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As the name suggests, “Avalon slots online” are slot machine games that mainly feature characters surrounding the King Arthurian tale. UK gamers, in particular, will identify with the character of King Arthur as well as others such as Camelot, The Lady of The Lake and even the Excalibur. Avalon slots mainly come with 20 paylines and five reels, but you may find some that have up to 50 paylines to offer you more winning combinations.

Usually, what makes this theme so interesting is, perhaps, the fact that it isn’t easy to predict the next stage of the game, especially when you are still new to the game. You are left with an air of shrouded suspense with every spin to keep things exciting at every turn. This, perhaps, best explains why this theme is one of the most popular among players in the United Kingdom. Are you ready to find out more about this legendary English theme? Here we go!

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Avalon Themed Slots Online Developers

Avalon slots have a far-reaching fan base because plenty of players enjoy mystery and suspense plus a cool tale of the medieval times. There are plenty of gaming software providers in the industry such as Wager Works, Quickspin and Microgaming offering titles surrounding this thematic concept.

However, among all these providers, Avalon slots from Microgaming have been so uniquely thought out. Microgaming is currently lauded for its exceptional work in titles like Avalon 1 and Avalon 2, The Treasure of Camelot and Xcalibur. On the other hand, you will have a great time as well if you play free Avalon slots like Mighty Arthur from Quickspin and King Arthur from Wager Works.

In-Game Features

The features of the titles under the Avalon slots online theme may vary slightly from one game to another. In this section, we are going to break down the aspects that you should expect once you take on any of the hits.

  • Graphical Interface. As you might expect, the graphics of this theme are focused mainly on murky colours to depict a powerful ambience around the legendary characters with a dash of gold for the regal status of King Arthur. The background colour is usually a mix of blue, green and smokey grey with the graphics designed to have a medieval touch. Earlier titles such as Avalon 1 from Microgaming will have a rather mundane feel while the more modern ones like Avalon 2 sequel from the same provider will come with some cool 3D effects.
  • Storyline. For a slot machine game to have an entertainment factor, there has to be a unique story behind it. Well, Avalon slots online will have a storyline that follows the medieval legend of King Arthur. Avalon is the place where the game is set up, and as the legend claims, it is the place where the Excalibur – King Arthur’s sword, was forged. This is also the location where he (King Arthur) was taken for recover after getting incapacitated in the battle of Camlann. The Camelot castle and court which depicted his prosperity and the beauty of his kingdom is also a significant part of this tale, and you will find it in most of the titles surrounding this epic theme.
  • Symbols Offered. There are a variety of symbols that are generally used to make the slots under this theme more realistic in the eyes of the gamer. They serve to support the background storyline of Avalon slots and are extracted from the actual characters of the Arthurian legend.  The most significant and high paying symbols that you will find here apart from King Arthur, Camelot and the Excalibur include the Holy Grail and the Lady of Lake, Lady Guinevere Morgan Le Fey, Merlin, A Dragon, Mystical Books and Shields. You may also encounter some treasure icons in the game.Apart from the icons named above, you will also find the usual standard card symbols starting from the 10 to the King, Queen, Ace and the Joker which are usually the low paying icons. To effortlessly blend these card symbols into the Avalon slots online, you will find that they are crafted in gothic font style.
  • Soundtrack. The soundtrack for this theme is usually filled with vintage songs that seem to take you back to the olden days setting in which the game is built upon. Moreover, the songs that you will find here are closely associated with power, suspense, danger and a lot of drama. However, in some titles like the Avalon 2 game, the soundtrack tends to be more modernised so that the new age gamers can easily relate to it. This brings a fine eclectic mix into the theme as you will get a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ kind of feeling as you spin the reels.

Bonus Features

To sweeten the deal for players, Avalon slots online usually come with plenty of in-game extras. These bonus features are activated by a specific arrangement of wild and scatter icons and expanding wilds may even make things juicier for you if they are available. Some of the main extras that you will encounter in the associated titles include;

  • Free Spins. You will find a free spins feature that is triggered by the wild symbols comes in handy to help you earn more as you play. In the Avalon 1 and two titles, for instance, The Lady of the Lake is a most important symbol regarding claiming your extra spins. When you get three Lady of the Lake scatter symbols, you are assured of 12 free spins. These free spins can further be reactivated by gathering an additional three scatter symbols. The free spins feature can also be utilised using the treasure chest symbol and the Avalon symbol. They can be used to multiply your winnings significantly if used properly.
  • Multipliers. The game multipliers are a remarkable feature enjoyed by plenty of gamers in the UK as they mean more winnings. Depending on the game, a specific arrangement of the icons will earn you a chance to double or even quadruple your payout. And if you are lucky enough, you may earn hundreds of thousands of multiplayer values to boost your initial wager for a substantial win. For instance, in the King Arthur slot machine game from WagerWorks, there’s a Camelot bonus feature that could earn you up to 1,600x your wager per line.
  • Jackpots. When it comes to the jackpot feature, not all the titles come with them. If you are looking for an Avalon themed slot machine jackpot, you will have to be a little picky on the title that you want to play. In fact, most of them come with non-progressive jackpots which can be substantial depending on your initial wager. In the Mighty Arthur game from Quickspin, the non-progressive jackpot is as high as 150 coins while the King Arthur hit from iSOftBet offers a cool 5,000-coin jackpot reward for those who will manage to land on the right combination of symbols.

Where to Play Avalon Slots Online

If you want to play free Avalon slots or enjoy the titles for real money, there are several great sites where you can indulge yourself. Some of the finest online casinos where you can get started with the best online casino slots today include:

  • Play OJO Casino
  • Rizk Casino
  • SpinIt
  • All Slots Casino
  • Slotty Vegas

Once you are signed up, you can either spend your real money or play free Avalon slots such as Avalon 1&2, Mighty Arthur, King Arthur, Xcalibur and Riches of Camelot. And remember, when you sign up for gaming at these sites, make sure you opt-in of the great welcome offers so that you can start off your sessions with some great rewards at hand from your first deposit. And from our research, there are plenty of recurrent bonuses available at these sites for the players who will keep going back to the lobby.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of epic and medieval films or even literature, then there’s a high chance that you will find the Avalon slots online quite interesting. The in-game features that constitute the mysterious graphical features coupled with the captivating soundtracks will take you deep into the game from your first spin. In fact, the 3D effects from hits such as Avalon 2 will make things more enthralling for you.

While having fun, make sure that you master the meaning of the different symbols so that you can plan an effective gambling strategy. Are you ready to start the adventure of King Arthur and conquer the lobby? Well, we have already recommended some of the best sites where you can get started. The ball is now in your court!

Do you have any interesting slot machine themes that you would like us to cover next? If so, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment right here. Happy spinning!

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