How To Choose A Winning Pokier Machine?

Pokies are one of the most popular games among Australian players, as many new and seasoned gamblers enjoy spinning the reels in online pokies for real money. Classic slots of the past have evolved into modern video slots, megaways, and jackpot slots with elaborate bonus features. The difficulty and payout potential of these vary hugely depending on the type of game you play.

Despite some differences in slots, all of them are based on random numbers generator (RNG) technology. It means, that each outcome of the game is unpredictable, so there is no way you can rig these machines in your favour. Since only a little strategy is involved, playing slots without a win for a long might make you lose interest.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks from experts that can let you have an edge when playing them. Keep reading and try to apply these tips to increase your winning odds.

Choose Machines With High Payouts

Slot developers specify the RTP percentage against each game. RTP or Return to Player means the average payout you can expect when playing the casino game. These details are available in the information section of the slot. However, this percentage is just an estimate calculated by simulating the slot machines for a long time.

We recommend you to pick slots with a higher RTP to have a better chance of winning. For example, you have a Ugga Bugga slot with 99% RTP. If you spend AU$ 100 on this pokie game, you can expect to receive AU$ 99 back, but you must play the game for a considerably long time to mimic this result.

Check Player Reviews

A winning slot machine is not just the money you can earn; you should also have an enjoyable experience while spinning the reels. Players should conduct online research to know about the look and feel of online pokies before playing them. Modern software providers have been using new bonus features in slot machines to break the monotony, but these might make the gameplay difficult to comprehend.

Before playing pokies, you can find tips and tricks from reviews and comments of past players. Through them, you will also learn about the payouts earned by an average player and take your playing decision accordingly.

Consider Volatility

Another essential thing to consider when picking a winning pokie machine is the volatility. It indicates whether a pokie game wins a consistent or relatively volatile payout. A volatile payout might mean you win nothing on one day but grab a huge payout on the other.

Considering the volatility of the slot machine can help you to determine your playing strategy and the amount of money you are willing to risk. Low volatility machines offer smaller but frequent wins, while high volatility machines will give bigger wins but not often. If you are not a risk-taker, you would prefer a low-volatility pokie machine. However, you can choose medium to high-volatility slot machine games if you don’t mind losing in anticipation of a winning streak.

Don’t be Lax with Your Budget

Due to the very nature of online gambling, you might be inclined to go overboard with your budget when playing slot games. You might be induced to spend more hoping to unveil exciting bonus games and features. But it’s important to remember that online slot games should be played primarily for fun.

Set a budget for yourself and stay within the limit. Many Australian online casino sites encourage people for responsible gambling by helping them set a playing budget for a day, week, and so on. Problem gamblers can even restrict themselves completely from spending on the site for a specified period. It helps to prevent financial problems and have a safe playtime.

Branded Pokie Games Do not Pay Well

Branded pokie games are themed on known brands. For example, Guns N Roses- themed on the famous American hard rock band, Game of Thrones Power Stacks, and the Goonies Return-based on the popular movie. You might quickly connect to a branded pokie machine, but experts say these rarely pay well. Their RTP would hover around 96%, so you should avoid them if you want a winning pokie machine.

You might wonder why branded slot machine games pay differently than others. There is no apparent reason for that. One possible explanation could be that developers have to pay considerable sums in royalty to get the rights to copy and re-create the theme into an online pokie. However, once the branded slot machines are introduced, they get an instant audience with little marketing.

Aim at Smaller Jackpots

While you would always eye at the best pokie machine with a huge jackpot prize, striking it is not always possible. Instead, you should opt for slot machines that promise smaller jackpots, as you get a high probability of winning them.

You can go for megaways slot games that simultaneously create multiple winning combinations. Rather than going for progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, choose fixed jackpot games. Progressive jackpot pokie games certainly have a vast featured jackpot, but you should know that many players playing at casino websites worldwide are competing for that big jackpot.

Video Reels vs. Mechanical Reels

A majority of modern slot machines are video slots only. Still, many seasoned gamblers enjoy the feel of playing on mechanical reels, which are manually spun by moving a lever. When it comes to a winning slot machine, you will be surprised to know that these pay better than most modern slot machines. Video slots have lower odds of winning compared to classic mechanical slot games.

Don’t Overlook Promotions at Online Casinos

Players overlook bonus offers, considering them merely stunts of casino websites to extract more money. But that is not the case. Bonuses are as much beneficial to the casinos as these benefit you. Casinos get more customers when you are attracted to these offers, and you get additional funds to bet.

You should always look for online casino sites offering generous bonus options. Once you found it, review the offered welcome bonus for new players and ensure there are deposit bonuses in the form of reload offers for existing players. The other offers you can check out could be free spins no deposit, cashback, and special seasonal offers. You can also review if the site features pokie machines tournaments, loyalty rewards or benefits under their VIP program.

Place High Bets

If you have the budget and the daring, you can place high bets in pokie games with high RTP. Playing slot machines offers enough chances of winning big. You can win cash prizes or strike off progressive jackpots. If the payoff is substantial in casino games, the chances of winning the bet improve. High stakes can be risky, but they are worth the risk if you make smart decisions and take advantage of bonuses.

Use Demo Games and Free Spins

Free online pokies help players understand the game mechanics well, so they are better placed when playing slots online with real money. You can check if the casino sites offer demo games and if free spins are provided on a slot of your choice.

You can understand how the various bonus features work, what symbols (wild, scatter, or bonus symbols) to watch out for, and how winning combinations are created. Moreover, you can better estimate your potential payouts by looking at the increase in your bonus credits.

Play the Maximum Coins

Some features or mini-games of pokie machines can be only triggered when playing with the maximum bet. The best pokie machine offers a vast betting limit, so your wins are not restricted. Further, when multipliers come into action, high stakes can convert to hefty payouts.

It is essential to know the betting range of casino games if the paylines are fixed or flexible, and how to set the coin limit and value before beginning to play. We recommend carefully reading the rules of the slot you pick to make informed decisions.

Know Your Comfort Zone

Whether it is betting or anything else, you should know what you are comfortable with and avoid overestimating yourself. You should play at nominal stakes without expanding your budget much. Focus more on enjoyment than earning money; you should never chase your losses to convert them into a win.


In the massive world of online slot machines, you can use the strategies above to pick a winning pokie machine and avoid disappointment later on. Check RTP to estimate your average payout and volatility according to your risk potential. Always try out demo games before playing with real money to have a feel for the game you are playing.

A branded pokie is rarely considered a heavy winning slot machine, so you should avoid them if you are playing to win money. And lastly, take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions to get the best out of your money. In all cases, avoid getting over the top with your budget and play within your limits.

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