How to Wager a Casino Bonus

Almost every casino perk comes with betting conditions. And the main concern of a newbie is typically how to wager casino bonus and what exactly wagering means. That’s what our gambling experts are going to reveal in this article. We hand-picked the data for weeks to provide a comprehensive breakdown. Our team will guide you on meeting wagering requirements and offer additional insights unavailable elsewhere. Read on to stay on top of things.

What Is a Wager?

You should first know what a wager represents to understand wagering requirements better. In online casino terms, a wager is an amount of money or chips that a player bets on particular casino games or outcomes. In other words, it is the money stake a gambler puts on the line in the hopes of winning.

About Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are conditions commonly associated with deposit bonuses and other promotions offered by a reputable online casino. They represent the real funds you should play through to withdraw bonus money winnings. The general idea surrounding wagering requirements is that the lower they are, the better. Lower betting conditions make using and enjoying the money you win from the bonus easier.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

The maths for every bonus wagering requirement is simple. To calculate the funds you should play with before the cashout, multiply the deposit you use to claim the bonus by the requirements figure. This is the formula players can apply:

(Bonus Amount) + (Initial Deposit) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total bet

As to the free spins, the betting rules are applied to the money you win from this kind of bonus. Failure to meet these rules within the specified time typically results in losing the bonus funds and related winnings.

How to Beat Wagering Requirements

Unfortunately, there’s no specific strategy for beating wagering requirements. However, there are ways through which you can use them to your advantage:

  • Select a Casino: The wagering requirement amount varies between casinos. Moreover, some of them may impose limits on your bonus winnings. So, we recommend choosing reputable casinos with favourable wagering requirement rules. You can pick one from our website, as we always select the best names in the industry with the most appealing casino bonus wagering requirements.
  • Choose the Game Carefully: As mentioned above, the game contribution differs too. Slots referred to as “pokies” in Australia” typically have 100% contribution, meaning that for every AU$1 you wager, the contribution will reduce by AU$1. Playing table games with a 50% contribution suggests that every AU$1 wager will reduce the contribution by AU$0.5.
  • Consider a Wager-Free Casino: If you don’t want to worry about wagering requirement rules, you can opt for a casino with no betting conditions. Although the bonus amount won’t be significant, you won’t need to meet any requirements before cashing out. Check our list of no wagering casino sites for more details.

Calculating Your Wagering Requirements

Let us explain how to calculate the wagering requirement ratio by using an example. As a case in point, you want to claim the welcome bonus with AU$20 minimum deposit and 35x playthrough conditions.

Upon making the minimum deposit of AU$20, the casino automatically transfers bonus money to your account. After you use these funds to play online slot machines, you win a prize and are ready to withdraw it. This is where bonus wagering requirements come into play. Based on your deposit and the requirements, you should stake AU$700 (AU$20×35). If the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of the welcome bonus state that it is valid for 14 days, you should wager the mentioned amount within those two weeks.

Tips for Casino Bonus Wagering

So far, we have focused on the technical part of wagering contribution. In this section, we will share several tips to help you have a more pleasant experience with online casino wagering bonuses.

Pick Bonuses with Favourable Terms

Each offer at online casinos has numerous terms, including minimum deposit, eligible games, validity period, maximum bet and win, etc. So, you shouldn’t just focus on how to complete wagering requirements; read the rest of the conditions to see whether the promo is easy to claim and benefit from.

Check Wagering Conditions

Regarding the contribution, the general idea is to search for online casino offers with low requirements. That way, you won’t have to play with too much money to meet them. Low wagering typically refers to anything below x30. The average and most popular wagering multiplier is x35.

Determine the Bonus Profitability

Calculating the bonus amount profitability involves assessing the terms and conditions of the offer together with the game’s house edge, plus performing some basic maths.

Let’s suppose that:

  • Promo: AU$200 reward for a $50 deposit
  • Rollover Requirement: AU$5,000
  • House Edge: 2.7% (roulette)

An example of the calculation is the following:

  • House Edge Loose = AU$5,000 × 0.027 = $135
  • Ultimate Balance = AU$50 deposit + AU$200 bonus – AU$135 = AU$115
  • Supposed Win Amount = AU$115 – AU$50 deposit = AU$65

Selecting a Deposit Amount for Claiming a Casino Bonus

The deposit size depends on whether you are a casual player or a high roller. We always recommend our readers set their wagers to the minimum limit. This approach makes it easier to meet the rollover requirements.

The lower the deposit is, the lower the bonus cash will be. Each match offer is based on a percentage. If you claim a 100% match offer with an AU$20 deposit, you will receive an extra AU$20 to play with. But if you deposit more, then the bonus funds also increase.

High rollers tend to deposit large sums to receive a lot of bonus money. They have no issues using the wagering requirements calculator because they make a lot of bets and are eager to put money into their gaming.

Consider Hidden Conditions

Some online casinos include hidden conditions applied to the bonus. These terms are put in general T&Cs, and players typically do not even pay attention to them. Hidden conditions can be anything from bet and winning limits to eligible games and accepted payment methods. Furthermore, there may be a condition requiring you to wager real and bonus money, which is obviously not a good bang for your buck. Pay extra attention and do not skip a line when reading T&Cs.

Monitor Your Bonus Wagering Development

Each casino allows you to track the progress of the contribution as you play. Open it frequently to see whether you will meet it by the specified deadline.

Don’t Cancel the Bonus Once you Win

Each bonus has a “cancel” option when you claim it. If you conclude that the games on which the offer is valid are not something you’re interested in, you can cancel it anytime. However, do not do that if you happen to win a prize. If you do this, the casino will likely cancel all your money, including the cash you won.

Keep Your Bets Low

To improve your gameplay, try betting less each time you play to have more rounds and less sudden ups and downs. Note that such types of bets will require much time to satisfy wagering requirement rules. Ensure a balance that reflects your comfort with risk and the time at your disposal. If you’re a newcomer, start by 1% money betting until you are sure how to play.

Avoid Bonuses You Don’t Like

A certain bonus can help you win real money, but it may not apply to your favourite games. Alternatively, the betting requirements might be high. Whatever the case, if you are not too happy with its offerings, you should not claim it. Using bonuses on games you are unfamiliar with only increases the losing chances.

Fulfil KYC If Necessary

Licensed online casinos are required to verify the identities of their customers. This is a KYC standard (Know Your Customer), and the goal is to make sure the players are real people of legal age. To verify your account, you will likely have to send the following documents:

  • Photo of your ID (front and back), driving licence or passport
  • Proof of address
  • Utility bill in your name, usually not older than 6 months

Once you upload the documents, the verification team will review and accept them within 72 hours. If you don’t complete this process, the casino will not allow you to cash out any potential winnings with your bonus money. If there’s no precise information on how you can verify your identity, you can always contact customer support.

Extra Terms Affecting the Bonus Wagering

When using the bonus money amount, it is important not to focus overly on the wagering requirements. Each promo also has other terms and conditions, many of which are connected to the contribution. Let’s have a closer look to help you get a good grasp.

Bet Size Limits

Playing with the bonus money, you might have maximum bet size limits. The bonus limit prevails even if the game’s max bet limit is higher than the one specified in the promo.

Win Limits

The bet size limit brings us to another cap — if you are restricted in terms of how much money you can stake, then a cap on the maximum amount you can win also follows.

Game Weighting Percentages

Online casinos feature many games – online pokies, instant win games, live games, table games, etc. Some have a 100% contribution towards wagering, and some don’t. These percentages vary based on the casino’s T&Cs. Consider this condition carefully to meet the wagering requirements and withdraw your bonus money winnings.

Excluded Games

Sometimes, you cannot use the bonus money on all titles. The casino will feature a list of eligible games in the T&Cs, and you can only play them with certain casino bonuses.

How to Wager Casino Bonus – FAQs

What is a wager amount?

A wager amount is the real money stake you should play with at an online casino before you can cash out potential winnings. To calculate wagering requirements, multiply your deposit amount by the contribution multiplier.

Do I need to wager a bonus amount?

If the terms and conditions of the bonus state that a wagering contribution is present, then you should meet it. You don't have unlimited time as well. Casino bonuses have a validation period; your bonus money will be lost if you cross the deadline.

How can I track my progress towards completing the wagering requirement?

Casino bonuses usually have a progress metre that tells you how much contribution you’ve completed. Typically, it is expressed in percentages. You can contact customer support to receive the latest update if this option is unavailable.

What is a reasonable wagering requirement?

Reasonable bonus money wagering requirements are somewhere around x35. Casino promos frequently have wagering requirement rules between x30 and x40. Anything above x40 is considered high.

How to beat casino wagering requirements?

There’s no specific strategy on how to beat wagering requirements. The most efficient way is to play slots for real money as they have a 100% contribution so that you will meet the wagering requirements quicker.

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