Become a Slotozilla Blog Author!

Become a slotozilla author!

We want you to become a Slotozilla Blog Author!

Start of cooperation

Slotozilla is constantly in search of new authors for the blog.

You can become our author!

Topics of articles that writers can focus on, but not be limited to:

  • slot instructions and lifehacks in the world of slots,
  • game description (slots): advantages, gameplay, bets, winnings, etc;
  • casino description: how many games, their types, reputation, bonuses, payment guarantee, etc;
  • slot/online casino comparison;
  • success stories: real stories of victories in slots/tournaments;
  • interesting facts and so on…

Do you know how to create useful and high-quality content and love it to receive a response from the audience? Then you are in the right place. But first, let’s answer some important questions.

We have two formats of cooperation: for PR and for a fee. In the first case, we place in the signature on the article a link to your Facebook profile. In the second – we pay a fee (plus, indicate your name or nickname)

Why do you post articles on Slotozilla blog?

First of all, our website about online slots and casinos is informative and we welcome the placement of true, interesting and useful information for other players. It is important for our readers to receive confirmed information from the original source, from the same players as they are.

  • If you are an experienced user in the world of online slots and casinos and you have something to share – we welcome it!
  • If you are new to this field, discovered something for yourself and wanna show it other players – we invite you to cooperate!
  • If you are a journalist or a correspondent and know how to write good articles, offer your articles for our blog and earn on it!

What do you get from posting to Slotozilla blog?

If you are in doubt whether you should give your article to our blog, we have 3 good reasons to say “Yes”:

  • Large audience. The audience of our site is wide enough. 40% of visitors are regular users.
  • Active promotion. We promote publications in social networks and in the newsletter, as well as notify users about the release of new materials with the help of push-notifications. In addition, on new useful articles, we allow advertising in social networks. At our expense, naturally.
  • High fees. We pay a decent fee for each article.

What size an article should be?

Although readers don’t care how many symbols are there in an article, we recommend that you limit yourself to 3000 symbols.

The usefulness and supply of material is important. Don’t set a goal to collect a certain number of symbols. The blog has both short articles and longreads.

Write as much as you need in order to fully expand the topic – neither with a symbol more, nor a symbol less.

Are there special content requirements?

Read about it in the editorial policy.

What about cash rewards?

The fee depending on the quality of the material provided. For those who work with us on an ongoing basis, the rate may increase. We prefer make payment with PayPal. But you can offer other options for transferring money, which we need to consider and check the possibility of doing so.

Important information for representatives of third-party resources (casinos, advertising agencies, etc.): we don’t pay any fee if you want to review your resource or a third party resource, mention it, put a link, etc., and can refuse to publish an article if we consider it inappropriate/untruthful/bearing advertising character, or for other reasons.

Do I need to coordinate the topic with the editor?

It would be convenient for us if you would independently study our blog, choose a suitable topic for yourself and send us the finished material. But! If for some reason it is difficult for you to do this, you can send us a topic and a detailed outline of the article for approval. However, this will not mean that we will accept your material 100%. We can approve the topic, but we will take the final decision on the publication only when we receive the finished article.

And if they don’t accept? What then?

If the article can be improved, we send the author edits. But it also happens when an article is completely not suitable for us, and there is simply no point in editing it. In these cases, we immediately refuse. You must be prepared for this and plan right away what you will do with the material in case of failure. If we didn’t accept your article once – don’t be discouraged, try to work on the mistakes and try again with another article!

Well, we interested you? Then email us: with the subject of the letter “I wanna become Slotozilla Blog author”.

PS: We respond to all applications, even if the material doesn’t fit. If you sent an article, but didn’t receive feedback – don’t worry. Our editors check all articles within 10 business days, so they will answer you for sure.

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