General Overview

Established in April of 2015, Golden Spins has steadily become one of the internet’s go-to names for the best in online slots. With a wide array of exciting 2D and 3D slots to choose from, as well as every classic table game found on the virtual casino floor, there’s never any lack of excitement on the site.

Golden Spins is also one of the leading online gaming sites on the web when it comes to giving their players gratifying bonuses and superior customer service. If there’s one site worth checking out to sate your fix for some sweet online betting action, look no further that Golden Spins.

Golden Spins Games Collection

Above all else, an online casino must have a substantial gaming library to cater to any and all types of players, whether they’re avid reel-spinners or classic table game enthusiasts. True to the site’s name, Golden Spins has one of the largest collections of online slots there is in cyberspace. Players can choose between one of the many 2D slot favorites and even those well-received and dazzling 3D slots – all courtesy of Betsoft Gaming, one the most renowned online gaming software providers in the world.

Golden Spins boasts some of the hottest 3D slots of late such as At the Copa and Under the Bed, as well as other equally exciting titles like Heist, Tycoons and Mr. Vegas. Experience the thrills of exclusive 3D slots features like cascading reels, double-ups and thrilling bonus rounds, and soon you’ll find yourself coming back for more indeed.

For the purists who don’t normally enjoy those visually stunning 3D reels as much as others, 2D online slots staples in King’s Castle, Charmed Reel, Aces High and much more are also ready to be taken for countless spins. And let’s not forget about those timeless casino table games that many gamers have grown and fallen in love with over the years. Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Keno… You name it, Golden Spins has it. Not only that, but most of these traditional table games have some unique variants as well for players to enjoy their favorite pastimes with exciting twists.

To cap it all off, Golden Spins also has a special mobile version of their site that contains exclusive video slots not found on the desktop version. The portable version also features those same table game fixtures on the main site, giving players that are constantly on-the-move just about the same if not even better experience from their smartphone or tablet as with their personal computer.

Bonuses and Promotions

What sort of online casino goer doesn’t love to enjoy his/her favorite games and receives a handsome reward in the process just by constantly playing and not even necessarily winning at that? Over at Golden Spins, the site offers a good number of delightful bonus schemes for their players to keep the good times rolling for days on end. The perks begin right off-the-bat even for newcomers, who are entitled to receive a substantial welcome bonus of up to $2,000 for their first four rounds of deposits. The structure of this bonus is as follows:
First Deposit: 100% match bonus of up to $500
Second Deposit: 50% match bonus of up to $500
Third Deposit: 50% match bonus of up to $500
Fourth Deposit: 50% match bonus of up to $500
The buck doesn’t stop there, as Golden Spins further rewards their loyal customers with reload bonuses for every time that a player tops-up his account even after the four welcome bonus stages have been met. Regulars on the site enjoy as much as up to 20% in free money by simply adding more funds to In addition, the site also has a gratuitous Comp Points program that remunerates players who continuously play certain games of theirs. Comp Points earned by these players on select games can easily be converted to instant free cash for even longer sessions on the virtual casino floor.

Last but not least, Golden Spins encourages their registered users to seek out fellow casino lovers to further increase their rapidly-increasing client base. Those who have successfully referred a new player to the site can receive as much as $250 in complimentary credits for expanding Golden Spins’ community of online casino enthusiasts. With all these attractive incentives in mind, it’s no wonder then as for why Golden Spins users have indeed stayed faithful to the site with little to no regrets, and with a ton of bonuses for the taking to boot.

Payments and Withdrawals

It’s one thing for an online casino to have a huge selection of games, but we must also never forget that banking with said site is just as important as the actual entertainment. Banking with Golden Spins is quick and easy. Registered players from the United States will be thrilled to know that the site accepts any and all MasterCard and Visa accounts, which in turn also grants the player access to the Pay2Card option. With the Pay2Card feature, players can simply have their winnings and withdrawals credited directly to their Master or Visa credit card instead of going out of the way to retrieve their earnings in person.

For those who seek an alternative to the credit cards, Golden Spins also accepts the Quick Cash option via Western Union and MoneyGram for deposits and withdrawals from their registered users. With this mode, players will receive a 20% bonus when they reload their account via this option, and can even make deposits and withdrawals with faster results –all for a reasonable transaction fee from the third party money transfer agent of their choice.

Apart from these two viable choices, Golden Spins entertains wire transfers for deposits and allows checks to be issued as a mode of withdrawal as well. With such a wide array of banking varieties at the player’s disposal, Golden Spins is definitely one of the most customer-friendly online casinos when it comes to bankroll management.

Customer Support

At Golden Spins, the site makes it a point to deliver the best customer support service to ensure that their players enjoy not only the best casino games on the web, but also have a stress-free experience as well.

As we all know, not all online casino sites are perfect; technical difficulties and minor inconveniences could arise at any unexpected moment. As such, Golden Spins gives utmost priority to resolve any such issues in a hasty and timely manner. Players duly receive timely updates during these occurrences and are guaranteed that their accounts are still safe and sound.

Now should a certain user encounter a problem that’s specific to their account (site access, troubleshooting, deposit/withdrawal, etc.), Golden Spins will always be on top of such concerns in an instant as well. The site’s dedicated customer service hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to guarantee that not one player will miss as much action on the casino floor as expected. Above all else, Golden Spins takes pride in their customer support service’s courteous and knowledgeable agents and account managers. Each representative is duly fluent in English and their familiarity in the online gaming industry is bar none.

Below is the listing for Golden Spins’ available customer support service channels:
Phone: 1-855-508-3424
Fax: 1-877-517-2311