What Do You Mean by Gamification in Online Casinos?

What is gamification
At present, gamification is a hot subject everyone is talking about. Moreover, every organization is trying to decipher how they can well-utilize it. Basically, gamification is nothing but using game design judgments in non-gaming sectors and businesses to perk up the user engagement. It is much more than playing games actually. In simple words, it is about applying game-thinking and mechanisms to non-game applications and contents to find a solution (of a problem).

It is seen and also proven in research that gamification certainly has some benefits for us. According to research, gamification has had positive results on individuals. Game design is not only involved in online casinos to improve the user involvement but also in other trades. For example:

  •         Work
  •         Education
  •         Marketing
  •         Human Resource
  •         Crowdsourcing

There are so many businesses using game design to boost their outcomes, but here we are just going to concentrate on gamification in online casinos and how it works.

Designing Aspects

No gamification comes into existence, without some nice designing concepts and a well-heeled background story. All the online casinos that employ this theory in their sites have all these elements. For example, casino sites like ask their high-roller gamblers to create their own casino avatar (character) and then enters the metro-city to commence on their casino quest.

This continuous quest lures the players and keeps them yearning for more of it. This makes them return to the casino site again and again. In the Rizk casino, players also have a goal – to play to level up to reach to the . Spinning this wheel brings the scope to win some real prizes. This is found to be really engaging.

Scoreboard: Who’s Leading It?

Leaderboard in Rizk casino

There is nothing special about having a score or leaderboard, but it is fun and exciting to see what is going on it. Some casinos run tournaments, events, and promotions where they reward the best gamblers. The basic idea of such tournaments is just to make the gamblers play as much as possible within the tournament time-period. There might be some specific games that have to be played during this time.

holds Risk races every day where players need to play (complete the given number of spins) within the allotted time. One who leads the scoreboard gets rewards which are generally free spins however without any wagering requirements.

In 2015, launched the “Battle of Slots” that got popular among the players instantly. Here players used to plays live against others. It’s like poker tournaments just using slots in place of cards. Once players achieve the given number of spins or the time frame ends (whichever happens before) the tournament comes to an end.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs and points are nothing new in online casinos. More a player plays, more LP he gets. Getting more points means bigger rewards. That’s a simple game rule! Though the most recent online casinos may name it differently, they basically work in the same fashion. Well, High-Roller casino, however, has added its own unique touch to it. Instead of collecting loyalty points, here players are playing and collecting coins. Guess what, one can also loot from some coins from other players. Better take good care of your coins!

To Conclude

You already know by now that gamification in online casinos is a technique primarily used to brace the users’ engagement. Putting it into simple words, the main idea is to make the gamblers to play longer at the casino and to make them return to the site again and again for more of the gaming experience. There are more boons of gamification that you can surely enjoy besides engaging your users!


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