Best Cashback Casino Offers

Hello there, it’s good to have you here. Whether you are a novice or “green” casino player, it is important to know that casinos normally use bonuses and promotions to entice customers to come back to their sites as many times as possible. While there are different types of deals, you can get from the casino you choose. Today we are going to be focusing on top cashback offers.

Gone are the days when you were placing wagers, and when you lose, nobody cares. I tell you what, these days, you can gamble and get a chance to cushion your losses because of constant online casino cashback offers. So, you know what? Gamble as much as you like and count your blessings at the end! Again, if lady luck doesn’t come knocking on your door over the first round, the second time could be the charm after you get your money back!


What Is a Casino Cashback Bonus?

If the word “cashback” is somewhat new to you, don’t worry, I will shed some light on it.

The term “cashback” isn’t an innovation of the gambling industry: many banks provide such a service to bank cardholders who pay with cards. This is a good incentive for customers to use these cards more often. Cashback bonuses in online casinos work on a similar principle.

2 what is cashback

Cashback bonuses represent a certain percentage return of the total amount of bets or money lost by a player for a certain period of time. The cashback bonus is credited to the player in his account either automatically or after fulfilling certain conditions for receiving it.

Promotions with best Cashback offers refer to getting a fat cash back after having made a deposit and lost your funds. Most of the time you get between 5% and 10% of your net loss.

So what is a net loss? If you deposited $10 and won $10, you now have $20, right? Then you bet again and lost the whole $20; your net loss is $10. But if you end up with only $5, your net loss is only $5.

Why is this important? The net loss is the basis for how much capital you get back as cashback. 10% of $10 is $1, so the casino gives you $1 back.

When Do the Casinos Give This Bonus?

In most cases, there is a weekly cut-off period. Your net loss is calculated during this period and you are then paid out usually three days after that. For casinos that do this weekly, the promotion is called constant cashback.

Casino Cashback is typically a refund in the bonus or cash money that you get into your playing account after you have lost some cash while betting. Sounds good, right? In most cases, the kind of bonus will be calculated as a percentage of your net loss.

There is nothing much to lose with this kind of deal because you will be getting some of the money that you already used to place wagers. To get a better idea of what this deal is all about, check out various cashback bonuses that different casinos offer.


It is important to understand that cashback is not a way to get rich or make money at online casinos. It’s a way to hedge your bankroll and give it a little recovery in the event of a loss. Getting cashback is always nice, especially when it is automatically withdrawn and not subject to wagering requirements. How nice it is when you get a certain percentage of the money back into your account after an unsuccessful gaming session / week!

As you can see, these bonuses are meant to expand the gameplay of the user. So they’re perfect for those who don’t want to make deposits but want to expand gameplay and bankroll at the same time.

Like many other baits to attract more customers, cashback bonuses have been put online by land-based casinos. Land-based casinos usually present their rewards to players in the form of “bonus points” that users can spend on improvements to food, service and accommodation, etc.

The Size of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Now let’s discuss what the difference is between a casino cashback bonus and a reward! Many people seem to confuse these two notions! Have you ever seen an advertisement where they give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit? Is it a cashback or a reward? If you don’t already know, let me help you out!

The size of the cashback depends directly on the player’s activity, which manifests itself in a given time frame. In other words, the player does not have to make a deposit to get the percentage of the funds that have been lost. A certain amount of money from the deposit having been made earlier is credited to the balance. This may depend on how loose and / or how many bets were made in total in a given period. This is unlike other bonuses, when the player must later regain them by placing bets after receiving them.


Varieties of Cashback Bonuses at Online Casinos

  • Welcome 100% match bonus of the first deposit, max. $200 is a common cashback bonus.
  • Reload Bonus is another popular cash back offer, which typically would be 10% of your deposits made per month, max. is also $200. Some online casinos offer reload cashbacks on particular days. Such bonus is typically 20% of the deposit you made on, for example, Wednesdays subjest to a max. of $50.
  • Weekly cashbacks are usually 20 % of your losses during the week subject to a max. of $100.
  • Cashback on total bets – this is one of the most attractive cashback bonuses. With this offer it doesn’t matter whether you lose or win. Here you’ll get casino cashback on the total amount of money you wagered in the particular period. Usually it will be a 25% cashback bonus.

Online Casinos with Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonus is pretty popular with some online players. Even so, you cannot get it at any online casino. I have checked various online casinos that offer cashback and found that most of them use cashback as a bonus or as part of a promotion.

That said, Cashback is not used all the time on every deposit, only when you make a deposit during certain periods of time (during the promotional period).

There are many casinos that offer temporary cash back bonuses during the promotional period.
(Goldman Casino, Fun Casino, Vegas Hero Casino, NetBet Casino or others), but there are quite a few that have a permanent cashback. The best known is No Bonus Casino. Let’s now look into some of the best cashback casinos with a permanent cashback bonus which are available today:

Dublinbet Casino

From time to time, Dublinbet casino announces a cashback bonus on its promotions page. This is usually a part of the perks that VIP members get. Players eligible for this type of royal bonus can get up to 20% weekly cashback bonus.

dublinbet casino bonuses logo

During the offer day, you can receive the bonus for your play between 00:00- 23:59 CET. The payments that reflect in your casino account at this time will be based on real money winnings as well as losses collectively, i.e. bets – wins, during the qualifying periods. £5 is the minimum bonus payment, while the maximum bonus based on the losses and wins will be 10%, up to £50.

Wagering requirements for this bonus are x30, and you need to use the cash up within two days otherwise the bonus expires.

21Prive Casino

Playing at 21Prive Casino opens a word of a variety of promotions you can take advantage of. Just like being a member of other top-notch casinos out there, loyal members get treated to extra rewards and promotions to enjoy a better time on the site.

21prive casino

The most valuable customers on 21Prive have the option of choosing between a rewarding bonus program, or a VIP cash back option that provides up to 20% on all the money that you deposit.

Sloto’Cash Casino

On Mondays through to Wednesday, Sloto’ Cash Casino gives you a chance to take advantage of a 25% instant cashback deal on the deposits you make. The rest of the week gives you a better deal of 35% instant cashback.


To get the cash back, your account needs to read zero, i.e. you need to have no balance to participate in this deal. The instant cashback may also be requested via the live chat not later than 48 hours after a busted deposit. After you wager it x10, you are welcome to cash out all your wings as there is no max cash out limit.

Trada Casino

Trada Casino, whose motto is “FUN. FAST. FAIR”, is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and it’s among the best online casinos you can ever play in out there.

Trada Casino logo

They offer sweet bonuses, a wide variety of games and also an intuitive, user-friendly interface. If you play at Trada Casino and fail to get as lucky as you expected to be, they will take care of you with their lucrative cashback up to 25% on your losses. So, you can get a cool 25% refund of your money! So, hell yeah! Start betting and if you’re out of luck, take another chance to get another shot!

Of course, you need to get familiar with all the terms and conditions to understand all the nuances. You can get all needed information in 2 clicks:

No Bonus Casino

Hey guys, I know the name “No Bonus” is kind of freaking you out right now, and you are wondering whether the casino has some goodies for you. So, from the look of things,the platform name seems to be a fun paradox that adds flavor to the brand.

They have actually some incentive bonuses and great player promotions.

Nobonus Casino logo

For example, if you play their video slot Asgardian Stones , full of action, you will get 50% cashback up to £ 40. The conditions for receiving the offer are very specific. First of all, you need to receive an email notification to enter the raffle and take part in this draw. And you can only be contacted if you are a regular player. Therefore this cashback will not be paid out if you are not an active casino member.

However, there’s always a permanent 10% cashback reward to all registered players at No Bonus Casino, you have to read terms and conditions which are available in one click:

NoBonus Cashback

BoaBoa Casino

If you are looking for a casino that can double your bankroll into huge winnings, you should check out Boa Boa Casino. They have developed a beautiful and easy-to-use interface at a reasonable price. One look at the lobby and you will end up amazed at the rich collection of their games.

Don’t even get me started on the number of promotions they have for players. It is truly a house where you can play as much as you like with much less risk.

boaboa casino logo

Enjoy a 15% cashback deal every week with up to 3,000 EUR in rewards and a daily 10% cashback at the live dealer with up to 150 EUR on offer. Aside from these cute deals, there is a 50% weekend reload bonus up to £ 700 and a 50 free spins weekly reload bonus. You are definitely missing out on a lot if you are not a member of the platform.

Terms and conditions of cashback bonus in 2 clicks.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Rewards are usually presented to those players who have some achievements, such as becoming VIP customers. This means that you have to spend more money to get more rewards.

In some cases, the casino offers a 100% sign-up bonus. If you deposit $100, you won’t get $100 but $200 if you play for real money.

But hey, it comes according to certain rules!
1 Component

Almost all bonus rewards are subject to wagering requirements. This means that you have to meet some requirements set out in the game rules and conditions before you can withdraw your winnings. Some casinos even set a maximum stake from the bonuses received, so that they don’t lose much in case of your big win!

Sometimes, you are rewarded with free spins bonus when you sign up or when you play certain slots. These free spins also come with terms and conditions for receiving them, so it’s best to read them before you claim your bonus.

Cashback bonuses also have their terms and conditions. We always advise you to read about them to know what to expect.

3 what is reward

Cashback terms and conditions

And now a very important point – be careful!

Players who expect cashback should understand that receiving this bonus (like any other) implies fulfilling special conditions.

The only condition that is the same for all casinos is that cashback is not paid if, as a result of the gaming session, your winnings exceeded the investment.

Also, as a rule, when calculating cashback, only deposits are taken into account for which no additional bonuses were received (the first deposit, respins, etc.).
Other conditions are different in different casinos. Carefully read the conditions under which you can get cashback!

For example, cashback can be awarded only in a certain set of games. If you have made a deposit and lost, playing different slots, then, in the end, the cashback will be credited only to the amount that you put in cash back games.

Another situation: a cashback of 20% is charged only with a minimal deposit of $100. If during the gaming session you made different amounts of deposits, $100, $80, $30, $200, $150, $50, then in the end, you will receive: (100 + 200 + 150) * 0.2 = $90 . Although, if you made amounts above $100, you would end up with a cashback of $122 under the same conditions!

That’s why it’s very important to read Terms and Conditions!


Shall we be upset if the casino doesn’t offer a cashback?

In conclusion, I would like to cheer up players who play online casinos without cashback! Consider the two main messages:

  1. Cashback is only a small compensation in case of loss. Do not change your favorite casinos to others, focusing on the fact that there is no cashback in your casino! Anyway, top players always set themselves the goal of winning, not losing.
  2. Carefully read the conditions, compare the risks/opportunities, compare all the bonuses of the casinos you like, and only then decide – which is more acceptable for you – rewards in the form of bonuses, cashback or maximum jackpots.


Cashback bonuses are a great deal for any player because they give you a second chance that can help you win the cash you want. Depending on the casino where you are playing, be sure to read through the terms and conditions of this particular deal to ensure you get the best out of this deal.

Free money is good, right? A cashback bonus usually has no wagering requirements. You can withdraw the money wherever you want, and if you win big with the cashback bonus, it’s all yours! But again, you need to read the terms and conditions first.

Win or lose, free money is always great, isn’t it? I would give much to get my hands on it!

So to sum up, my dear friend, cashback is the payment you get after a loss, and rewards are the ones you earn by playing or making deposits!

Get it? Try playing free slot games now and find out which casino sites offer their customers the best cashback bonuses and rewards!

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