Pachinko – popular slot machines in Japan

Pachinko is a century-old kind of recreational gambling, originating from Japan. Resembling a mixture of mechanical pinball and slot machines or free slots, pachinko or pachislots is widespread as a national leisure on the Japanese islands. Playing the Pachinko game online has been known to be a tolerable exception to Japanese gambling-prohibiting laws.

Pachinko Rules

The rules of the game are quite simple on the playing field, a small steel ball or a pack of balls has to make its way, falling vertically through a series of barriers, flappers and wind tunnels. The player can control it to an extent but much is left to chance.

japanese pachinko slot

There are hundreds and thousands of variations available to the gamblers. Online pachinko implements series of intentional obstacles that are put into an interactive environment that can include video or animation.

Pachinko Parlors

The pachinko parlors scattered throughout Japan are seldom empty operating mostly 24/7, these venues allow smoking and beverages right at the table. Some legal tension is rising on the matter of smoking in such parlors but so far it has not been enforced and the crowds are drawn to it.

The pachinko slot machines are known for being rewarding, and even though, Japan forbids gambling for cash, the prize tokens that you get from the payout can be exchanged for real funds in a separate designated places. Pay back percentages often go as high as 160% which is among the biggest reason for the game’s popularity over the last century.

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