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Want to take your online casino experience to new heights? Look no further than themed slots! We’ve put together a guide to the most popular slot themes and recommended games. Journey to ancient Egypt, explore deep space or saddle up in the Wild West – there’s a slot theme for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to spin the reels and immerse yourself in the exciting world of themed slots!

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What Are Themed Slots?

In Australia, themed slots are a popular category of online casino games that revolve around a particular subject. They take the basic idea of traditional slots and elevate them by incorporating a wide variety of immersive and fun themes. Maybe you’re a movie buff, a sports fanatic or a music lover? Perhaps you enjoy sci-fi, ancient history or fantasy? With such a huge range of pokie machine themes available, you’re bound to find a game to match your interests. From ancient legends to modern blockbusters and cuddly animals to scary zombies, themed slots offer an exciting gaming experience.

The theme is integrated into every aspect of the game, including the name, graphics, sounds, symbols and bonus features. As themed games have gained popularity over the years, they have become an essential part of Australian online casinos. With a continually expanding range to choose from, they offer a diverse selection of options to keep you spinning.

Why Do People Play Themed Slots?

There are many reasons why Aussies play themed slots. As well as being entertaining and convenient, they also offer the chance to win big. The main reason, though, is because the theme and game is something that interests them. Online pokies often have a dedicated fanbase, with players returning to their favourite games repeatedly. This loyalty could be due to the love for the theme, a particular character or storyline, or because they enjoy the gameplay. By tapping into people’s interests and hobbies, game developers are able to create an even greater casino experience for players.

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How to Choose Your Themed Slot

Choosing a slot may seem daunting, given the sheer variety of themes available. It doesn’t need to be a tricky decision, though, as it is about finding something that appeals to you personally. Think about what you like. What are your personal interests and hobbies? What are your favourite books, movies or TV shows?

If you like horror, then a slot like Bloodsuckers or Immortal Romance might be for you. If you enjoy comics, then Jack Hammer or Thundercats is more to your liking. If you’re still struggling, read on to learn about the most popular themes and games!

With so many slot themes to play, we’ve done the hard work for you and listed some of the most popular ones in our opinion. These slot themes include fruit, adventure, animals, video games and many others.

Fruit Slots

When you think about slot machines, cherries, lemons, plums and watermelons are likely to spring to mind. Having been used since the early days of physical slot machines, the use of fruit remains popular and is still used today in many classic and modern online slots. Combining nostalgia and tradition with a simple and straightforward gameplay, they feature symbols of various fruits on the spinning reels. Despite their classic theme, these games can offer exciting payouts and often have progressive jackpots for certain symbol combinations.


Adventure-themed games take you on a thrilling journey across land, sea and sky. They cover a wide range of topics, from ancient civilisations and mythical creatures to pirates and explorers. Think Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft, sprinkled with a bit of Dr Smolder Bravestone and Jack Sparrow! With adventure-inspired graphics, animations and sounds, alongside special features such as bonus rounds, such slots are a popular choice if you enjoy the thrill of discovering something new.


If you enjoy the beauty and diversity of wildlife, then animal slots might be the right theme for you! These online slots feature various types of animals as the main symbols and characters in the game. They often feel fun and lively and use bright, colourful graphics and sounds from the animal kingdom. From the cute and cuddly to the fierce and dangerous, every animal imaginable is available in slot form in one way or another. Whether it’s the African savannah, the Australian outback or the Arctic tundra, why not give animal-themed slots a go?

Video Games

If you’re a fan of Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario or Lara Croft, you’ll enjoy video-themed slot games. These slots appeal to fans of video games and often feature characters, symbols, settings and sounds taken from the video game. What’s more, any bonus rounds are likely to include elements from the video game, such as boss battles or treasure hunts. If this sounds interesting, try them out – video game-themed slots are a great way to experience your favourite video games in a different format.

Music Slots

Whether you’re into rock, disco or country, music-themed slots are great for music lovers. These slots feature music-related symbols such as guitars, drums and microphones, as well as popular musicians and bands. They also have soundtracks featuring the same musicians or bands, so you can headbang to the sound of Motorhead whilst spinning the reels! Bonus features include free spins, multipliers and pick-and-click games, with some also offering progressive jackpots. Check out some of our favourite music-themed games below.


Want to explore the world from the comfort of your couch? Fancy travelling to Beijing, Dublin, Los Angeles, Paris or even Wild West all in the same afternoon? Then country-themed online slots are for you! These slot games transport you to different parts of the world, allowing you to experience the unique features and characteristics of that country. Whether it’s dragons and lanterns in China, leprechauns and shamrocks in Ireland or sombreros and pinatas in Mexico, these slots use symbols, music and graphics that represent the culture, history and landmarks of the country.


The ancient Egyptian civilization and culture is one of the most popular slot themes. These online slots transport you back to the land of the pharaohs, with famous figures from Egyptian history, such as Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Ramses and Nefertiti, often forming the basis for the theme. These slot games often have a mysterious and exotic feel to them, with symbols, characters and settings inspired by ancient Egypt. So expect to see plenty of pharaohs, pyramids, scarabs and hieroglyphics spinning on the reels as you explore the pyramids to uncover hidden treasure.


If you enjoy fantasy fiction and the idea of fighting dragons or exploring enchanted forests, then fantasy-themed games will be for you. The theme is inspired by mythical creatures, magical worlds and epic adventures – think Harry Potter, the Lord Of The Rings and The Chronicles Of Narnia. These games feature a range of fantasy symbols and characters, along with soundtracks of equally epic proportions, to help transport you to another world filled with imagination and wonder. So whether you like griffins and unicorns, knights and princesses or spells and potions, you’ll feel at home with a fantasy-themed slot.


History-themed slots are inspired by events, people or periods from the past. Some of the most popular are based on ancient civilisations and periods of time like Greece, Rome, the Vikings and the Wild West. You’re likely to come across famous people from days gone by, such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and King Arthur, as well as Gods like Zeus, Thor and Athena. These games feature symbols, graphics and characters associated with history and provide a fun way for you to learn about historical events and periods while enjoying online gambling.

Holiday Slots

Holiday slot themes are centred around festive seasons such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. They feature related symbols, such as Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, pumpkins and love hearts, and are complemented by holiday-themed soundtracks and animations. During the elusive bonus rounds, you’re likely to encounter features such as free spins, multipliers and pick-and-win, such as choosing Christmas presents to open. So whatever time of year it is, holiday-themed games offer an immersive and festive gaming experience that can help you get into the holiday spirit while potentially winning big.

Jewels & Gems

Within the online slot world, you’d be hard-pushed to encounter a game that doesn’t feature dazzling jewels and glimmering gems. These slots tend to be easy to understand and enjoyable to play, with players aiming to match a sparkling array of precious stones on the reels. Featuring twinkling music and symbols adorned with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, these colourful slots are often considered more relaxing to play than some of the other themes. Here are some of our top picks for the jewel and gem theme.

Money Slots

When it comes to online slots, is there anything more visually appealing than seeing bags of cash, gold bars and coins all over your screen? No, we don’t think so either! Money-themed slots are games that are associated with wealth and luxury. As well as cash and coins, symbols may also include watches, cars, yachts and mansions to symbolise wealth. A popular sub-theme of money slots are games where you’re required to crack open vaults or break into banks, but please, don’t do this in real life!

Sports Slots

Sports slots incorporate various popular sports as the main theme, such as football, cricket, rugby, darts, horse racing or golf. These games offer an exciting gaming experience that captures the thrill of real sports for fans. The symbols on the reels feature popular athletes, equipment and stadiums associated with the sport, while the bonus rounds mimic aspects of the sport or allow players to compete in virtual games. These slots are a great way for sports enthusiasts to combine their love of sports with the experience of online gaming.

Travel Slots

If you like travelling and seeing the world, then travel-themed slots will be for you. These slots evoke a sense of adventure and exploration as you virtually visit different destinations and experience new cultures. You’re likely to see imagery and symbols of famous landmarks such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Wall of China, or different modes of transport such as cars, aeroplanes, trains, hot air balloons, yachts and cruise ships. Whatever the destination, these travel-themed games will help take you around the world from the comfort of your home.

Vegas Slots

Do you want to relive your wild trip to Sin City? Have you not visited before but are keen to get a taste of what Vegas is like? Then Vegas-themed slots are for you! These online slots replicate the excitement and glamour of the Las Vegas casino experience. Featuring bright lights, glitzy graphics and symbols such as playing cards, dice, slot machines and the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Check out some of our top picks below.

Branded Slot Themes - FAQs

Is it possible to play themed slots for real money?

Yes, it is possible to play themed slot machines for real money. Most online casinos offer many slot themes as part of their real money games, giving players a chance to win big while enjoying their favourite themes.

Is there a strategy to play and win using themed slots?

Online slots are random, so there’s no strategy to guarantee a win. However, choosing a game to play with a high RTP and low volatility can increase your chances, whilst choosing an interesting theme can maximise your enjoyment.

What makes themed slots so popular?

Themed slots are popular because they appeal to a wide variety of interests. With graphics, sounds and images all linked to the theme, they enhance the gameplay based on any topic that interests you.

How do you play themed slots with the wheels?

Wheel of Fortune slots feature three reels and a large wheel above the machine. Bonus games are triggered with three or more spin symbols and give you the chance to win large prizes and multipliers.

Why are themed slots good to play?

Slots with a theme offer an immersive and entertaining experience by incorporating popular themes from movies, TV shows and other aspects of popular culture. They provide the opportunity to win big and trigger bonus features, whilst enjoying a game that aligns to your interests.

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