Are There Any Coin Pushers in Casinos?

Coin pushers are fun and popular arcade games that captivate the interest of Australian players. They have straightforward gameplay, and you can get pleasant rewards if you are lucky. Many land-based casinos placed these machines within the halls to attract more customers. However, the modern era brought new games to the market. So, do coin pusher pastimes remain popular? Keep reading to find the answer and all the details regarding these casino activities.

Coin Pusher Games Explained

The main aim of this piece is to provide you with a complete picture. That’s why it’s best to begin by explaining what a coin pusher machine is and how it operates. Let’s get right to it.

What Does a Coin Pusher Game Represent?

Coin pushes are cascade games that involve dropping coins onto a platform where mechanical arms push them. These games are often found in amusement arcades, casinos, and other entertainment venues.

One of the reasons why coin pusher machines are so popular is that they have no restrictions whatsoever. Kids and adults can play them, as long as they have some change in their pockets.

The Gameplay

The game mechanics is no sweat at all; you only have to insert a monetary unit into the machine. After that, it drops on the platform packed with others. Then, a small metal rod moves forward and backwards, pushing the coins. At the end of the platform, there’s a slope. The goal is for the metal rod to keep forcing the coins until they fall off. Those that drop represent the reward that you receive.

The History of Coin Pushers in Casinos

Coin pushers have been available since the late 1960s. The first arcade game of this type was invented between 1962 and 1964. Soon after, AU casinos saw the potential and acquired as many as possible.

The first penny pushers were inspired by shovels that excavated the earth, so this is how they worked. They were used to dig various prizes like candies. Over time, the rewards were changed into whatever was trendy. During the ’70s and ’80s, cigarettes became a popular feature, so they became a joint prize.

Then came the 90s and 2000s, when these arcade games had a revolution. Developers added cool visual and musical effects to the machines, and instead of offering various products as rewards, they started giving out cash. This is when they had a breakthrough among casinos in Australia.

Are Coin Pushers Approved in Australia?

The gambling jurisdiction in the Land Down Under differs between states. By and large, you’re allowed to join skill-based games at casinos but prohibited to play luck-based ones.

Coin pushers contain elements of skill and chance. The act of timing your penny drops to maximise their effectiveness involves skill. However, the outcome, which coins are pushed off the edge and how many, is influenced by chance due to the physics of the machine.

You don’t need permits to play coin pushers in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, or Western Australia. For other AU territories, this casino engagement may be restricted.

Casinos Featuring Coin Pushers

If you are going outside the Aussiland, you might want to know the destinations where you can find coin cascades at casinos. For example, in the US, there are 5 states that consider them fully legal. Seven extra require special licences for entities that want to place these machines. Unfortunately, 30 states deem them illegal. A few casinos where you can come across these games are:

  1. The Tropicana Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  2. Ameristar Casino, Council Bluffs, IA
  3. Victory Casino Cruises, Cape Canaveral, FL
  4. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa, FL
  5. Grand Casino Mille Lacs, Onamia, MN
  6. Kewadin Casinos, Manistique, MI

If you are planning to have a nostalgic casino experience while going abroad, familiarise yourself with the local laws first. Note that some of these machines may be out of service at the time of your visit, thus address your planned casinos for information updates.

Coin Pusher Games Strategies

Coin pushers are pretty straightforward; there is no specific strategy you can use to win them. Yet, we compiled a list of the main tips that will help you get the most out of the game:

  • The More Coins the Better: Find a platform packed with a lot of coins. The general logic is that the more of them are, the higher the chances of them being pushed down by the metal rod.
  • Get the Hang of the Game: Before starting, grasp how the game operates. Comprehending the mechanics can increase your winning perspectives.
  • Aim for the Edge: Always target the edge. Coins that drop off the border are often more valuable than the rest.
  • Pick the Right Time: An essential thing in coin pusher gaming is when you drop your coins. They won’t push the other coins well if you dip them too soon or late. The best idea is to plunge them just before the last moment.
  • Know Your Limit: Recognise when to call it quits because setting a limit is crucial. Decide on a budget and leave the game once you hit it.

Coin Pushers Compared to Other Casino Games

Popular casino games in Australia — slot machines are the closest product to a coin pusher. When it comes to the gameplay, these two are similar. You place your bet and wait for the outcome; you cannot influence the round. One slight difference is that you can come across free slot machines online. Demo versions allow you to play without wagering real money.

Moreover, pokie machines have tons of bonus features – free spins, gamble rounds, special symbols, progressive jackpots, etc. With coin pushers, the rules are simple. There aren’t any extra features.

Regarding skills, coin pushers might have the advantage, and here’s why. When playing a pokie casino game, the whole outcome is based on an RNG. When you place your bet, you have to wait and see if you hit a winning combination. With coin pushers, you can find a game with more coins on the platform. Hence, when the rod starts pushing, the coins might drop.

Finally, if you are after the big rewards, online pokies prevail. Coin pushers are more about entertainment. High rollers chase after the biggest jackpots, so they prefer playing progressive slots.

Are Coin Pushers Available Online?

It is possible to try this game online, as apps on AppStore and Google Play Store offer social coin pusher activities. You can play them for fun only, because they still need to be transformed into online casino gameplay. While they might not capture the same physical excitement of dropping coins and seeing the pile shift, these entertainment activities offer a decent alternative.

The Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the fact that coin pusher machine games in Australia are entertaining and fun. You should be more than open to trying them out at the casinos of your interest. As we saw in this article, they are legal in many Australian states, and you can find them at land-based casinos. The main thing that you ought to remember is that whenever you enjoy them, you should play responsibly and manage your bankroll.

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