Everything You Need To Know About Pokies Lines

Pokies always change in terms of bonus features, graphics, gameplay, etc. However, there is something constant in them — slots lines. They always represent the patterns where you land symbols to secure a winning combination. Of course, for you to receive a win, you have to land identical symbols from left to right, or anyway, depending on the pokies machine in question. Pokies paylines do not always represent one horizontal line; they can be completely different patterns. The majority of best pokies online require you to land 3 identical symbols, but certain pokies ask for just two. With all that in mind, our gambling experts have gathered all the essential data for you to look a little beyond the scenes of pokie online games.

How Pokie Machines Operate

When you start playing a pokie machine, you first notice reels. They are like the screen where you see different symbols. These symbols are usually related to the theme of the pokie machine. As to the lines, these elements determine how you can win. They are like pathways that connect the symbols on the reels. Depending on which symbols appear on a line, you can win different prizes.

Before you start your online pokie gameplay, there are a few other key terms you need to be aware of:

  • Random Number Generator (RNG): Every slot machine runs on RNG, meaning that all outcomes are fair and random.
  • Wilds: These elements help online casino players complete winning combinations on the paylines by replacing regular symbols. For instance, if you’re playing a 5-reel slot and have four identical symbols together with a wild, the last will complete the combination by taking the same shape as the other four.
  • Scatters: These are special symbols that typically trigger the free spins bonus round in the slot machine. In certain slot games, scatter symbols can unlock a variety of exciting perks, like bonus games, re-spins, or multipliers.
  • Bonus Symbols: Like with the scatters, these symbols help you trigger a special bonus feature. Typically, they come in the form of bonus games with substantial prize pools.
  • Theme: Slot themes can vary widely, ranging from classic fruit machines to popular movies or TV shows. Pokie machine themes are often reflected in the symbols, graphics, sound effects, and bonus features of online pokies, adding an element of storytelling and entertainment to the gameplay.

Understanding the Pokies Lines

Knowing how slot paylines work may give you the edge when playing real money casino games. In slots, a payline is a predetermined pattern on the reels where winning combinations can happen. The slot machine’s paytable lists the specific combinations that result in a win and shows the corresponding payouts for those combinations. Paylines can come in different shapes, such as straight or diagonal lines, zig-zag patterns, or vertical lines. Regardless of the shape, there are two main types of paylines in slots. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Fixed Paylines

Playing with fixed payline slots means that you should wager on all the paylines before spinning the reels. The game automatically divides your bet evenly across the paylines.

Variable Paylines

The adjustable or variable paylines offer you more flexibility in your gameplay, as you have the chance to choose the lines you want to bet on. This can be very helpful for players on a smaller bankroll as they can reduce the paylines by a few to match the lowest possible bet.

Traditional vs Modern Pokie Machines

The evolution of online slots has brought plenty of changes in the gambling world. Of course, there are striking differences between mechanical and modern slot machines, all in terms of gameplay, rewards, simplicity, etc. Refer to our table below to learn more about the distinctions.

Traditional Pokies Modern Pokies
Fixed jackpots Progressive jackpots
Available at brick-and-mortar casinos Can be played at online casinos 24/7
No additional bonus rounds Bonus rounds, free spins, etc. are available
Limited paylines Multiple paylines, which means more chances to win
Classic themes and simple graphics Enhanced graphics, immersive themes, and sound effects

Pokies Lines – FAQs

What is the max number of paylines slots have?

The number of slot paylines can range from just a single line to thousands in other cases. Some slot machines offer fixed paylines, meaning all lines are active and cannot be adjusted, while others allow players to choose the number of active paylines.

What distinguishes payline from paytable in slots?

A paytable in a slot machine will show you the exact value of a winning symbol combination, alongside information about special bonus rounds such as free spins. On the other hand, win lines show you the patterns in which you need to land those symbols to win.

Are multi-line slots more profitable?

The bigger number of win lines doesn’t mean you will definitely win more in a multi-payline pokie. The size of your bet determines the payout, not the number of slot paylines.

Where can I locate a certain slot game's payline list?

Every pokie has the number of win lines explained in the technical information of the game itself. You can also find this on the last page of the paytable.

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