What Is Social Gambling?

Social gambling is the most recent type of online gaming, which allows players to compete against each other in virtual competitions. It combines elements of both traditional casino games and online gaming, creating a unique experience for gamers. In recent years, social gambling has grown in popularity, and numerous websites now provide a variety of social gaming options.

The term “social gambling” refers to any online game that involves either direct or indirect interaction between players on social media sites. Unlike traditional gambling, this type doesn’t involve real money and is done purely for fun and entertainment purposes. To know more about the social type of casino games, read our expert review.

Types of Social Casino Games Available

The easiest way to learn what types of casino games are available on social casino platforms is by thinking of your favourite genres. Your preferred game type is virtually guaranteed to be playable at most reputable social casinos. From classic casino games such as slots and poker to more modern offerings like bingo and virtual scratch cards, there is something for everyone. Our team compiled a list of games you can play on social casino apps and websites. Here it is:

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Table games
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Card games
  • Instant wins
  • Bingo

How Do Social Casinos Make Money?

Like any business, social casinos are profit-driven. But, as they are free to play online casino platforms, developers are tasked with formulating new ways to charge players. Social casino games monetise by offering players to purchase chips or coins with real money. Players can also buy special bonuses, exclusive games, and virtual items.

In-App Credit Purchases

In-app purchases are the ability for players to purchase virtual currency, items, and other features within the game. This allows players to progress faster in the game and get better rewards. With social casino apps, you can choose to pay to continue playing via app purchases or wait until your account has been granted free credits (this usually occurs every 24 hours).

Partnerships & Advertising

Another way that many social online casinos use is advertising. In short, social gambling platforms are paid by other businesses to advertise their products on the platform. This is pretty standard across the Internet, yet it remains a hugely profitable method of operation.

Social Casinos vs Gambling

While these platforms may appear similar as they both offer casino games – the reality is that they are distinctly different.

Social casino apps and websites are not used by players to make money. While it is true that the casino games available are inspired by those present at real money casinos, winnings earned from social casino games are not withdrawable or usable as a real-life currency. In fact, you can play at a social casino for years without spending a single penny by availing of the free credits that are handed out.

This is in contrast to paying to play online casinos. Money is necessary on these sites and apps as you must deposit and wager your cash in an attempt to win more money. Moreover, bonuses on standard casino apps require cash deposits and act as a potential vector for additional winnings, whereas social gaming apps do not offer real money rewards and bonuses.

As our team can sum up: social casino sites are for casual casino gamers who do not want to risk losing money, while non-social online casinos are entirely money-based and for bettors who want a profit-centric gambling experience.

Social Casino Player Statistics

People from all walks of life enjoy free social casino games every day. Young people are stereotypically up to date with the latest apps and technology, giving them an advantage over older generations but data from the Mobile Games Index 2023 tells us that this stereotype does not translate to greater numbers of younger adults participating in social casino gaming.

Those aged 40+ make up the majority of the player base on sites with social casino games. Interestingly, younger players (20 and under) spend a greater amount of time on social casino platforms per day, with men playing for a smaller amount of time compared to women. On average, the longest playtime is enjoyed by people from Asian countries, followed by Europe in second and Africa in third.

Position of the Australian Government on Social Gambling

Despite outcry from government officials, casino apps focused on social gaming are not subject to gambling regulation laws in Australia. This means that the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 does not apply to publishers seeking to sell social casino services within the country.

Why don’t these laws apply to social gambling? It all comes down to wording within the regulations. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 states that gambling is defined as a game that is “played for money or anything else of value”. In-game credits are not considered valuable in day-to-day life.

Final Thoughts on Social Gambling

Our team finds social gambling to be an excellent alternative to pay-to-play casinos. Players need not worry about bankrolls, wagering requirements for withdrawals, deposit methods, payment issues, or losing money. Instead, the only thing of concern is having fun. So, if you want to play exciting casino games without losing money, social casino apps are ideal.


What are Social Casino Games?

Social casino games are free casino games that are played to win in-game credits instead of money. Players do not need to pay to play games on these platforms.

Why play social casino games?

The driving reason for the existence of social casino apps is to give players the chance to play slots, table games and other popular casino genres without spending money.

What are the best social casino gambling companies?

Zynga, Playtika, Moon Active, and SciPlay are big players in the social casino gaming space. These companies generate huge revenue figures year-on-year, with Zynga boasting almost $ 90 million U.S. Dollars in 2022.

What are the consequences of unlawful social gaming in Australia?

As social gambling does not fall under the laws outlined by the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, developers with ill intentions may find it easier to attract unsuspecting players. Playing at such sites may result in lost money, fraudulent activity and potential legal ramifications.

How do I spot an illegal gambling platform?

Always look for licensing and security information, and also examine the laws of your local area. Real money casinos must obtain a license in order to operate, while social casino platforms should have security protocols in place to protect user information.

Do I have to pay to play at social casinos?

Social casino apps are free to use. You can choose to pay for additional in-app credits, but this is not a requirement.

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