New Free Slots Games 2018

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One of the key areas that are benefiting from the modern technology is the online casino industry. Thanks to the advanced technology in both mobile and graphics, slots developing companies can now come up with different themes for different players.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the modern slots nowadays are graphically heavy with plenty of different bonus rounds and captivating themes. And for those players who played only the classic slots with the bells and cherry symbols, it might be a little difficult to know which game to go for.

Here at Slotozilla, we are always looking out for such players plus the new slot players by looking for the best new slots to play. We’ve partnered with some of the best online casinos for you to visit and try these games for free.

Therefore, whether you are on a train or at home, whether it’s daytime or at night, you can play new online slots free of charge before committing some real money. But before going into some of the best new online slots 2018, let’s have a quick look at other important areas.

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Choosing the Right Slot for You in 2018 – What You Need to Understand

Free Play Availability

Every time you are planning to play a game, always ensure that the free slot offers a demo or free to play version. This will not only give you a sneak peek of what to expect from the game, but it will also help you understand the different features of the game.

It also enables you to gauge whether it works perfectly well on your mobile or tablet device or whether you should try playing it on the PC platform. You don’t want the game to crash while you are a few seconds away from a Mega Win because the casino won’t be held responsible for the glitch.

Understand How the Betting Systems Work & Adjust Accordingly

This is the most important yet overlooked aspect of any slot. As a player, you need to understand how much it will cost you to bet on the lower and upper side. This is important to you as a player because it helps you adjust your bankroll in order to fit the bet limits. Remember, in any online casino game, the longer you play, the higher your chances are of winning the game. And it goes without saying that smart players know how to push or extend their gaming time with any casino game.

We can’t forget to mention to you not to forget to look at whether it has fixed or adjustable paylines. New players are always advised to try as much as possible and play slots with adjustable paylines after which they can graduate to those with fixed paylines.

Choose Your Game Right

If you’ve found yourself thinking how you are going to win a particular game repeatedly and without success, it’s about time you rethink the game you keep choosing. The results of video slots might be very random with less than the ideal odds, but this means the game you decide to play is important.

There are different types of bettors – there are also very many games with the same variations out there and the ones that you’ll find yourself drawn to are reflective of your habits, preferences and personalities.

While we’d like to give you a straightforward and easy to understand explanation how you can pick a winning video slot, it just doesn’t exist. What you have to do is know what exactly you want from the game and what, practically speaking is a perfect match for you.

Below are some guidelines to help you:

  • Ask yourself – does the game promise the enjoyment you seek online. You can judge this by looking at the theme, the symbols and general setting of the game.
  • Take into account how high your tolerance for risk is, how much you can afford, and your past playing history.
  • Also, take into account your style of play. What’s your preference? Are you the type of player who prefers playing in quick short bursts? Or do you play conservatively in order to maximize your play time?

Understand the Payouts

If all you care about is winning money from video slots, then it’s vital that you study how the slot machine payouts are determined. Every new slots 2018 online have their specific payback percentage. The minimum RTP that you’ll come across online is around 82%, but a game with a solid RTP should be somewhere between 92% and 98%.

Another important note as far as payouts are concerned is that the simpler the slot you decide to choose, the better the payback percentage.

What to Expect from New Slots in 2018

More Skilled Based Slots

Experts in the online casino industry have observed that millennials are into skill-based slots as opposed to the contemporary video slots and traditional coin-operated slot machines. This can greatly be attributed to the fact that most of the gamers have been playing next-generation video games on their PS4 and Xbox consoles. The result is they expect games with much better graphics and a challenge that will make the game more thrilling.

The land-based casinos have already jumped on to this new trend, with games already been developed and released into the market.

Industry observers have also noted that some of the online casinos are investing heavily by paying slot developers to come up with games that will rival the land-based counterparts. So we should expect more of these games in 2018.

NetEnt Has Already Developed a Virtual Reality Version of Gonzo’s Quest

At the 2017 ICE Totally Gaming conference, the company’s CEO announced that they had already started developing VR video slots. Later on in the year, they released a remake of their blockbuster game – Gonzo’s Quest – which in my opinion was such a great success.

Though the company could have been one of the first to roll out a VR slot, it’s of course not the first company to dabble in it. There are VR casinos that develop their own games, and as such, we should expect more games from them in 2018.

Social Games Have Spread to Video Slots

Playtech was the first company to come up with multiplayer games – Fishing with Buddies – which was the first of a kind social game. Other companies such as Microgaming have also jumped on to the bandwagon and have released their video slot – Castle Builder 2 – with the aim of growing the reach of social-themed games.

And in 2018, people are now more connected than ever before, and as far as gaming is concerned, bettors are increasingly expecting the online casinos offer them games which they can interact with each other. As such, we should expect to see more and more social themed slots more in 2018, which can support multiple players at one go.

Best No Download & Free to Play Slots for 2018

The Odd Forest – You Have to Beat the Spider Boss to Secure Massive Wins

Not so many people have heard of Foxium – a not so popular video slots software developing company. Despite being an underdog in this very competitive industry, they have proven themselves quite talented as far as video slot development is concerned. The company released their first game in 2015, and now they have developed a new game – Odd Forest – that you’ll start seeing online very soon.

This new video slot has captivating gameplay, and if you are searching for a game that’s aesthetically beautiful to look at, then it’s your best shot. It has a magical forest or fairy theme that’s complemented with an ultimate battle between you and the venomous spider.

With an RTP of 96.12%, a flexible bet range that starts from as low as £0.05 up to a maximum of £50 per spin, this game will suit mostly the high rollers. The sticky wilds, multipliers and pick a win bonus game will also ensure you get something out of the game.

NetEnt’s Asgardian Stones – It’s Yet to Launch, but We Have a Sneak Peak for You

This is one of the most anticipated video slots not only because it’s being launched by NetEnt, a company with a reputation for developing slots that are optimized for play on mobile, but it has also been based around a very traditional theme that players love; The Norse Mythology.

Some of the remarkable features in Asgardian Stones include the following:

  • Bet limit that starts from a low of £0.02 up to a maximum of £200 per spin. The low and very high limit is meant to take care of players of every type.
  • It has 5 reels, 20 paylines and an estimated healthy RTP of 96.31%.
  • The maximum achievable win is set to be a whopping 2,000× multiplier, which according to inside information can be achieved easily.
  • Like most of the other top slots by NetEnt, it has bonus rounds including extra multipliers, free spins, and a bonus wheel. It also has colossal symbols and an avalanche feature!

Deco Diamonds Slot – Designed and Developed for the Win & Distributed by Microgaming

Deco Diamonds is a new release featuring a retro theme. Whilst we can’t deny the fact that it’s a simple and straightforward game, we can’t refute that it also has its own charm. The element(s) that we liked most in this game was the two bonus rounds that combine easily to create massive wins. If you manage to win big on each of the game’s re-spins, you’ll automatically trigger the bonus reel and land an extra 1,000× multiplier on your initial bet. Therefore in total, you could potentially walk away with a mind-blowing 2,323× multiplier on your bet.

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