Video Slots Types

Video slots are the most populated and expanding territory in the fruit machine world. They boast rich in bonus features, outstanding graphics, sound effects, special symbols and other naturally fun resources, abundant with entertainment and chances of winning. Even if you have never tried slots or other casino games before, you will enjoy visiting this wonderful country. You can do it at no risk – choose from the list below and play any of these for free!

The modern casino software guarantees you are safe here, and whatever your expectations are, there is a way to get exactly what you want. Each software company keeps searching for new themes and exciting things to introduce in another game that is fresh and cool, attractive and irresistible, so players will continue to run into pleasant surprises, free stuff and bonuses but will never run out of gaming fun.

Video slots are referred to as multiline wheels of fortune, having 5 to 30 paylines, but besides the great flexibility of betting options, they also allow the player to choose the number of lines to activate. With such an extensive list of the most popular and exciting Video slot games to choose from, you can try something different as often as you wish.

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Video slot machines are one of the newer game types offered by online casinos. Slot machines, in general, are one of the most popular games offered by casinos around the world, including the UK, and this extends to both online and land-based casinos.

Online video slots do a great job of showcasing the developments in technology and visuals, making the games more interesting to look at for players. However, video slots also bring a lot to the gameplay, making them some of the most fun that can be had in your casino of choice.

Video Slots – What Are They?

Whilst video slot machines usually feature an image of something identifiable as a slot machine on screen, they are quite different from the classic slot machines most of us are familiar with. Unlike traditional slot machines, they are not made of moving parts and do not need to obey the laws of physics. This creates a host of possibilities when it comes to visuals and gameplay.

Traditional or classic slot machines are known for having three reels and one pay line. It is common for both land-based and online video slots to feature five (or more) different reels and multiple different paylines – sometimes even as many as 100! This means that players have more chance to win and to win big.

Video Slot Machines – a Brief History

Video slot machines were first used in casinos in the ‘70s, with the first video slot machine known as Fortune Coin. Video Slot machines were treated with a great deal of scepticism at first, with many punters unsure about the fairness of the algorithm underpinning the game’s workings. However, over the years, marketing and developments in the technology have ensured that video slot machines are popular and trustworthy, enjoyed by many people around the globe.

Video slot machines can and are played in real life casinos and online. Whilst the theatre of a land-based casino is hard to beat, the convenience and choice offered by online casinos often make them the best.

What is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generators and refers to the technology that is behind most of the popular digital casino games, including video and classic slots. RNG uses a computer algorithm to determine the outcome of the game. Every spin is based on pure chance and neither the input from the player nor the results from the spins that came before will affect an individual spin.

What Are My Odds of Winning?

As explained previously, video slot machines have a high number of symbols per reel – sometimes as many as 100! Each symbol will have a specific payout when certain combinations are reached, with the higher paying symbols appearing less. By way of example, a game with 20 stops per reel, five reels and one jackpot symbol per reel would mean that your odds of taking home the jackpot would 1 in 3,2 million.

However, video slots usually allow you to play more than one line at a time, improving your odds depending on the number of lines you can play. As the difficulty of hitting the biggest prizes increases, so (too) does the size of those payouts. Video Slots also often come with progressive jackpots, making them more tempting.

The Difference Between Three and Five Reel Slot Machines

Classic slot machines make use of three spinning reels, whereas video slots make use of five or even more. Whilst the obvious difference between these is the literal number of reels, this will obviously also affect the number of symbols in your game. Given that classic three-reel slots have fewer symbols, you would think they would be easier to win, right? This is actually not true.

Classic slot machines weight both their symbols and their reels, to the point, that the two games have virtually identical odds of bringing you the jackpot. Choosing between the two, therefore, really depends on what you find the most fun.

Special Features

If you are used to classic slots, video slots will be a fun learning experience for you, with the special features packed into these games. As each video slot will have its own peculiar set of features, it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the game first by accessing the paytable if you’re playing the game at a live casino or from the game rules screen on your online casino.

Some of the most popular special features are:

  • Wilds – The symbols on a particular wheel no longer correlate with what you see, giving you the chance of winning several times across several pay lines. Basically, the reel that has gone “wild” has a collection of jokers, increasing your prospects of hitting a winning combination in one or more of your paylines.
  • Multipliers – These symbols have the capacity to exponentially increase the size of your win whenever they are active. They come in many different sizes ranging from double to 1000x or more! Each video slot has its own peculiar multiplier rules, with some increasing the number of wins you have whilst others just multiplying your initial bet per line or even your total bet size. Any of the other symbols can also double as multipliers, so a particular symbol could function as both a wild and a multiplier, making them incredibly desirable. Many multipliers are only active in free spin rounds.
  • Scatter Symbols – Scatter symbols are a great way of increasing the fun you can have when playing video slots. The beauty of scatter symbols is they just need to appear anywhere on your screen a certain number of times to unlock the features they promise. There is no need for them to line up, as is the case with most other slot play. Whilst scatter symbols can merely lead to a payout, most often they are linked to free spins, adventure/side games or other fun bonuses, not linked directly to the outcome of the particular game being played.
  • Free Spin Icons – The name is pretty self-explanatory, with these symbols giving you bonus spins that you do not need to pay for. In most cases, free spins will come with a multiplier, meaning that any winnings obtained from one of your free spins will need to be played through a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn.
  • Bonus Rounds – Many video slots come with bonus symbols or bonus games. These can take the form of the player needing to click certain places on the playing screen, with different prizes based on where he/she clicks. It can also take the form of games within games, with additional bonus payouts being awarded for matching certain symbols, not related to the core video slot game.

Step by Step Guide to Play Video Slots Well

  1. Don’t start playing until you’ve familiarized yourself with the payout table. See what symbols you need to hit and in what order. Also, take note of any special bonuses that may apply.
  2. Select your bet size. Many video slot machines will include a progressive element to their jackpot, meaning the size of your winnings is impacted by the size of your bet. However, this isn’t always the case, with some video slots having a standardized price per spin. Thus, it is important to take note of these rules before playing.
  3. Choose the number of pay lines you’ll be using and decide how much of your bet belongs per pay line. The higher the number of pay lines you select, the higher your chances of winning per spin. However, this is usually going to increase the cost of your bet too.
  4. Spin the wheels and wait to receive your winnings!

Finding the Right Casino for You

There is no more convenient gaming experience than playing video slots online. The best online casinos come with no downloads and no waiting time – simply sign up, make your first deposit (if you’re playing with real money) and start playing! Slotozilla video slots offer the best of these, offering a gaming experience with no download or lengthy signups and a mountain of choices for the novice and experienced video slots player to have fun with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play for Free

There is absolutely no shame in getting the hang of video slots by playing through for free, before deciding to bet real money. Many land-based and online casinos have this option and allow you the option of playing a game free, without betting any of your winnings. This is not only valuable to novice video slots gamblers but even experienced video slots players, looking to try a new video slot game. Have a look for the free to play icon when gambling.

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