigger payouts than regular gameplay and guarantee a win. The other type is the bonus game. This will be different in each slot game. One of the most popular games in the bonus round is where the player chooses an item to uncover and reveals a real-money prize.

How to Choose the Best Online Slots with Winning Features

There are thousands of different fruit machines to choose from. You might be wondering how you can choose slot machines with the best slots features. Let’s look at how we choose games with exciting slot features.

Read the Paytable

The best way to understand how a slot feature in the game works is to find the rules. Everything you need to know will be in the rules and pay table. This is how you can discover the different symbol payouts, the game’s RTP, and how to play. You can also learn about special features and how to trigger them.

Play in Demo Mode

Another efficient way to learn more about a fruit machine and slot feature bonus symbols is to test out the free demo version of the game. We recommend playing slots for free before you play for real money because you can get a real understanding of how the game plays out, the pace, and how the special features work. Demo games are the same as real money slot machine games. The only difference is that you don’t get to keep the prize.

Read Slot Reviews

One of the top tips from our casino experts is to read slot reviews before you play. You can learn a lot of key information about the game and its features through honest reviews. Our team will always keep you up to date with real reviews on the most popular games in Australia.

Favourite Developer

As you become familiar with slot games, you’ll likely notice that many of your favourite games come from the same developer. Choosing a slot based on the developer is a good move because there are certain mechanics the developer uses to make their games different. The best developers use graphics styles and special features that satisfy their fans.

Slot Features - FAQs

What are the best features of online slot?

Every player will have specific features they enjoy the most. We believe the best features are the ones that increase the player’s potential for a big win, such as multiplier symbols, expanding wilds, or the progressive jackpot.

Which are the best slots with features to play?

The best slot will depend on your favourite features. One of the most popular slots among our readers is Gonzo’s Quest Megaways. This game features an avalanche round where players could have multiple chances to win large payouts.

How can slot machine features help you win?

Slot machine features are designed to help players win bigger amounts. In regular games, the player has the potential to win limited amounts. When they trigger a special feature or bonus game, it sets them up to win higher-paying prizes.

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