Altea Gaming

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For a fact, Serbia is certainly not an obvious selection when it comes to the major providers of online slot machines. However, with its headquarters in Belgrade, Altea Gaming is certainly the proof in the pudding. With its establishment over a decade ago in the year 2001 as part of the Alteactec Group, it is a renown developer of a cornucopia of online casino products across the globe. As such, its offices are spread out across Romania, Serbia, Italy, the USA, Germany, Austria, and Malta.

Its specialty is in developing “online distributed casino management systems and games,” a statement which covers a proprietary casino management system in addition to a wide array of games. Predominantly functioning in HTML5 code, players can directly launch the selection of slots from a web browser, the mandatory requirement of installing any additional software. Furthermore, the vast array of Altea Gaming’s slots for real money run the gamut from online slots, table games, scratch games, and tailor made alternatives, giving players the opportunity of winning big.

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A Global Operation

As a potential or current gambler, below are some vital insights you ought to know about the company.

  • The company has an accumulated wealth of experience, as a trader in gaming sharks such as the Malta Gaming Authority, in addition to Eastern Europe.
  • For Business to Business (B2B) clients that have a desire to partner with the firm, all they require to do, visit the website and fill in a contact form.
  • It is a company that is not only steps ahead in their reasoning but is also dynamic, as it optimizes the latest technologies to its advantage.
  • It generates tailor-made games, by closely cooperating with its clientele to come up with the best alternatives, which are right up their alley.
  • Its back office software which is accessible 24/7 at any geographical location, allows customers to add new slots to the site while coming up with a mutually profitable deal.
  • Its devotion to mobile gaming is absolute. As such, it has wrapped its future in ubiquitous mobile gadgets by ensuring that gamblers can conveniently play Altea Gaming’s casino slots on the go.

A Myriad Of Vibrant, Chirpy Options

Altea Gaming’s slots are available in a plethora of Internet casinos such as, and typically stand out with their vibrant colors, chirpy sound effects and animated graphics. These games which instantly trigger an ear to ear grin in a broad market segment, comprise of features such as a lucrative jackpot, free spins, a certain number of pay lines, and payouts for forming matching sequences on the reels.

Altea Gaming’s online slot machines include scratch games such as Lollipop, Pirate Hunters and Witch’s Night, table alternatives such as French Roulette and cartoon-like slots which include Fruit Stand, Crazy Shark, Cleopatra, 3 Amigos and Gone Camping.

Overall, with the dexterity to develop and launch proprietary options within a minimal time frame such as a week, the company has certainly done a phenomenal job of ensuring it remains at the forefront of the business.

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