Arabian casino

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“Arabian casinos” may seem like an astonishing term at first thought, as it is forbidden to gamble in countries governed by Islamic rules. However, when we say “Arabian”, we do not mean a single country. There are more than one Arab country in the Middle East, and as a general rule, gambling is prohibited in all, but it is possible to say that some countries are more “flexible” in this regard. Indeed, in Arab countries preferred by tourists, there are multiple terrestrial casinos. As an example of such countries, we can show Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates gambling rules are also quite flexible, and there are some terrestrial casinos in this country. However, in countries where a stricter Islamic regime is practiced, such as Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, it is not possible to gamble at all.

Sharia laws strictly prohibit Muslims from playing games based on luck. In Middle East countries, the laws written in the Qur’an are applied, not the laws written by people. The penalty for contradicting these rules can be very severe. (40 lashes and imprisonment are the standard penalty.) For this reason, only foreigners can play in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates casinos. It is forbidden for an Arab to enter a gambling place and play any game. In short, if you are an Arab and live in one of the Middle East countries, you cannot play at any of the continental casinos. Even lottery games are not available. Arabian casinos rights do not exist – they are set up to serve only tourists, and all workers/dealers are immigrants, not Arabs.

This also applies to online casinos. Internet access in Arab countries is controlled by an institution called “King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology”. This institution blocks access to all gambling sites. However, by using a VPN, it is still possible to bypass this limitation. Indeed, there are many online casinos that accept muslims. Arabic online casinos do not exist, but you can play at casinos abroad. Surprisingly, bank transfers and credit card payments are not a problem because money transfers in Arab countries are not rigorously monitored. However, if an official finds out you are transferring money to an online casino, you may be exposed to severe sanctions. This leads to the use of alternative methods for deposits and withdrawals, which we shall elaborate below.