Marie Toland

Marie Toland
Senior Editor
Senior Editor
Writer and publicist living and eating gambling themed news. Marie has been working in publishing for 5 years, the last 2 of which are related to gambling, online casinos, slots and sports betting. She’s well versed in online casino licensing, laws and permits. Thanks to Marie’s works, you will be the first to know about promotions and bonuses, gambling licenses, laws and payment methods.

Marie Toland is a known writer, publicist, and editor in the gambling news industry. She has been in the publishing business for at least five years, and the last two years of her career, she was focused on gambling. She is an expert in different niches related to the gambling industry.

As a publicist for the gambling community, she has expanded her knowledge through the years to cover the other facets of casino industry like online casino gambling and sports betting. Along with that, she has a deep understanding of casino licensing, laws, and other legal requirements, such as permits before an online casino can operate.

With Marie’s arsenal in the realm of publication, her readers can easily get up to speed with news and development in the casino industry. Her articles and her published materials contain vital information that will help readers make the right decisions, especially so for their investment and what value they can expect from their money.

As a publicist, Marie carefully selects the news to cover, ensuring that her release will benefit the community of game enthusiasts. Her goal is to show her readers the latest trends in technology and innovations.

With five years of experience as a publicist, Marie Toland is an eminent representative of the editors who are doing the best they can to promote a campaign. She has worked on numerous publicity campaigns of international coverage. It does not matter if it is a new game or a new casino, as she has a wide reach, working with her can yield great outcomes for a business.

As a person, Marie is an avid fan of surfing. During her vacations, it is but natural for her to visit beaches where she can unwind and perform her favourite sport. She is a fan of soccer, rooting for Machester City.

Marie is a hard worker and tries to balance life and work. She also works as a public relations specialist being in charge of generating media content and coverage for her clients. Her goal is to promote them to the public. Her main clients, considering that her focus is in the gambling industry, are online casinos that have just recently launched. She also has clients that are on the game development side of the industry, and her goal is to promote new games that these clients have recently released.

She serves as a bridge between the public and her clients, and while she is servicing both, she never forgets the importance of integrity in her work. Marie has a knack for improving a client’s business image without providing false or misleading information.  Although her day-to-day duties may vary, her main focus is the gambling community. After work, Marie takes away stress by participating in her favourite sports or simply watching her favourite team play.

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