War Slots

Many online games have a theme of fighting and shooting, looking quite destructive and aggressive. Players have to seek and destroy, being after a specific enemy or evil thing, or either they shoot at anything that’s moving on the screen, which may seem a disturbing activity. The War slots you can find on this page are different, however – they are not destructive, but creative instead, because you create winning combinations, even if there is some kind of struggle involved.

24 slots

The War theme is usually expressed through the symbols on the reels that don’t make players stay focused on fighting or destroying something – just matching the symbols and winning money. It is like playing with a box of soldiers, even if you choose free slots that don’t offer money winnings. The War-themed slots often have purely entertaining features like wilds, free spins or bonus games to play of the “click me”, not “kill someone” type. Such a game can be related to historical and legendary events, heroes and things – like gladiators, Braveheart, the Highlander or treasures of Troy, or it may also have futuristic and fantasy symbols. Enjoy playing and good luck!

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