Mobile Online Casinos and All You Need to Know

Because of significant advances in technology, you no longer need to play casino games via desktops or visit land-based houses just to experience the real casino atmosphere in all its glitz, and glamour.

These days, you can simply play your favourite casino games anywhere from your mobile device thanks to the HTML5 technology, which has enabled websites to run seamlessly on any mobile browser.
If you are new to online gambling and looking for a mobile casino to play on the move, browse through the list below and know the different types of such casino sites available and see which one suits you best.

Types of Existing Mobile Casino Platforms

There are different types of mobile casinos open online exist:

mobile casinos

desktop online casinos

These are the standard casinos that all devices whether Android, iOS or Windows can access. Basically, they are just online casino websites optimized to be accessed by any device from the browser. Whenever you want to play the games on offer, they can be launched and played directly from the browser.

  • iPhone & iPad Mobile Casinos

ios mobile casinos

Just like the name suggests, they are casino applications supported only by iOS mobile devices. Unlike Android casinos, Apple policies allow for real money apps to be hosted on their iTunes App Store platform. It’s no wonder why there are many real money iPhone casino apps available at the moment. To get started on an iPhone casino, you have to install the app on your iPhone directly from the iTunes App store. After installation, you will launch it from your device and play.

Best known IOS mobile casinos are:

Leo Vegas Casino
Mr Green Casino

  • Android Casinos

android mobile casinos

Android casinos are applications that can only be used on devices running Android operating systems. When it comes to installing Android mobile casinos on your device, there is a little hiccup because Google policy doesn’t allow for real money gambling applications to be hosted on the PlayStore. Therefore, the only way you can get this application is by downloading the installer from the casino browser and install it on your Android device after tweaking a setting on it. Once it is done installing, you can now play as much you want.

Best known Android mobile casinos are:

Leo Vegas Casino
Mr Green Casino

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Casinos vs. Desktop Casinos

Illustrated in the table below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing on mobile casinos compared to desktop casinos:


The Future of Online Casinos

Mobile casinos are the future of iGaming especially for players who enjoy playing on the go. As smartphones are getting better and more powerful, we should expect to see many more changes in the general graphics of the mobile casino games. Also, implementation of additional gamification features in the mobile casinos which will make the experience more exciting are also in the works.

Looking at the future of desktop casinos, we believe they will also be in the picture more so for players who enjoy playing casino games at the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, we believe that desktops will be left for playing an online casino game that requires more processing power such as VR casinos that have incorporated augmented reality aspects.

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