Online Casinos with Cashback Bonuses

A variety of online casinos are very creative in attracting new and retaining old players. As a rule, creativity is manifested not only in the website’s design, but also in various promotions and various incentive programs (loyalty programs), the main purpose of which is to keep the user on his casino for as long as possible. Well-designed user rewards programs, no doubt, do an excellent job with assigned tasks. In fact, bonuses at online casinos are a kind of gratitude from the gaming clubs for having chosen this particular place for entertainment. The numerous promotions and bonuses, their diversity, size and attractiveness not so interesting for user anymore. Bonuses in the form of returning a certain part of lost funds (they are also called “cashback’ or “cash back”) occupied a special place in this list.

What is the Cashback?


The term “cashback” isn’t an innovation of gambling industry: many banks provide such service with bank cards holders who pays with cards. This is a good incentive for customers to use these cards more often. Cashback bonuses in online casinos work on a similar principle.
Cashback bonuses represent a certain percentage return of the total amount of bets or money lost by a player for a certain period of time, which is credited to the player in his account either automatically or after fulfilling certain conditions for receiving it.

It’s important to understand that cashback is not the way to get rich or make money playing online casinos, but it is the way to “insure” your bankroll, as well as to help it recover a little in case of losses. It’s always nice to receive cashback, especially if it’s charged automatically and isn’t subject to wager conditions. How pleasant it is when, after an unsuccessful gaming session/week, you receive a certain percentage of funds back to your account!

As can be seen, these bonuses are designed to extend the user’s gameplay. So they are perfect for those who don’t wanna make often deposits, but at the same time want to stretch the gameplay and the bankroll.

Like many other enticements for attracting more customers, bonuses in the form of cashback came online from land-based casinos. In land-based casinos, rewards are presented to players in the form of “special points” that users can spend on food, improving the quality of service and accommodation, etc.

Casinos with Cashback bonuses


Cashback size directly depends on the player’s gaming activity, manifested in a predetermined timeframe. In other words, there’s no need for player to make a deposit in order to receive a percentage of lost funds back. Deposit has already been made earlier, and a certain amount of money is credited to its balance. It can depend on how much is the loose and/or how many bets in the total amount are made in certain period of time. This is a difference from other bonuses, upon receipt of which, player must regain them later by betting.

Cashback is pretty popular bonus among certain internet gamblers. But, in spite of this, you cannot get them in any online casinos. I’ve checked out different online casinos with cashback and discovered, that the most of them use cashback as a bonus or as part of a promotion. That is, cashback is not used continuously for each deposit, but only when depositing at certain time periods (during the promotional period). There are many casinos that introduce a temporary cashback for the promotional period (Goldman Casino, Fun Casino, Vegas Hero Casino, NetBet Casino or others), but there are quite a few that have a permanent cashback. The best known is No Bonus Casino

Varieties of cashback bonuses at online casinos

And now a very important point – be careful!

Players who expect cashback should understand that receiving this bonus (like any other) implies fulfilling special conditions.

The only condition that is the same for all casinos is that cashback is not paid if, as a result of the gaming session, your winnings exceeded the investment.

Also, as a rule, when calculating cashback, only deposits are taken into account for which no additional bonuses were received (the first deposit, respins, etc.).
Other conditions are different in different casinos. Carefully read the conditions under which you can get cashback!

For example, cashback can be awarded only in a certain set of games. If you have made a deposit and lost, playing different slots, then in the end, the cashback will be credited only to the amount that you put in cashback games.

Another situation: a cashback of 20% is charged only with a minimal deposit of $ 100. If during the gaming session you made different amounts of deposits, $ 100, $ 80, $ 30, $ 200, $ 150, $ 50, then in the end, you will receive: (100 + 200 + 150) * 0.2 = $ 90 . Although, if you made amounts above $ 100, you would end up with a cashback of $ 122 under the same conditions!
That’s why its very important to read Terms and Conditions!


In conclusion, I would like to cheer up players who play online casinos without cashback! Consider the two main messages:

  1. Cashback is only a small compensation in case of loss. Do not change your favorite casinos to others, focusing on the fact that there is no cashback in your casino! Anyway, top players always set themselves the goal of winning, not losing.
  2. Carefully read the conditions, compare the risks / opportunities, compare all the bonuses of the casinos you like, and only then decide – which is more acceptable for you – rewards in the form of bonuses, cashback or maximum jackpots.

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