Understanding Casino Bonus Types

Bonuses are one of the most unique things about an online casino. Understanding how these offers work is crucial to having an amazing time. No matter which online casino we’re talking about, you will find some promotions there. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand all the different types of casino bonuses you will encounter. We’ll break down what they mean so you can get the most out of your gaming experience. Let’s get started.

Common Types of Casino Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses that you’ll find in the best online casinos in Australia. We want to make sure you’re covered for everything. That’s why our gambling experts did deep research to figure out the common types of casino bonuses. Look at a detailed description of each of them in the section below.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most common types out there. It’s offered to new players when they sign up for a new online casino. The purpose of this bonus is to attract new players and make the initial time of users more enjoyable than they could hope for.

Typically, it’s a deposit bonus where you can get a percentage of your money as the bonus amount. Some casinos include free spins as part of the welcome offer. Also, this type of casino bonus can be split between several offers forming a welcome package.

Deposit Bonus

This bonus type is the most popular offer after the welcome bonus. Usually, players need to make a specified deposit to receive additional funds or perks based on their deposit amount. It’s used for the regular offers that repeat in an online casino. This recurring nature is the main difference between this offer and a welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Just as the name suggests, you don’t need to deposit anything to get the bonus money from this promo. No-deposit bonuses are also popularly used as sign-up bonuses. While you don’t need to deposit any money for this bonus, you will need to fulfill the wagering conditions for it.

Another thing to remember is that with these casino bonuses, the amount is quite low, as you don’t need any funds to get it. Sometimes, you might need to use no deposit bonus codes, so keep an eye out for that.

Free Spins Bonus

This offer is perfect for those with a special place in their hearts for pokies. The free spins bonus is an excellent way to try out new slots without spending money. The operator usually chooses the game that you’re allowed to play.

However, you might find some casinos where you can use the free spins on any game you choose. Some casinos also offer daily free spins, which are some of the best bonuses, as you can claim them daily.

Reload Bonus

This promotional offer is available to existing players when they make additional account deposits. Reload bonuses reward loyal customers by providing extra funds or perks based on a percentage of their subsequent deposits. Also, this bonus type rotates weekly. So even if you miss it one week, you can always get it in the next.

Referral Bonus

Some casino operators will reward you for helping to bring in new players. These bonus offers are known as referral bonuses. As a loyal player, you can either have a referral link or code that you can use for this bonus.

Anytime a new player signs up using the referral link or referral code, you benefit from it. Some casinos have a referral bonus for every player who signs up. On other websites, you might need to get a certain number of people signed up before you can reap your rewards.

VIP Bonuses

These bonuses offer exclusive rewards and perks designed for high-stakes or loyal players in the casino’s VIP or loyalty program. These bonuses can include special promotions, personalised offers, higher deposit or withdrawal limits, cashback rewards, and dedicated customer support. The specifics of these promos can vary depending on your level in the VIP program.

Bonus Codes

One of the easiest ways to claim a bonus offer in online casinos is using bonus codes. You can use These unique keycodes generated by the operator to activate a bonus offer. You can find these in some bonuses where you need to use the code. For some promo codes, you’ll see that there’s no expiration date. This means you can use the latest NDB codes whenever you want without worrying about anything else.

Payment Method Bonuses

Although it’s not as common, sometimes a casino operator will reward you if you deposit using a particular payment method. This is possible as they have an agreement with the payment service. It’s a way of promoting the use of a certain banking method. In terms of how it works, it’s similar to a deposit bonus. You deposit a minimum amount to activate the offer. The only catch is that you need to use the specified payment method.

No Wagering Bonuses

No wagering bonuses combine the best of all worlds. This bonus works in the same way as any other promotion you can think of. The unique thing about it is that you don’t need to complete the wagering conditions to withdraw the winnings for this bonus.

The offers sound too good to be true. That’s why there are only a handful of casinos that feature a no wagering requirements bonus. The amount you get from the offer is also not too high, as the casinos need to balance generosity with sustainability.

Tips for Maximizing Casino Bonuses

If you want to extract the most out of the best online casino bonuses, but you’re not sure how to go about it, check out our tips and recommendations below.

Read the Terms and Conditions

The secret to understanding any casino bonus lies in its terms and conditions. This is where all the bonus details are mentioned, including deposit requirements, expiration date, wagering conditions and whatnot.

If you don’t want to get blindsided and have your bonus reward ripped away from you, you should take the time to go over the terms. You can find this under the promotional offers in any online casino’s “Bonuses” section.

Choosing the Right Bonus

Not all kinds of bonuses are reserved for every player. Some prefer enjoying cash rewards to use on table games. Some players only care about offers concerning pokies free spins. Identify your needs and requirements before choosing the type of bonus that you want to use with your account.

Minimum Deposit Requirement

One of the reasons for choosing your bonus carefully is because of the minimum deposit requirements. Some offers will have rather steep minimum deposit conditions. For the best experience, you should consider how much you need to deposit against how much you can get from the offer. Striking the right balance between the two will allow you to enjoy the best bonus offers.

Try to Deposit the Maximum Amount

Casino bonuses will always set a maximum cap on the bonus that you can get. If possible, the easiest way to maximize the bonus is to deposit the maximum amount. For instance, if you have a 100% deposit bonus that will give you a maximum of A$500, you should try to deposit A$500. However, don’t deposit more than that; it won’t allow you to grab a bigger reward. Also, remember to manage your bankroll and avoid chasing losses.

Wagering Requirements

Whether you enjoy the mobile casino bonus or play via other devices, the wagering requirements remain one of the most important steps for claiming any bonus. Unless you finish this step, you won’t be allowed to withdraw any funds from your casino account. In most cases, the wagering requirement will be 30 times, but this may vary depending on the casino you play at.

Complete Active Bonus First

While claiming multiple bonuses at once might be lucrative, that’s the last thing you should be doing. Casinos won’t let you withdraw the funds from a bonus if you claim another one without completing the requirements of an active one.

We recommend going over your account and checking to see if there are any active bonuses. If this happens to be the case, you should start by clearing the conditions for a particular kind of bonus before moving on to something new.

Expiration Dates

All casino offers will have a time limit mentioned in the terms and conditions. You should take a moment to think about how long you have to enjoy the bonus. If you feel you won’t be able to complete the wagering requirements in that time, it’s best not to use that offer.

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