Why Are There Holes in Some Playing Cards?

The gambling industry is the most developed in the world, making huge profits annually. Regarding money safety, casinos make great investments to prevent cheaters from outsmarting them and gaining an unfair advantage. However, some people go beyond just knowing how to gamble with cards and try to defraud the casino in more elaborate ways. Read on to explore some common methods casinos use to prevent fraud in their establishments, starting with holes in cards.

Why Do Casinos Puncture Their Cards?

Let’s start with the basics, answering the first question that often comes to mind: “Why do casinos drill holes in cards?” The answer is pretty simple – to ensure players cannot reuse playing cards and gain an unfair lead. Using such marked cards can seriously affect the fairness of the game. As you should know, the casinos need a certain advantage (known as the house edge), so the odds are always in their favour.

Furthermore, casinos make extra revenue with used cards. They sell them to the public but always mark them well enough. This way, dealers can instantly spot cards if they return to the game.

How Often Do Casinos Change Cards?

Australian casinos have hundreds of tables and games with several decks. So, they go through a lot of cards each day. So, what cards do casinos use? As a rule, casinos avoid using the same cards repeatedly because they can be somehow damaged during the game. Furthermore, gamblers can mark them for cheating purposes. The changing frequency depends on the casino. But generally, an unwritten principle is that a reputable live casino Australia substitutes them every couple of hours. Nowadays, some establishments started using strong decks in plastic coating, which are harder to damage. Despite this advantage, even solid cards have a shelf life, so they need to be replaced regularly.

Do Casinos Get Rid of Old Cards?

Casinos are perfect at making money, so it wouldn’t make sense just to throw away used cards. Instead, they drill holes and sell them. As these cards are branded, they’re actually worth more than regular ones. So, casinos even end up making more money from this.

Are Casino Cards Reusable?

Playing cards used in casinos are forbidden for reuse. Instead, they are marked as one of the anti-theft and fraud procedures by the establishment. The casino regularly inspects and replaces worn or marked cards to maintain the integrity of the games.

Are Cancelled Cards’ Corners Cut by Casinos? 

One of the most common ways a casino mark used decks is by cutting one corner of the cards out. It is arguably much easier to sell cut casino used cards as the logo will remain intact, so it won’t have a big impact on the gameplay if people use these cards to play at home. Speaking of in-home online card playing, blackjack is one of the most popular games in Australia. However, before engaging, make sure to learn the blackjack card values, so you are better prepared when wagering your money.

Where and When Can You Buy Used Casino Cards?

Used casino playing cards are available at different spots – gift shops, corner stores, and almost every other place tourists might wander around. If you are looking for an unusual souvenir from your trip to Australia, you can always consider authentic used cards.

Other Casino Anti-Fraud Techniques

Besides playing card punch hole mechanisms and cutting corners, casinos use various methods to protect themselves against scammers. Let’s review each in detail.


Casinos often use special cameras to keep an eye on both players and dealers. These cameras help prevent unfair play and ensure the casinos follow the rules and laws.

Personnel Training

An often overlooked aspect of anti-cheating methods is personnel training. Dealers should know how to spot scammers so they go through rigorous training. This also goes for live dealer games you can find at Australian poker sites, but for different reasons – to make the game more enjoyable, as swindling is impossible while playing online.

Cards with Barcodes

Besides using cards with barcodes to cheat when playing with your fellows, you can also find invisible card barcodes in casinos they use as a security measure. This helps ensure that the correct cards are used at each table.

AI Technology

It is also worth mentioning that the rise of AI has also been helpful to the casino industry. AI security systems look at players’ behaviour, spot any anomalies or betting patterns, and flag potential scammers along the way.

Chips with Embedded RFID

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identifier. It is a hard-to-copy technology casinos use to scan the authenticity of chips used in various card games. This integration enables automated tracking of bets, payouts, and chip movement on the gaming floor, providing real-time data to casino staff.

Biometric Technology

Some casinos use biometric technology to track and identify players, such as fingerprint or face recognition, preventing people from using numerous identities or attempting to deceive.

Card Shufflers

Many casinos utilise automatic card shufflers to assure fair play and reduce the possibility of card manipulation by players or dealers. By completely randomising the deck, they are improving the fairness of card games by making it impossible to anticipate or influence the card sequence.


Casinos often put holes in cards that have been used in games. This stops people from trying to use their own cards or swap them with old ones. Casinos closely watch these marked cards, replace them when needed, and make sure games are fair. Casinos are serious about stopping cheating and always find new ways to keep things fair for everyone who comes to play.

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