What are the Most Drawn Keno Numbers?

Keno players in Australia have long wondered about hot numbers and cold numbers in the game, as well as trying to pick the most frequent winning numbers. But is there a secret to selecting winning Keno numbers, or is it all simply a matter of luck? Aussies will want to know which numbers have the highest frequency of being drawn, as well as which have the lowest frequency in the game. In keno games, the aim is to apply a proper strategy and guess the outcome of a draw of 80 different balls, which are pulled out entirely at random.

Lottery and Keno games are becoming more and more popular in Australia and around the world these days. Players are trying to find an edge to come out on top at online casinos. Is there a regular pattern when it comes to drawing numbers in the Keno game and what else should people know before they opt to play and guess a winning set of numbers? Our guide to the most common numbers in Keno has all the answers, so read on for more information about what to do to learn how to play Keno at online casino sites in Australia.

Most Drawn Keno Numbers

The Chances of Predicting a Keno Number

Keno is a form of the lottery, where twenty numbers are drawn out from a total of 80 balls.

The Keno game is rapidly becoming one of the most popular to play at casino sites in Australia, with players drawn to the chance to win a significant amount of real money.

With Keno being a relaxing game to play, it is no wonder many are now trying their luck. Some might just opt to go for their favourite numbers in Keno, whereas others might try out some sort of Keno strategy in a bid to attempt to win the game.

Some Keno players in Australia might even resort to using mathematics to try to guess the frequent state draws numbers in Keno as well. But which of the twenty balls come out is not easy to predict, even if players might guess that they have a 1 in 4 chance to get things right out of the 80 balls in a Keno game.

While that is accurate, the chance of getting two numbers right is just 1 in 17, which goes to show how difficult it can be to win games of Keno at Australian online casino sites.

Working Out the Most Drawn Keno Number

Aussies who are hoping to play Keno and use research to try to select the most frequent winning numbers in the game will be interested to learn the data that is out there.

A study in New Zealand, for example, has found that there might be certain cold numbers and hot numbers, which are statistically shown to come up more often than others. Data was collected by assessing the results of many thousands of different games of Keno online.

So let’s have a look at the most common numbers to come out, according to that research that was carried out in New Zealand a few years ago:

  1. 27 (25.59%)
  2. 35 (25.53%)
  3. 65 (25.52%)
  4. 50 (25.50%)
  5. 12 (25.48%)
  6. 32 (25.46%)
  7. 40 (25.45%)
  8. 49 (25.45%)
  9. 3 (25.44%)
  10. 31 (25.39%)

What can we learn from this? The difference between how often numbers come up is small.

The Best Ways to Predict Lotto Numbers for Keno

With all of the above information in mind, what should Australian online casino players be thinking of when they are choosing numbers in a game of Keno?

While the research conducted in nearby New Zealand shows that some hot numbers do seem to come up more often than others that might be considered to be cold, the data suggests there is not that much difference between any of them.

This makes a lot of sense as the numbers that come out of the draw in a game of Keno at an online casino site are picked completely randomly.

The outcome of a game of Keno is down to the draw of a random number generator, so it makes sense that numbers have an equal chance. In this regard, the game works in the same way as online pokies or a game of blackjack or roulette.

While Keno can be seen as an opportunity to win some real cash, players in Australia should remember that it is a game that can never guarantee success – it is all down to luck. A Keno pattern might be handy as a way to pick numbers, but it will not definitely result in a win.

Even sticking to the list of the most drawn numbers in the game, such as those from the New Zealand study that we talked about earlier, does not mean a player will win.

The chances of the number 1 coming up in the draw are exactly the same as the number 80 coming up. Keno patterns may therefore not be particularly useful to use in the game.

As a result, it might be wise to simply treat a game as nothing more than a bit of fun. Players might instead just pick their favourite numbers or those that they deem to be lucky.

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