Do Casinos Allow Martingale – Full Explanation

The appeal of most online casino games lies in the ability to implement specific strategies and improve betting involvement. These approaches do not guarantee you win but might increase the chances of landing a payout. A highly-favoured choice among players is the Martingale system. It is commonly used in roulette and other games where the theoretical chances of hitting a win are approximately 50-50. In this article, we will review the system in detail, explaining its mechanism and determining the legality of usage at casino sites.

What Is the Martingale System

The Martingale system started in France in the 18th century and is believed to have originated from the French word, which described a strap used to secure a horse’s reins. The idea of the Martingale system in probability theory was first introduced by Paul Levy in 1934. Nowadays, it is often applied in games such as roulette, where players bet on outcomes like red or black, odd or even, or specific numbers.

The system is based on doubling your bet amount every time you lose a round. For instance, you are playing online roulette at the chosen casino site. You want to bet on red and place A$2 on it. Once the Random Number Generator (RNG) spins the wheel and throws the ball, it stops on a black number. Now you are AU$2 down. To compensate for it, you place an AU$4 bet on red in the next round, then AU$8, AU$16, etc. You do this until you hit a winning combination. Once it happens, you are back to square one.

One thing that is worth mentioning here is that there’s also the reverse Martingale system. This mode works on the same principle. The only difference is that instead of doubling your bet when losing a round, you double the wager when you win.

Do Online Casinos Allow Using the Martingale System?

The eternal question surrounding Martingale strategies is whether they are allowed at online casinos. After all, certain methods, such as card counting in blackjack, are forbidden. That is not the case with the Martingale gambling system, though.

It is perfectly legal, and you can use it whenever you play a casino game with a 1 in 2 winning chance. This approach doesn’t change the house edge; you only adjust your wager size, not more. The same goes for the reverse Martingale method.

Can the Martingale System Bring You Profits?

There is a constant discussion about the profitability of this method. Some gamblers say that it can guarantee great winnings. They insist that increasing wagers after losses can eventually lead to victory and compensate for the previous wastes. This is logically right, but it is essential to note the hidden drawbacks. Typically, online casinos have bet limits, making doubling the bets impossible in the long run. This fact reduces the efficiency of the strategy, making it work only for short-time betting.

The Martingale system may require a huge bankroll. After all, each outcome is based on luck. Even though your chances of winning are 50%, that doesn’t mean that you will win a round on every two bets.

A 50% winning rate may also mean that you will win 5 in a row and then lose 5 in a row. Depending on your luck, you may have to bet hundreds of AUD before you can snatch a profit.

The opponents stand for an anti-Martingale approach, where gamblers should double the wagers after a victory rather than a loss. Contrary to the previous one, it can maximise winning potential by promoting ongoing winnings.

The Martingale system’s profitability depends on many factors. Although it can work for some people, apply this tactic wisely and set realistic expectations.

Positives and Negatives of Martingale System

Like any other gambling strategy, this one is subject to certain advantages and disadvantages. Further, we will reveal both sides of the story. After all, our goal is to be transparent and honest with Aussie players and help them get familiar with all functions related to online casino gaming.

The main pros include the following:

  • It is simple and easy to comprehend and apply, as players do not need a deep understanding of the casino games to use this method.
  • It is fully legal at online casinos.
  • The approach works great for short playing sessions and can appeal to players looking for a quick strategy within a limited time.
  • It can increase your winning chances.
  • The strategy suits newcomers willing to offset the losses and master the game.

The essential cons involve the subsequent:

  • It requires a big bankroll because you need funds to continue doubling your bets when you lose.
  • There are no guaranteed wins, as each bet is its own thing, and you can keep losing and not get your money back.
  • It is unsuitable for long gameplay because every bet in a game remains subject to the house edge.
  • The casino typically imposes bet limits to prevent gamblers from losing too much. If you hit the limit, you cannot use the strategy anymore.

Martingale Casino System – FAQs

Is the Martingale system allowed at online casinos?

Yes, using the Martingale system is allowed. This strategy is legal, and you don’t have to be afraid of any consequences when implementing it to increase your winning chances.

Is the Martingale method a wise choice?

The Martingale strategy is a good choice because it is simple to understand and usable on basic bets. The main downside is that you may need a huge bankroll when trying to break even or make a profit.

What are the chances of losing a bet with the Martingale strategy?

Since the Martingale system is usable on bets with a 50% chance of winning, the chances of losing are also 50%. That doesn’t mean every second bet is winning or losing. You may win 5 in a row but also lose 5 in a row.

How does the Martingale strategy work?

The Martingale strategy is based on doubling your bet every time you lose a round. You increase your amount by two until you hit a winning combination.

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