4 reels

23 slots

4 reel slots are usually seen as “old-school”. That’s true to an extent: Classic reel slot games contain fewer reels than modern video slots. You know the general rule: The higher the lines, the higher the winning chance.

However, the opposite of this also true for different reasons. Spinning slot machine reels cost money, and this money is calculated according to reel numbers. If you have a budget of, let’s say 100 USD, you will get a longer gameplay time while playing 4 reel slot games. This is because each spin will cost less. You will also get to spin the reels more. In other words, your winning chances will be the same as reel slot games with more lines, maybe even better. Plus, classic slots are way cooler than “modern” games – but keep this between us, ok? Enjoy the 4-reel slot games below and play as long as you want: They won’t cost even a penny.

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