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You don’t need a fortune to play casino games. In fact, you don’t need any money to play them: all of the games that can be found on casino sites can be played completely for free too. From free games casino slot machines to card & table games, you can try your chances on any of them without spending a penny. And if you are wondering how this is possible, keep reading! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the free play. Moreover, we will offer you the chance to play them at no cost too. Here is a list of latest free casino games available at Slotozilla:

Why Should You Play Free Casino Games?

As can be guessed, free games do not pay real money. So you may be wondering why they exist: what is the purpose of such games? Well, we can give you two reasons:

  1. They are the perfect option for casual gambling. Online casino games, especially modern slots, are not just for making money. They have impressive visuals, complex mechanics, and interesting rules. For lots of players, they are the best option for casual gambling. Instead of playing a "farming" game on Facebook, they prefer to spin the reels of a slot machine in a fun mode. To be honest, this is much more interesting than managing a virtual farm.
  2. They let you practise as long as you want without taking any risks. This is the primary purpose of playing free casino games. In regards to rules and winning chances, there is no difference between the free and real money games – other than the balance, everything is the same. This means you can play poker for free, for example, to learn the rules and/or test out some strategies. Even professional gamblers play them to find out how effective a new tactic is. And the best part is – you won’t be taking any financial risks just to learn the rules or test out a strategy.

Free Games Vs. Real Money Casino Games: Which Are Better?

As we mentioned above, these are not two separate categories: free play and real money casino games are the same in terms of rules and mechanics. The demo version comes with a virtual balance, and that’s it: there is no other difference. If you play a particular slot machine for free, you can play the same one with real money without learning the rules again. The odds will be the same too. In other words, there is no need for such a comparison as we are talking about the same things. You don’t need to pick just one. Free and real money casino play can exist at the same time, and you can get the best of both worlds, without choosing only one of them. Our advice is simple – play all of the casino titles in the demo mode first to find out which ones you really like, without taking a financial risk. Then, play them with real money. This is how you get the best of both worlds.

How to Play Free Casino Games Online

Playing free casino games for fun is not a hard job and does not require any kind of expertise. Even if this is your first time, you can start spinning the reels of free slot casino games or dealing the cards like a pro in no time. And no matter what kind of gambling games you are interested in, you can make this job even easier by following our step-by-step instructions below.
But before listing these steps, we must shortly explain what we mean by saying "download" and "no download": we have instructions for both. We can divide the history of gambling sites into two periods: before and after HTML5.

  • • Until the mid-2000s, almost all casino sites were Flash-based, and to access all of the casino free games, you had to install a Flash-based program on your computer. Once installed, this program worked like any other PC program. When you double click on the icon on the desktop, it opens and displays a copy of the website.
  • • After the development of HTML5 technology, there is no need for such programs because now all free casino games can run directly on browsers. These types of games are called "instant play", and they work smoothly, regardless of the device or operating system used.

The games in both categories have the same rules, but what you have to do to play them is different. Flash-based casino sites still exist, albeit few in number. For this reason, we divided this part of our guide into two and prepared different instructions for casino games free online play that require and do not require downloading.

Casino Games Free Download Version

  • • As can be guessed from the title, you must start by finding a casino site that offers a program to download. This program won’t be running on mobile devices – you must use a Microsoft Windows PC or a laptop. Once you find the casino, simply download and install the program like any other.
  • • Launch the program by double-clicking its icon on the desktop. You must have an internet connection too. The program will actually display the casino website through its own interface. Once it is displayed, look for a button that says "join" or "sign up". Click that button, fill out the membership form and complete the registration process.
  • • Log in to the gambling site with your credentials. With the exception of live dealer games, you can play any game you see for free – making a deposit is not needed. You can play free games casino slots, card and table games, scratchcards, and many more. And if you want to try your chances with real money, you can always make a deposit from the same program.

New Casino Games Free No Download Version

  • • The casino games free play process is much easier nowadays. First of all, you don’t need to download anything, and you don’t need to find an online casino. Such games can be found on websites like us: you don’t need to register or make a deposit to play them. So, the first step is finding a website that offers you the chance to play free casino slot games for fun without download & registration. And you have already completed this step: you are using our website, after all.
  • • Find the game you want to play. We offer you dozens, even hundreds, of options in every category. You can play free casino slots games, video poker, blackjack, roulette, or any other casino game you can imagine. All of them are available at no cost.
  • • Click the "play now" button. Depending on your connection speed, the game will be loaded in a couple of seconds. It will launch on your browser – you don’t need to download anything. And you can use a desktop PC or a mobile device: as long as it has a browser and an internet connection, you are good to go.
  • • So, basically, you need three things to start playing free casino games: an internet connection, a device with a browser (any modern browser will do), and a website that offers you hundreds of titles for free. It seems you already have these requirements, so go nuts!

FAQs about playing free casino games:

📌 What kinds of free casino video games can I find?

As you can guess, free casino slot games will be the main category. Slot machines are very popular and offer the most options for free play. But this does not mean that you cannot play any other game. As a general rule, all the games you can find in an online casino can be played for fun, in a demo mode. This means you can play video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, keno, bingo, and even scratchcards for free too. In general, all online casino games come with a free version to play.

📌 Do I need to register to play free online casino games for fun?

If you are playing free casino games that require a download, you need to register for an account: such games require using a program, and such programs are only available at old-school online casinos. After downloading them, you need to complete the registration in order to access the games collection. But if you are playing those games that do not require a download, there is no need to register too: such games can be played directly on all browsers, without a download and registration.

📌 Can I play casino games for free on mobile?

Once again, instant play casino games can be enjoyed on all platforms because they run on browsers. Your device model and operating system do not matter. So, you can play on any device you want, mobile or desktop. But the games that require you to download a program will run only on desktop PCs with Microsoft Windows OS. This is the limitation of the program itself. While we also saw programs that run on macOS and Linux, they are very rare.

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