Funny Bingo Calls – Full List

Bingo names are a way to clarify any confusion about the number picked. It can be easy to mistake two similar numbers in a crowded Bingo hall. For example, someone sitting in the back may hear “62” when the person saying Bingo numbers says “52”. Bingo names are used more frequently in traditional games than in online Bingo. Read on as we review everything you need about Bingo calls.

Funny Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls Explained

The Bingo caller does their best to ensure everyone hears what number out of 90 Bingo numbers has been called. But, when the Bingo hall is busy, and there’s a lot of noise inside, people can easily mishear Bingo terms and what number was called. The caller will use “Bingo Lingo” to ensure everyone crosses off the correct number. After all, nobody wants the disappointment of thinking they won only to find out they were scratching off the wrong numbers. Unique nicknames are given to each number (like Dancing Queen and Snakes Alive), so there’s no number confusion.

Bingo Calls’ Classic Calla

There are 90 numbers on a traditional Bingo card. This means that the Bingo callers need to use 90 different traditional British Bingo nicknames to prevent confusion. Many numbers will have traditional names, while others will have playful or funny names. The traditional nicknames are the easiest to remember.

For example, the number 12 is “One Dozen.” Then, the number 24 is “two dozen.” This pattern will continue until “Seven Dozen” at 84. Another traditional example is using “Half Century” for the number 50. Let’s take a look at the conventional Bingo Lingo calls.

7. Lucky Seven

A lot of people associate the number 7 with good luck. Traditional British Bingo keeps the lucky streak going by using the term “Lucky 7”.

13. Unlucky for Some

When it comes to bad luck, a lot of people think of the number 13. Friday the 13th and the 13th floor are just some of the examples of why this number isn’t lucky.

14. Valentine’s Day

A significant date or holiday can help people think of the number. Many people associate the number 14 with the most romantic day of the year.

16. Sweet 16

Your sweet 16 is a significant birthday. Bingo players know precisely what number is called when they hear the word “sweet.”

Funny Bingo Caller

18. Coming of Age

Coming of age is used for the number because that’s what people associate with this age. It’s the year most people graduate from high school and take their first steps toward adulthood.

19. Goodbye Teens

Since 19 is the last year of teenagehood, the term “Goodbye Teens” is a suitable Bingo name.

20. One Score

Another great way to nickname Bingo numbers is by using a measurement term. One score is precisely 20 units.

24. Two Dozen

Two dozen describes things like a batch of cookies or a case of soda. It’s also used to represent the number 24 when you play Bingo.

45. Halfway There

Halfway There is used to describe the Bingo ball count. A traditional Bingo game will have 90 numbers. 45 is halfway to 90.

50. Half a Century

This is an easy one to remember. A century is 100 years, and 50 is half a century.

65. Old Age Pension

Some popular Bingo calls refer to milestones in the average person’s life. At age 65, people are eligible for their old age pension.

89. Nearly There

You’re so close to the end that you can almost taste it. 89 is only 1 number away from the final count of 90.

90. Top of the Shop

90 is the highest number on the Bingo card. Since you can’t go higher than 90, it’s earned the name “Top of the Shop.”

Bingo Calls That Rhyme

Not every number has a traditional or significant meaning. That’s why there are many Bingo nicknames based on rhymes. You can have fun playing Bingo with some of these names. Rhyming phrases are a great way to distinguish specific numbers. Let’s take a look at the other rhyming Bingo nicknames.

8. Garden Gate

The “garden gate” is a codename for a specific meeting place. While the garden gate may not be the Bingo call, it does rhyme with the number 8.

15. Young and Keen

At the age of 15, people are still young, but they’re keen to learn more about adulthood. This is why “young and keen” is an excellent Bingo nickname for 15.

26. Pick and Mix

Pick and mix sounds like 26. But, depending on where you play the game, the Bingo caller may have another name for 26. Some callers called 26 “half a crown” or “breakfast in bed.”

Bingo Calls

51. Tweak of the Thumb

51 is another number that has more than one name. The most common name for this number is “tweak of the thumb.” However, in certain regions, it’s called “I love mum.”

52. Danny La Rue

Danny LaRue is an Irish ginger whose name sounds similar to the number 52. Additionally, at some Bingo halls, they may call 52 “weeks of the year.”

62. Turn the Screw

62 is one of the most fun numbers for rhyming names. “Turn the screw” is the most common name. However, some people call it “screw tickety boo.” Some callers even use rhyming Bingo phrases with this number, like “Turn the screw tickety boo.”

Funny Bingo Calls

The callers at Bingo Halls want the players to have fun. That’s why they get silly with some of the names. Funny Bingo calls feature rhyming Bingo phrases, references to pop culture, or play on words. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite funny Bingo nicknames.

10. Cameron’s Den

Den rhymes with 10. That’s why “Cameron’s Den” is a modern call. It’s named after David Cameron, the prime minister of the UK. The name Cameron will change based on the current prime minister.

17. Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen is a hit disco song by Abba. The main line in the song goes, “Dancing queen, only 17”. That’s why it’s a fitting choice for the number 17 in Bingo.

30. Dirty Gertie

Dirty Gertie just turned 30. Funny Bingo calls always play on rhyming phrases when the opportunity’s there.

59. Brighton Line

So, why is “Brighton Line” the choice for 59? Other than the rhyming words, it’s also the time it takes to travel on the Brighton Line from Brighton to London.

85. Staying Alive

Do you remember the hit Bee Gees song “Staying Alive”? This catchy song also rhymes with the number 85. Now, you’ll be singing the number 85 to this tune.

Calls Based on the Shape of the Bingo Numbers

Have you ever noticed how certain combinations of numbers have a specific shape? For example, the number 2 looks kind of like a duck shape or the number 11 looks like a pair of legs; for the numbers that don’t have fun rhyming phrases or significant meaning, calling them by their unique shapes keeps the game interesting. Here are the most common phrases for Bingo number shapes.

11. Legs 11

What do you see when you look at the number 11? It does look similar to a pair of legs, hence how it got the Bingo call nickname “Legs 11”.

22. Two Little Ducks

The number 2 is duck-shaped, so 22 is called “Two Little Ducks.” After all, it does look like 2 ducks swimming.

25. Duck and DIVE

This rhyming call also refers to the shape. The 2 looks like a duck and 5 rhymes with dive. When you hear the number 25, you’ll think of a duck jumping off a diving board.

44. Droopy Drawers

Once you know the meaning of “Droopy drawers,” you won’t be able to unsee it. This is one of the most interesting funny calls because it’s said that the number 44 looks like a pair of sagging pants.

Bingo Number

69. Either Way Up

There’s no way for the number 69 to be upside down. No matter how often you flip it, it will always be right-side up.

72. Six Dozen

Most Bingo callers refer to 72 as “six dozen.” So, why is it under shapes? Well, another unique nickname for this number is “A crutch and a duck.”

77. Double Hockey Sticks

The number 77 looks like a pair of upside-down hockey sticks. That’s how it got the nickname “Double hockey sticks.”

80. Eight and Blank

“8 and Blank” refers to the number 8 and the zero looking like a blank target. However, some callers refer to 80 as “Ghandi’s Breakfast.” This is because Ghandi ate nothing.

82. Straight on Through

In the Bingo game, a straight-on-through is when you have your entire card filled in one shot. This could mean all five numbers across, down, or any combination.

88. Two Fat Ladies

The number 8 looks similar to the round lady dolls you open up to find smaller ones inside. But an easier way of describing the number 8 is a fat lady. That’s how 88 got the name “Two fat ladies.”

Historical Parallels in UK Bingo Calls

The rest of the numbers on the Bingo card will have names related to pop culture and historical figures. We’ll discuss the most famous nicknames used for these numbers. However, depending on your region, your local Bingo hall caller may have a different name for the number. Look at some popular UK Bingo nicknames for pop culture and historical references.

1. Kelly’s Eye

Kelly’s eye is a number used in the Bingo game, usually when playing with a 75-number card. It is also known as One Little Duck and B1 in some areas.

9. Doctor’s Orders

During WWII, a pill called #9 was given to people who were feeling ill. It was a strong laxative that would flush everything out of them.

21. Royal Salute

The Royal Salute features 21 gunshots. That’s why this is the most common nickname for 21. However, some callers may call it the “key of the door.” This phrase references how 21 is a typical age for people to get their first apartment.

39. Steps

Alfred Hitchcock released several classic movies in his day (Psycho, The Birds). In 1939, he released a film called Steps.

Bingo Nicknames

42. Winnie the Pooh

The number 42 uses rhymes and a beloved character. Winnie The Pooh has been a classic character for many decades. His name also rhymes with 42. A curious fact is that 42 is also among the most drawn keno numbers.

49. Pc

Are you familiar with classic TV shows from London that broadcasted in the late 40s and early 50s? This nickname refers to the old TV series The Adventures of P.C. 49. It aired from 1946 to 1953.

56. Was She Worth It?

Back in the day, it used to cost 56 pence to get married. This brought on a tradition of people saying, “Was she worth it?” only for the groom to reply, “Every penny.”

57. Heinz Varieties

Heinz is one of the most popular brands of ketchup and other condiments. Every bottle features the number 57. The founder’s lucky number was 5, and his wife’s was 7.

76. Trombones

Number 76 is a pop culture reference to the musical The Music Man. In this show, there’s a very popular song called 76 Trombones.

87. Torquay in Devon

Torquay is a quaint town in Devon. It also rhymes with 87, making it fun for callers to say.

Online Bingo Call

Bingo calls are a fun way to prevent people from making mistakes on their Bingo cards. Due to the rise in popularity of this game, more people wanted to learn Bingo call nicknames before visiting a Bingo hall. Many casino sites also offer the option to play Bingo online. However, “turn the screw tickety,” and other phrases aren’t commonly used online. Your card is automatically filled out as numbers appear on the screen.

Bingo Calls - FAQs

What are some bingo sayings?

The Bingo call will be based on the number that was picked. Some of these terms include “duck” for 2, “clickety click” for 66, and “clean the floor” for 54.

How does bingo calling work?

Bingo calls are based on the number that the caller has drawn. They will call this number, and players can mark it on their game cards.

What is bingo talk?

Bingo lingo refers to the terms people use during Bingo games. These terms help them identify different numbers.

What is the most common bingo number called?

The number 6 is the most commonly called number at Bingo halls and online Bingo.

How do you make calling bingo fun?

A funny Bingo caller won’t be afraid to be silly with the Bingo lingo. They will use playful and rhyming phrases. They will also be able to think of pop culture and historical references for numbers.

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