Tim Cline

Tim Cline
Editor, Reviewer
Editor, Reviewer
Every day Tim bathes in gambling news, verifies their authenticity and allows you to be the first to find out the most important news. He is simply obsessed with online slots, perfectly oriented in software manufacturers, in rules and mechanics of casino games. Tim's first to check for new games releases and prepare reviews. And he can make roar like a Slotozilla!

Tim Cline is not your ordinary game reviewer – he is an expert in the gambling industry. Besides that, he can authenticate news before submitting them for publication. Tim has been in the role for several years, and he eats gambling news and articles for breakfast. One of his duties is to find out if the news in the grapevine is real, or if it is a hoax or nothing more than a publicity stunt. Once he has completed this task, he is now ready to approve the news for publication, and gambling enthusiasts are guaranteed to read news that are not click baits, and neither are they based on shallow foundations of information. Tim is the last gatekeeper of truth in the news industry, and those who are in the gambling industry rely on his expertise and integrity to supply only facts.

As one who has been in the gambling industry for years, Tim has developed a fascination with online slot machines. He is obsessed with them, and he knows the ins and outs of this gambling niche. He can tell you how they are made, who are the best software manufacturers, how slots operate, which games are the best ones to play, and which ones will give you the best value for your money. Apart from that, he is well-versed in the mechanics of other games, as well as the rules on how to play them. After his work as an editor, he also scours the internet for new slot machines or other online casinos games. If there are new developments, Tim is one of the first people to get his hand on the games. He will try them, review them, and assess their influence on the player’s habits. He also writes honest reviews of the games, describes how they work, what the payouts are, and many more.

As a person, Tim loves to bike around the city and also travel to tourist hot spots. Tending to his flowers and garden is his main approach to reducing stress at work, and it seems to work as Tim is always in a good mood. As an editor and reviewer, Tim does not only look for new games to review. He is a busy bee helping his team accomplish a common goal.

Some of his tasks are:

  • Create or draft press release materials.
  • Pitch for worthwhile endeavours and news coverage.
  • Help to create materials for the publicist.
  • Schedule interviews.
  • Test new games and write about their mechanics.
  • Review the games from a personal standpoint.
  • Plan events, help in organizing events, and make sure the plan is executed.
  • Help to manage crisis in the office.
  • Make sure that press releases have cohesive content and branding.

He has been in the industry for a while, and he is not going away soon. He loves slot machines, other casino games, and the overall industry in general. Tim is a person who helps his colleagues when they need him, and he is one who will stay in this industry because he is passionate about it.

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