Mobile Slots: Free & Real Money Online Collection

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Wanna play your favorite games on your Android or iOS device? Doesn’t matter if it’s a phone or a tablet, search no further than Slotozilla. New category have been created to entertain our loyal customers’ on-the-go. All free video slots for mobile phones you can play and pay by online and even win the real money in our gambling apps in any mobile casino of UK, Europe and USA.

Be you on a trip, in a bus or a train; be you killing time in a line at the doctor’s or just resting in the park, all slots made for mobile phones and available in any online casino with no download at your fingertips and your phone both for real money and for absolutely free with guaranteed bonuses. The difference is just in the modes you are playing. Pick the real money mode or the “for fun” just by clicking the appropriate button.

415 slots

To play on your iPhone or iPad, all you need is just visit the selected game page in Safari browser. As always – no strings attached. No downloads, no registration and no deposit mobile slot games and gambling apps with more than 15 bonus types offered. Care for your convenience and value of your time has given us a title of best video mobile slots for your phones.

We understand the great responsibility that has been bestowed upon its shoulders and will continue to provide quality and transparent opportunities for everyone to play their favorite games on any portable device and computers, on any browser of any region, so that it can continue carrying this great honor and privilege of being a doorway between quality online games and users.

Install Slotozilla slots on you iPhone

For your further convenience, you can bookmark this page and have all new mobile slot games available within a second’s fracture.

With the world’s mobilization, one can’t be indifferent to the array of opportunities that it provides for the end-user. The devices can substitute all other electronic equipment now, or contain all the beloved functions in one.

We have become a trailblazer of internet browser games with the help of industry’s greats –NetEnt and BetSoft developers who had turned all mobile video slots including any mobile casinos in UK, USA and Europe into an art and continue to impress us with each new game release.

People know when something is fake, they know when you are telling them the same joke again, they can feel it and thus we and our partner are enforcing strict quality control over every aspect of every service that has our name on it. We stand beside our name and work hard for it. The game list provided here can barely be compared to anything else in the area.

Hundreds of games of all different types, shapes, colors and themes are just waiting to become someone’s favorite pastime leisure. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and thus you will see that the quality of our cell gambling does not yield to your favorite hits such as the Throne of Egypt or Barbary Coast when played on a computer. Great graphics, design, interactive features and the choice between reels and strategies with the no deposit feature are just a fraction of what you will find on this page.

Play Mobile Slot Games & Gambling Apps

The market is ever increasing its boundaries to open new horizons for their customers. For mobile slot games and gambling apps, real money is also an option that you could choose if you deem so fit. We put no limit of choice on our customers as well as we put no obligations in what we offer.

If you want free mobile video slots – no deposit required. If you want to play for cash – have it your way. It is what Slotozilla is all about, giving you freedom and choice to pick the games that choose you, and to not be bound by stereotypes of old-school gaming society.

Devices Accepted the Free Mobile Slots

If you have a modern gadget or similar, you’ll definitely have a chance to play your favourite free mobile slots with no deposit and for real money. Thus, owners of Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Amazon Tablets, Microsoft Windows Tablets and Phones, LG and Samsung Tabs, by Lumia and Motorola will have no limits with mobile gambling. But let’s go into details on what your device should have in order to let you gamble.

  • Android slot games – If you use a Motorola, HTC, or Samsung, then Android is your operating system. Considering the fact that most mobile slot games and gambling apps are based on Windows software, the only way to play Android version is through no download versions of a casino. Hence, a gambler can choose to play the best video slot games in a browser, as opposed to gambles available on a PC only after downloading the specific casino’s software. However, from the recent times, players also have a chance to access the download version of a casino. No matter what gambling option you choose, you still have the opportunity to transfer your balance from the main to the mobile casino slots both from UK, Australia, New Zealand and the African countries.
  • Windows Phone Mobile slots – windows operating system (OS) powers many portable devices including tablets, smartphones, as well as pocket PCs. Among the widely used gadgets with this OS, there are HTC and Samsung, which support the latest cell processors and multi-touch screens. Therefore, playing on them is quite spectacular since gambles feature high quality graphics with high-rest. What is more, the sound and animation quality is also top-notch on Windows OS devices.
  • iPhone & iPad slot games and gambling apps – Owing to the fact that iPhones (as well as any IOS device) have a modern graphics engine and touch screen, mobile gambling is of a high quality on it. What is more important, a wide variety of slots are meant cell’s availability and custom made for IOS devices. These include diverse progressive jackpot slots, video bonus and 3D games.
  • BlackBerry – Mobile casino gambling is also easily accessible on Blackberry cell phones. For those interested to play mobile video slots, there are two options available – gambling in app-based casinos or trying instant-play slots in the browser. The speed of the gameplay and graphics featured will depend on the internet connection and the quality of a device you are using respectively.
  • Kindle – Kindle devices use a web-browser, Silk, that gives access to any sites with slots. For the gameplay, you can make use of Flash instant-play option or download a casino software. However, the second option may not be possible with some casinos.
  • SmartWatch – Thanks to the innovation in the cell gaming industry, slot games with no download have now become available on the Samsung Gear, Apple watch, and other smartwatches. At this exact period, the only one gaming provider has developed gambles functioning on watches – Microgaming. So if you are the owner of a smartwatch, choose a Microgaming slot for your gameplay. Thunderstruck and Dark Knight Rises are some of the available options.

Requirements on Software Compatibility

To play mobile casino slots, a compatible OS like Android, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows is necessary. Almost apps work on the Android OS but some mobile casinos may require an iOS to have iOS3.x, iOS5.x, or iOS6.x to work on it.

Mobile Slots For Real Money

Gaming on a PC and a device doesn’t differ considerably; the only thing varying is the screen size. Just like as a desktop casino, gambling websites give a chance to gamble for real money on phones and tablets. However, promotions, bonuses, and jackpots of the same mobile casino as well as games available in it may vary depending on whether a PC or a cell you are using to access it. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to check all the above before starting your session.

In terms of security, a SlotoZilla’s mobile casino is as safe as its desktop version is since the same encryption techniques are used here. All the safety certificates and licenses of a casino are applied to its portable version as well.

Advantages of Playing Slots On Mobile

Due to the constant development of the gaming industry and continuous advancements in the technology, mobile gambling is rapidly gaining popularity with worldwide gamblers. Furthermore, there are many things that enhance this tendency:

  • The ease and comfort to play slots on mobile phones: Samsung, Iphone etc;
  • The possibility to gamble with no time and territorial limits;
  • The constantly increasing number of modern devices whose power can sometimes exceed that of a PC;
  • Creation of new slots meant for particular Android and iOS mobile devices (the Wizard of Oz is available on any device);

All these advantages of playing video slots on a mobile create more opportunities for both a professional gambler and a beginner.

Why Mobile Slot Games from SlotoZilla are Reliable?

In the end, the only thing that matters to you is your own comfort and your value. If convenience of using the service that you may enjoy can be given to you then it is possible that we are doing something right. Since the beginning of Slotozilla, customers have shown us an incredible rate of loyalty and we are humbled and grateful by such appreciation. It seems that the only thing that matters is the quality of service that any place in any sector provides.

We provide free mobile casino slots and for real money, we do it for those who care and those who might not yet know about how great of an experience it is to play casino games for free. Follow this list of games, choose the one that beckons you and find out that Slotozilla is where it’s at.