General Overview

The charming and engaging Casumo has been challenging the online casino concept since its creation in 2012. An immersive casino world that uses slot games as a part of the narrative and RPG-style progression points to make gambling more meaningful (and to encourage more playing) has been used by a few other developers, but Casumo is definitely one of the most popular and successful.

🥇 Casumo Get bonus
💣 Free spins 115 free spins
🎁 Deposit bonus Up to 500C$
💰 Cashback program yes
💸 Minimum Deposit 20C$
🔄 Wagering Requirements Up to x30

The look and feel of the casino is cartoonish and friendly, with characters called Casumos used as funny illustrations throughout. These Casumos are also used as player avatars and are created when players register their accounts. Playing slot games earn the Casumos points within the larger meta-game that is the Casumo universe, enabling them to climb in levels and win prizes outside of the games themselves. A familiar system for younger players and easy to learn for experienced gamblers looking for something new!

Casumo Games

Casumo has an extensive collection of slots. With 400 slot titles, they’re not among the largest collections in the industry, but they pride themselves on selecting the best and most entertaining games. This is usually the safest strategy, as most casinos want to have something for everyone, but at the same time, they want to avoid tacky games that make the casino look like they’ve just bought games in bulk without considering playability or entertainment value. Going with Net Entertainment as one of their preferred developers has also been a smart move. If a game is selected for Casumo, it’s either NetEnt made or a particularly interesting game from another developer.

Another criterion Casumo uses in its game selection process is whether or not the games are compatible with mobile devices. As a forward-thinking online casino, they recognize the importance of being mobile-friendly and more than likely know the statistics that show how big of a market share mobile gaming has now.

Downloadable casinos are out, mobile casinos are in, and Casumo knows this.

All games are easily searchable and organized according to groupings that make sense. It’s also possible to sort games by how popular they are. New games are always featured as well, and they even promote games that the Casumo staff themselves are excited about.


Current Bonuses and Promotions

and get 15 free spins.
100% first deposit bonus up to CAD500 + 100 free spins (on reg and 100 split over first 5 days on 1st dep).

One of the most beloved features of Casumo is its continuous challenges throughout the months of the year. So far, the casino has sent winners to all corners of the world. Not just to the first tourist place that comes to mind and a charter package either – places like Japan and Florida, and usually with a significant amount of pocket money. The challenge is difficult, with serious playing involved, and for the top prize there certainly are a lot of high bets involved, but so far, there’s been healthy competition each month and lots of winners as well since the challenge awards the top 30 players in each difficulty category.

As mentioned above, players are also awarded continuously by levelling up their Casumos. Every level comes with a new belt, just like martial arts, bragging rights and, of course, free cash, free spins or other great bonuses. For each new level, the bonus increases. This is why players stay with Casumo, the game within the game that’s both massively entertaining and rewarding.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

While Casumo is a jovial and light-hearted casino, they take their players’ digital safety very seriously. Nothing is amiss in their licenses, payment partners or account security. Deposit instructions are easy to read, and the process is quick and smooth. For deposits, the fastest method, instant actually, is to use Skrill, Neteller or Paysafe.

Bank transfer is possible as well, but the process could take up to three business days, so it should only be considered if the other services somehow come with an unacceptable fee. Speaking of which, Casumo never charges for withdrawals. This is not always a given, though not with high-quality casinos like Casumo. For withdrawals, the two E-wallet services, Skrill and Neteller, are the only ones that are instant. The same goes for banks, though in the case of withdrawals, a small waiting period might be worth it to have the funds transferred directly into a bank account.

Maybe, it would mitigate an impulsive spending spree resulting from the rush of winning, too?

Casumo is licensed in both Malta and the UK, two very strict licenses that require continuous monitoring of security practices, so transfers are as safe as they can be. SSL encryption is in use throughout, and payment methods are all PCI DSS compliant. This is a proprietary security standard all major payment services adhere to.

Casumo Customer Support

Contact with Casumo in English is very easy, but there is no phone service so far. Possibly because Casumo has not been operating in the UK for too long. Regardless, their live chat should be enough for an immediate response to urgent questions. Of course, the problem doesn’t have to be urgent, according to Casumo themselves, they are open to any enquiry over live chat, and it’s open 24/7. Their email is probably good for longer worded enquiries, like stating a complicated problem that doesn’t necessarily need an immediate reply (though they’ll probably reply quite quickly). An informally titled email address simply called [email protected] is nothing less than would be expected from Casumo.

Before getting in touch with a Casumo ambassador, it might be a good idea to check out their excellent FAQ section. Replies and instructions are clearly well thought out and worded in a way that provides enough details while not becoming overly technical. There’s not really anything that’s not covered in this section: everything from transparent information of bonuses to an explanation of the adventure part of the casino universe is available.

As well as the UK, Casumo has its own sections for the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market, with localized translations for their respective languages.