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The free Pachinko slot machine is the name of a Japanese gambling device adapted for online casinos; it is some sort of a slot machine & pinball hybrid. To spin the reels, you first need to play of pinball and place the ball into certain locations. After that, the reels spun, and the rest is like the traditional slot machines. It is weird and entertaining at the same time, and if you are looking for a different slot machine game to play, Microgaming online slot Pachinko will be a splendid option. It is developed by Konami, the successful Japanese developer.

Pachinko machine by Microgaming offers you the classic 90-ball bingo experience with a theme inspired by the famous pachinko machines in Japan. It has no reels, paylines, or symbols. You just pick up to 60 numbers in each draw and hope that the draw results will match those numbers. This online pachinko machine offers a completely different experience than slot machines, and we highly recommend you try it. However, make sure to read our review and play the free demo version of the game first, so you can understand what to expect.

About Microgaming

Microgaming is known for developing the world’s first online casino software in 1994 and the first mobile casino software in 2004. In other words, it is a true pioneer of the iGaming industry. The studio owns the world’s largest progressive jackpot in the world that has paid more than 1.2 billion EUR to date. Microgaming is also a founder of the famous eCOGRA and sets the standard in fair gaming. The company offers an amazing variety when it comes to casino games, and the Pachinko machine is the proof. It is truly a different kind of game.

Pachinko Machine Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
You can win up to 5,000x total bet The name pachinko is misleading. This is a bingo-based game
Lots of bonus features are available The RTP is not on par with online slots
Colorful and easy to use interface
Fun and fast gameplay

How to Play Pachinko Slot Machine?

Pachinko is a game that is quite famous in Japan. It appeared during the 1920s and quickly became one of the most popular arcade games in the country. Today, it is possible to see pachinko saloons all over Japan; the game is even more famous than slot machines. Pachinko machine looks like a vertical pinball table. You try to guide a small ball from the top to the end.

The ball can drop any of the pockets located at the bottom of the table, and each pocket has a different prize. As can be guessed, the Pachinko game by Microgaming is nothing like that – it is actually a variant of a 90-ball bingo game. I am not sure why it is called Pachinko: Maybe a marketing choice?

The interface could be seemed like a little bit complex, but in general it a user-friendly and is clear even for the newbies. At first look you have no idea what to do. It is actually quite simple, you need to click on the “shoot” button to start to play. The longer you place your mouse over the button, the stronger the shoot will be.

For the minimum bet while playing the free Pachinko slot machine, you get 18 balls. It is possible to shoot them all at once or one by one. Your goal is to land the balls into specific locations, there are 10 of them. Each location contains a different bonus; for example, landing the ball into the box to the upper left gives x25 multiplier to your winnings. As you can see, there is also a reel in the middle with 3 symbols. You get to spin this reel only after landing the ball into a certain location and the process is automatic.

What Should You Expect from the Pachinko Game? – Winning Chances

This is not an online slot. If you are looking for a free slot machine to play, you should check the other games in our collection. The Pachinko machine is a 90-ball bingo-based game. It offers a different kind of gameplay. In order to win, you need to create winning patterns vertically or horizontally. There are 90 numbers in this game, and in each round, a total of 30 random numbers are drawn. If these numbers match the numbers on your ticket and create a winning pattern, you will be paid according to that pattern. We highly recommend trying it because it can be as fun and profitable as slot machines. However, do not forget that this is a different casino game that offers a different experience. Do not expect to play it like an online slot.

The pinball part of the games is based on pure luck, because you don’t have any control over the balls. If you are lucky enough, you get to spin the wheel. Your chances at this part are quite high, because there are only three symbols. All of them are shown with fruit pictures and landing two of the same symbols is enough to get paid. Since landing the ball into a specific location always award multipliers, your winnings are satisfactory too. We can say that the Pachinko slot machine contains “1 reel, 1 slot, and 1 pay line”.

Bonus Features

The online casino game Pachinko is based on “rounds”. Once your balls are depleted, you automatically move to the next round. Each round has a different theme and rewards. For example, the box to the upper left awards x25 multiplier in Round 1, but starts to award x300 multiplier in Round 2. Always check the paytable to see the exact numbers, because there are 8 rounds in total in the game. (X300 multiplier is the highest one available.)

Bonus Symbols. There are no bonus symbols in the game; there are only 3 symbols in the slot machine part as we mentioned above. Do not expect wild, scatter symbols or free spins bonus. Pinball mechanic is what makes the game unique.

  • Sometimes you will see some numbers on the tickets marked with yellow or orange. This means they are candidate numbers. They are called a candidate because a winning pattern will be created if that specific number is drawn next. Basically, they are showing you that a win is about to happen if you are lucky enough. Now, if there is at least one candidate for a prize that pays 8x the bet after the initial 3-ball draw, a bonus feature called Extra Ball will start. In this feature, you get a chance to purchase additional balls by playing a reveal-me game. Doing so will increase your chances of winning.
  • From time to time, a bonus pattern may be awarded on tickets. When this happens, 12 rows will turn red, and a bonus game will start. In this game, you will see a 5-level shelf filled with Maneki-Neko (cats in different colors). Each of these cats holds a Koban (a bag). And each Koban can award a prize or the exit sign. Basically, this is a pick-me game you can play until you find the exit sign. There is an exit sign on each shelf, and once you pick the prize, you can move to the upper shelf. (If you pick the exit, the game ends.) It is possible to win up to 1,450x bet per ticket value and a 400x total bet during this game.
  • You can randomly activate the free balls bonus feature too. This feature will add 5 free balls per round with no extra cost, so you will have a better chance of winning.
  • Once again, from time to time, you can randomly trigger another bonus called Wild Balls. This feature allows players to select a number not called on any ticket.
  • Lastly, you can win a fixed jackpot of 5,000 x total bet when all 4 tickets are enabled, and the bingo prize is awarded during the draw of the first 30 balls.


The Pachinko game has a different kind of paytable. The payouts are determined according to how many rows and which ones you filled. Each ticket has 15 rows in total. If you manage to fill all of them, the payout will be 20,000 coins. Otherwise, the payout will depend on the number of rows you filled and their places on the ticket. Lastly, we should mention that the payouts are dynamic. They can increase or decrease according to the bet levels. While playing with the maximum bet value, you can win between 30 and 20,000 coins.

RTP & Volatility

There is no volatility information for the Pachinko game, and this is normal: It is, after all, not a slot machine. The RTP percentages change according to the game mode. The initial draw RTP is 93.89%, but during the extra balls bonus feature, this figure increases to 96.08%.

Online Pachinko Game Can Run on any Device

Online Pachinko machine is a game developed with HTML5, so it can run on any device with a modern browser. No download is needed. You simply click the Play button to start. Whether you use iOS, Android, or Microsoft Windows, you can play the online Pachinko game without a problem and use the same features.

We would like to kindly recommend some other slots of Microgaming in case you are interested exactly in this provider. The free slots 9 Masks of Fire, Game of Thrones and Dolphin Reef slot online are of different themes and have variety of features and bonuses.

However, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the legislation considering the gambling entertainment in your country or your state. Anyway, Slotozilla restricts access to the slots that are banned in the specific area automatically, so you’ll not be able to play it; the other slots are free to play.

How to Play the Pachinko Machine?

  1. Set the bet value per ticket from the menu at the bottom left corner.
  2. Click the Play button: 30 numbers will be drawn, and if they create a winning pattern on your tickets, you will be able to see it – the patterns will be in red.
  3. Keep playing until you win a prize and/or trigger a bonus feature. You can also use the Autoplay option.

Pachinko Game Tips for Beginners

  1. Always play the game with 4 tickets. While it is possible to play with less, doing so will affect your winning chances negatively.
  2. Always play with the maximum bet amount. The payouts change according to the bet levels.
  3. Since this is a different type of casino game, play the demo version of the Pachinko game on SlotoZilla until you learn all the rules and how to play.

Playing Pachinko Game for Real

SlotoZilla offers the free version of the online Pachinko game, but you can play it for real too. The following online casinos offer this game for real money and give the best bonuses for your first deposit:

  • GGBet,
  • CasiGo,
  • Vip Stakes.

Try Online Pachinko Game Today

Online gambling offers an amazing variety, and the Pachinko game is the proof. It offers a different, fun, and profitable experience. We highly recommend trying this game, and we are sure that you will enjoy it. You can play for free as long as you want or pick an online casino to get a chance at winning a 5.000x total bet: Good luck!

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