Android casinos

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In the simplest terms, Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Because it is Linux based, it is an open source software. This means that anyone who wishes can use it freely on the devices they produce. Moreover, they can customize the operating system according to their brand and add new features, for example. Google does not distribute the Android operating system for free because it is a “nice” company: Android-based devices share their users’ data with Google. With this data, despite the fact that the operating system is free, Google is collecting very large amounts of personal information to generate revenue. Began to be developed in 2005, Android has now reached version 7 and it is getting new features in every version.

The biggest advantage of using an open source operating system is the ease of software development. By using Java-based Android Runtime, numerous applications can be developed for this operating system. Developers upload and market their apps through the official store called “Play Store”. Developing apps for Android is easy, and this makes it possible to see more options, such as lots of Android casino apps. However, as we will see below, it also has some disadvantages.

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