Overview of Online Gambling Laws in Australia

The online gambling industry is on the rise in Australia, offering a wide array of options for players seeking their luck in various virtual games. It is expected to grow by over 7% throughout the next five years. More online casinos are launching, and players are seeing new games coming out every month. But is it possible to find a legal Australian online casino?Every gambler should understand Australian gambling law and how these regulations affect them. In this article, our experts will break down the gambling laws in Australia. Discover what they mean for your favourite online casinos.

Understanding Australian Online Gambling Laws

Understanding the gambling laws before searching for the best Australian online casino is advisable. All legal gambling in the nation is regulated. Since the opening of the first legal casino in Australia, there have been rules for players’ protection.

These days, more Aussies are attracted to Internet gambling options. Their favourite casino games and sports betting options are only a click away. But this easy accessibility also puts vulnerable players at risk. This is why the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 was formed.

This act is a set of rules and regulations companies must follow to advertise or provide gambling services in Australia. These regulations apply to all services within the country that offer gambling online, whether through a website, app, or social media platform. They are put in place to minimise players’ chances of developing problematic gambling habits.

While the IGA 2001 applies to the entire nation, it’s not the only gambling law people should know about. Each state and territory has federal laws and regulations that apply to gambling. Let’s take a look at these regulations below.

State/Territory Overview of Regulations
New South Wales The New South Wales (NSW) Office of Responsible Gambling oversees regulations related to online gambling in the state.
Victoria The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) regulates gambling activities in Victoria.
Queensland The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) regulates gambling in Queensland.
Western Australia The Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor (RGL) overseas online gambling regulations in Western Australia.
South Australia The Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) regulates online gambling activities in South Australia.
Tasmania The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission (TLGC) oversees online gambling regulations in Tasmania.
Northern Territory The Northern Territory Racing Commission (NTRC) regulates digital gambling activities in the NT.
Australian Capital Territory The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission regulates online gambling in the Australian Capital Territory.

Prohibited Online Gambling Activities

The IGA prohibits Australian operators from providing gambling services online. No casino operation in Australia can provide its services digitally. These prohibited activities include:

  • Online Casino Gambling: Online casinos based in Australia or overseas cannot offer their services to Australian players.
  • Online Poker: The IGA also prohibits offering online poker services to Aussies.
  • Betting on Sports Events: Australians cannot place bets on sporting events while they are taking place, except for licenced operators’ telephone betting services.

Permitted Forms of Online Gambling

Suppose you have been using Australian real money casinos online. In that case, you aren’t participating in illegal gambling if the online casinos providing services in the country hold a valid license from a government authority (like Kahnawake, Curacao eGaming, Malta, etc.).

Regarding online sports betting, operators must obtain licenses from state or territory regulatory bodies, adhering to stringent requirements. These include implementing responsible gambling measures like self-exclusion options, age verification checks, and promoting safe casino playing in advertising.

Online lotteries and keno games follow similar regulatory rules. Operators must get licences from state or territorial authorities to ensure fairness and consumer protection. Regulations include age verification, responsible gambling tools, and advertising limits to protect vulnerable people.

In contrast, social gaming sites that do not include real money transactions typically operate outside of gambling rules. However, if they incorporate real-money purchases or enable gambling activities, they may face regulatory scrutiny. Skill-based games, in which the outcome is determined by player expertise rather than chance, are generally not considered gambling under Australian law unless they involve betting.

The future of online wagering services in Australia is going upward. Gambling operators with innovative platforms are bringing the gaming experience to a new level. There is a higher demand for interactive gambling that keeps the players involved. Australian customers will be able to find more social gambling options, allowing them to compete against other gamblers. More casinos are also introducing virtual technology to add more excitement to gameplay.

There is speculation regarding probable future changes in Australian online gambling rules and their effects. One alternative is the implementation of more robust controls on loot boxes and other kinds of in-game gambling, particularly their influence on youngsters. AI technology will also help online casinos increase their online security measures. It allows for 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud and other suspicious activity.


Australia gambling law and the Control Act prevent operations within the country from providing gambling services online. A land-based casino can operate in the country, but the brand cannot offer online services. However, offshore operators are allowed to provide licensed services for casino games and sports betting to Australians over the age of 18.

Online Gambling Australia Laws - FAQ

How do Australian online gambling rules differ by state and territory?

Gambling in Australia is regulated at a federal level. This means that state and territory governments are responsible for regulations in their location.

Can Australian residents use online casinos?

Aussie residents can play games and use sports betting services at online casinos. The Australian government allows offshore gambling services to provide services in the nation as long as they have a valid license.

Is there a ban on online casinos in Australia?

There is no ban on online casinos for Australian residents. Players may gamble online using licensed casino services from other countries.

Will banks in Australia process payments for online casinos?

Australian communications prevent players from using credit cards for gambling services. There is a ban in place by Australians to prevent the harm caused by using credit cards to gamble online.

Can I play slot machines online in Australia?

The gambling industry features thousands of slot games that Australians can enjoy online. These games are available at the top licesned online casinos.

What are the age restrictions for using online casinos in Australia?

Australians must be over 18 to join an online betting service. All legal online casinos will verify player’s accounts to ensure they are of legal age.

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